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Bikers are cool!

Every year, at the end of April when there come the first rather warm days, something passes in ours the county the city like a meeting of bikers (well, it that which on fancy motorcycles - sorry, baizes, - with beards and in tattoos). At what, these dashing equestrians on the steel horses, lifting clubs of dust, are flown to us not only from the different cities, but also from the nearby abroad.

Three days these cool guys with are proud of the lifted heads in the darkened helmets and a leather uniform with a deafening roar small towns travel about on narrow small streets of ours, frightening not only it is no more than 60 km/h of small children, but also the law-abiding provincial motorists who got used to driving.

This year also did not become an exception in the schedule of “angels from hell“ (so they abruptly call themselves). At the beginning, I had no anything against these daring equestrians. I am not a hypocrite and nothing human is alien to me, so to speak. And it was quite amusing to take a look at them.

Imagine, a gang of people from fifty, on the mighty handsome - baizes, about all the accruing roar of the approaching tornado, having occupied all carriageway, on the heated “highway“ stately rolls to you towards. In sunshine of slowly dying away sun, being poured and playing, it is dazzling steel of terrible “Harleys“, “Choppers“ and four-wheel iron vehicles sparkles (I do not know how precisely they are called). Heavy helmets with an impenetrable visor, easy kasochka a la “Hitler kaput“ without visor, goggle frog “gogla“ (points such) and the leather biker jackets painted in all shades of an apocalypse “Jolly Roger“ - head furniture of these eternal tramps from main road. Leather armors in the form of jackets and vests with the shouting inscriptions on a back “Porvu Suka Bike Club “ “ Hell’s Angels “ and “ Fuck off “ covered with numerous iron toys in the form of chains, charms and badges with symbolics of club to which they belong, cover the top part of a mighty torso. Fitting “ëåäåðõîçåí“ (so leather trousers) with any iron trinkets and besides leather “ haybuts “ with brilliant rivets, buttons and buckles cover what is below. At some riders behind, having highly put legs in the fitting leather bridges, their faithful companions sit. The same painted “leather biker jackets“, helmets and helmets, from - under whom on spring wind fascinating flutter long ringlets. Simply cool show!

In the beginning from what was seen at you intercepts breath, heart begins is speeded up to fight also you, straining sight, try to catch and imprint each detail of this unusual natural phenomenon in memory. For a moment you are even covered by pride. Pride? Yes, unclear feeling of triumph, as if you one of participants of this show, one of actors of this performance, an integral part of this force in one thousand horsepowers, this avalanche rushing away, these unrestrained elements. Russians go! Or go.

I tested also until recently something similar for feeling, well if not triumph and pride, then certain interest in these cheerful equestrians. Examined them as something unusual, informal - so in life whether you know, the formality and ubiquitous conformism bothered. However the soon I had to change opinion concerning these free nonconformists.

It happened so that in our little shop while I stood in a queue, as well as all law-abiding citizens, the person ten of these most cheerful guys became hollow. In the beginning I did not understand the created agiotage, just felt that something occurs. Uvidal, so to speak, lateral sight. Law-abiding citizens in turn unanimously, amicably and as if on command “Equal!“ turned the heads on the left. There, with noise and abuse, without paying to anybody attention as if they one in the Universe, arrived the coolest capital bikers in our grungy the small town.

Exposed on a public inspection naked a paunch - one of abrupt riders imposingly scratched the hairy tummy - leather jackets, boots and “leather biker jackets“ - everything as it is necessary at the real super bikers.

- Went, mlya, beer we will buy! - as the deer during the marriage period, cheerfully blew one of cool guys.

- Yes here, except local swill, you will buy nothing! - cheerfully the fact that without ceasing responded scratched a stomach.

- Now we will look what in this hole is - declared the third, and all gang, clanking with horseshoes and chains, roared on the second floor where there was a wine - vodka department.

