Rus Articles Journal

The book of remarks and offers

Today incidentally learned Daredevils that at its enterprise there are three Books of remarks and offers.

- And whether there is a lot of remarks and offers and what sort? - he took an interest at the lovely secretary.

- Any - the lovely secretary answered. - Us for it, you know how would punish?

- For what? For remarks and offers?

- Sure.

- And if remarks and offers on business, sensible?

- All the same will punish.

- Then on which these books are necessary?

- …

- Well, and we will assume, I want to make which - what offer. You will give me your book?

- What you so do not love us for - the lovely secretary almost takes offense.

- Here those on. I, on the contrary, love you. Therefore I want to make the proposal. The offer to throw out your foolish books on a garbage can as advantage of them any. All the same as from the sun drawn on a wall.

On Thursday, at 17:05 when Daredevils it is already ready to leave home, summons him “itself“ and the tone which was full of the state importance reports about need tomorrow to go to the capital for a meeting with some there some delegation since recent time of the friendly Third World country for the conclusion of mutually advantageous contracts there.

As well as is necessary to the conscientious clerk, without asking excess questions, and only answering shortly, in a military way, the next morning Daredevils leaves for short-term business trip.

Having strayed on the stood streets, having had dinner at the corner cold pies and having trained in plenty in pronouncing speeches for the friendly people of friendly Asia and Africa, at two o`clock on midday it finds the address necessary to it, is registered to the foyer where right there the charming secretary stretches it some pieces of paper with a request to fill and return upon termination of a meeting. He undresses in clothes, prepares all the booklets, a price - sheets and business cards, marks in lists of guests of those representatives with which it is necessary for it will meet.

In half an hour in a corridor appears a noisy camp of delegates of the country, friendly since recent time, who gutturally laugh, undress in clothes, go to take the places.

of Poryskav on offices, to the disappointment of Daredevils of anybody whom he would like to meet, does not find. Having looked round around, he notices same remained not destiny, as well as it. Then he goes to one of organizers of a meeting and politely is interested:

- Tell and where it is possible to see the representative such - that?

- Hmm … Yet it is absent, but I think that it will arrive any minute - with self-respect the organizer answers it.

- And the representative such - that already arrived or too is late? - further he is interested.

- Hmm … It is absent yet too, but I think, it will arrive too any minute.

- Aha. And this mister?

- Listen, the dear, is no time me. I will return to you later - the pompous organizer retires.

Having chatted even minutes twenty along a corridor and having got tired from this

of very uninteresting occupation, Daredevils, in one of offices sees a small group of the people talking to some gray-haired mister. He joins them and again is interested when those whom he so is eager to see arrive. Gray-haired mister in broken English lets know that this respectable misters have to arrive any minute.

“Is such east politeness - thinks about himself Daredevils, - and our way the most ordinary lies“.

Then Daredevils hands to gray-haired mister the booklets, a price - sheets and business cards, tells that they make and what hope for, and gray-haired mister in reply assures him that these booklets, a price - sheets and business cards - the most valuable present which he could only imagine, and promises Smelchakov that all interested misters will contact it and will immediately conclude the most favorable contracts. “Again lies“ - thinks Daredevils.

is Two hours old later, without having waited for those who had to arrive “any minute“, it swearing about itself flies to the station, is nearly late, shivered takes the place, eats up the ice pie which remained after a lunch and when the train starts, fails in drowsiness. it writes

the next morning the report on the trip to the capital:

“Such - that the organizations was succeeded to discuss a number of important questions, in particular questions of long-term cooperation at a meeting with representatives. Representatives showed genuine interest and expressed readiness for partnership …“ - and other sophistry as already perfectly knows what can be written and that it is impossible. The administration remains very happy and even Smelchakova to all careless employees holds up as an example.