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The community work day of

On Friday all was declared that on Saturday the scheduled community work day. Informed, so to speak. Solved for all. “Categorically recommended“, so to speak. And to whom what business what you were going to the dacha potatoes tomorrow to dig? Or to mother to the village? Or just you were going to sleep till twelve o`clock? You were informed, here and stand as you were put.

In the beginning all in department began to be indignant unanimously:

- Yes what is it, companions? The third Saturday is forced to leave! It in any gate! - the economist Alevtina Petrovna was indignant.

- I will not come! Let that want with me do! I will not come! - the economist Tanechka raged.

- Yes, it is bad, badly it turns out - stretched Aleksandrych Fell.

- Would Take and would kill! Own hands would strangle for it! There are reptiles! There are eksplatatara! - Alevtina Petrovna was indignant.

- And I will not come! Let that want with me do! That want! - the economist Tanechka raged.


returned To department the chief, and all became silent that hour, constraining the just

anger. However Alevtina Petrovna so sustained no more than a minute.

- We have Vladimir Ivanych really tomorrow a community work day?

- Yes. Tomorrow all in working clothes, in usual time.

- But I have a kitchen garden! - Alevtina Petrovna did not sustain.

- And I have a kitchen garden! We cannot come! - the economist Tanechka picked up.

- Yes, badly somehow it turns out, it is bad - zagnusavit Aleksandrych Fell.

- Means, so. Tomorrow all have to go to a community work day. We work on account of May holidays. The appearance is obligatory.

The next morning Daredevils as it is necessary, was in working clothes by 8:30. Having waited for

in an office till 8:45, not having sustained, he started wandering on searches of other fellows on a community work day. Without having found anybody, at 9:00 he returned back, and on the road met Yury Vladimirycha, the deputy director on culture - mass work.

- And where all? - took an interest Daredevils.

- Who? A … Alevtina Petrovna with Tanechka asked for leave. They have kitchen gardens. And Aleksandrych Fell will come later.

- And Vladimir Ivanych?

- Vladimir Ivanych will be too. Can. Its dog got sick. Let`s go Daredevils, I will give you a shovel and the broom.

- Listen, Yury Vladimirovich, I have too questions which need to be solved. Perhaps you also release me?

- No, Daredevils. Someone has to be on the place. If the director appears and will ask where, say, the others, you take and tell, well, there departed, type, will be soon. Well?

Having received the broom and a shovel, Daredevils with restless heart the site allocated to it went to

, asking a question, to work to it as it is necessary, to work in half-forces, or not to work at all. What he, red, for all to stick moreover and “to otmazyvat“ these “gardeners“ and “dog fans“? However, not to “otmazat“ the chief of the, management nephew, would mean to subject itself to disgrace.

Having waved with the broom of hour or so, he noticed Fell Aleksandrycha, with a smile going to it. “Whether from pleasure that he not red, grins, whether from what“ - thought Daredevils, looking at the shining physiognomy of the colleague.

- Well, how it is worked? - took an interest Aleksandrych Fell.

- Yes as … in any way. From five participating in a community work day, you the second. By the end of day, maybe, still who will appear.


of Daredevils was not right as in ten minutes the deputy director Yury Vladimirovich joined them

, and began to wave so diligent the broom that Daredevils thought about himself “Yes, I was not right., in the person conscience started talking. Tries to make up for lost time. Before companions, has to be, it is inconvenient“.

However Smelchakov`s happiness lasted not for long because in five minutes of this inspired work, he saw the reason of such care of purity and conscientiousness before companions. The reason was. Director.

- That the territory at me as eggs at a cat shone! - the director thumped.

However already in half an hour of work of the deputy director exhausted, and they with Fell

Aleksandrychom went to a smoke break. Half an hour of Daredevils there was one. “What I red, perhaps?“ - he thought and in a fit of temper threw a whisk aside.

At this moment from doors the director appeared. Daredevils was, rushed for a whisk, but was already late.

- You, Daredevils why you do not work, and? Why you idle?

- Yes, I am Ivan Ivanych … I am just now … I worked … with

- So, everything is clear. And where the others?

At this moment “others“ appeared from a smoke break, having taken about couple of empty

bins. The impression was, they just threw out the swept garbage and with quiet conscience and labor then on a face returned further to work for the benefit of production and the homeland.

The director once again discontentedly took a view of all attendees and walked, puffing, away.

In an hour Vladimir Ivanych also joined them.

- Well, how dog? - Yury Vladimirovich took an interest. He understood that as it is correct to behave with the management nephew.

- Yes everything is normal. The veterinarian told, it is less dog forage to give.

- Yes, all`s well that ends well - Yury Vladimirovich as if it was their general dog, and in general shone as the polished five-copeck coin, they were brothers.

Having had dinner in the dining room, Daredevils decided five minutes to have a rest and the border sat down on

, setting up the person to the sun. But, having noticed a dissatisfied mine on Yury Vladimirovich`s face, walking to it towards with a shovel, Vladimir Ivanychem Aleksandrychem also Fell, unwillingly rose and undertook a whisk.

- Once, Daredevils to have a rest, once. Terminated business - walk safely - wisely

was uttered by Yury Vladimirovich and began by a shovel to pour the swept garbage in a bucket. However, having filled one bucket, he threw a shovel because at it phone rang out. Having spoken minutes five, and, having turned towards working, he loudly told: “Now I will be“, and with a concern grimace on a face, walked to doors.

In an hour, Vladimir Ivanych having looked at the watch, with all gravity on a face from

of the adversities and problems overcoming it, told:

- E, I should drive off for half an hour. Urgent matter. I will be soon.

- It is necessary, so it is necessary - too knowing how not to contradict the administration, with captation responded Aleksandrych Fell.

In half an hour there was Yury Vladimirovich and having waved with a whisk ten more

of minutes, again got to talking by phone. Most likely, tore the person to parts. It had to conduct a community work day, but also to resolve important production issues. Well, in a minute it disappeared again, previously having taken an interest where Vladimir Ivanych.

In half an hour Aleksandrych Fell went to smoke and Daredevils there was one again. “Why I do not smoke, I have no sick dog and kitchen gardens?“ - bitterly he thought.

In ten minutes to it to the aid nevertheless appeared in time Aleksandrych Fell, and in an hour they reached end of the Saturday working day.

Neither Vladimir Ivanych, nor Yury Aleksandrych appeared any more. Probably important production issues did not release them.

On Monday the director having brought together all, thanked all officially for dedicated work for the benefit of the enterprise and the homeland, having noted at the same time and department in which worked Daredevils. He noted and Smelchakov, however, already as violator of labor discipline as it, Daredevils, was overtaken by the director while all worked, and he, Daredevils, did not show the necessary vigilance and creative approach to an objective.

Colleagues looked at it as if with condemnation. After meeting, the chief Vladimir Ivanych, the deputy director Yury Aleksandrych, and also Fell Aleksandrych, Alevtina Petrovna and the economist Tanechka, took an interest: “How it is so the director caught you, and? Yes, it is bad, bad“. Daredevils wanted to tell that he thought and changed the mind. “Next time I will be more cunning“.