My turn approached, I paid off and rose by the second floor. There already

reigned chaos and the general fun caused by newly arrived guests. Guys in a leather jacket briskly bought up all stocks of “Baltic“. One whole packings put it in it is unknown from where the undertaken carts - magazinishko at us also, frankly speaking, not “hypermarket“, - while others rapaciously ransacked on regiments with hard liquors. Will look at a bottle, will frown as if their tooth in a mouth suddenly ached, will put back, will snatch another, again will frown further - in search of “a normal poison“.

- We have vodka of 56 degrees - the little girl - the shop assistant informed, probably, having decided that to such mogutny kind good fellows nothing is weaker than

you should not offer. - Swill! - that to whom these words were addressed waved a hand.

- And you have whisky? - from other corner of department other cool biker began to yell.

- There is no Whisky - by the thin fallen voice the shop assistant as if she uttered “Reported there is no bread“.

Meanwhile cheerful guys were built at cash desk, and I had pleasure

in the most attentive way to contemplate their unforgettable shape, all in turn.

Ahead stood the “got most fat“ from all. The naked stomach overhung far beyond established by the modest woman - the nature. A round face, with three chins of the shchetinisty person. Eyes are small, excuse for bias, piggy. Fingers of both hands quick as sausages, except for a thumb, decorated rings - nuts in the form of skulls and bones. It seemed to the most reticent of all. The only word which he uttered during all the time when the cashier gave it the delivery consisting of a pack of small banknotes of local currency was the word “Mlya“.

stood Behind it more young with the “leather“ head shaven bare. In both ears on a piracy earring. He proudly, with a prezrinka, over the heads watched of anybody without meeting the eyes and without noticing anybody. And made the speech such: “It. an idor otymet a week ago. Clamped bucks, the schnook, wanted to throw. Well, he was also thrown. Moreover lowered“. And having approached cash desk, familiarly addressed the cashier who to it was old enough to be the mother: “You have anything no Che here? Neither whisky, nor a booze it is normal? And you accept euro?“.

Third was in line closest to me. By sight years 40. Not the boy already. Hands, a breast and a stomach naked, entirely in multi-colored tattoos, as at the native of the tribe of Maori. Terrible dragons with the fire-spitting opened mouth, naked femina with hypertrophied by a breast and hips, frightening skulls, bones, scorpions, crosses, stars and the other decorating ornament of biker subculture showed to me the representative of the tribe new, the acquaintance only on the TV hitherto. The representative was with an unkempt beard to a breast through which the gray hair, and also a voluptuous bow chubby red sponges made the way. It was in dark glasses with a dollar sign on glasses. When its turn approached, it, without hesitating, tastefully hiccupped few times, got couple of crumpled notes of local currency from leather trousers, carelessly threw them on a saucer before the cashier, and so far that, frightened of this newcomer from others and unknown to it the world, fussy counted to it delivery, shouted through all hall as a donkey who was pulled for a tail: “Kolyan, will drop down beer?“. On what Kolyan, the young man of years 25, with pleasure stretching both hands in front of two carts up to the top loaded with cans of beer joyfully began to neigh: “Ten on the brother! Still there is couple of bubbles of a poison“.

From brotherly as we considered and we continue to consider all behavior of guests to us Russia, language of a body and their plain speeches spoke “To your worn-out Mukhosransk there arrived cool guys from the abrupt city of the most abrupt country in the world“. They wonderfully reminded the barbarians who intruded to civilized Romans, bearing with themselves not culture, but destruction. They were also those barbarians because they were the most striking example of how one hundred cultural and well-mannered people right there, without grumbling, gave in to lack of culture of ten uncivilized and ill-bred. Nobody told also the word.

Abrupt riders, meanwhile, loaded beer, dumped the bought swill in a minivan that waited for them on the parking, poplyukhatsya on the abrupt baizes, and with noise and din, with a cheerful rappberry and in excellent mood, began to rumble away, having left on the parking a heap of stubs and a deposit from a meeting.