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Fool or fool: and you who?

“In the world two things are infinite - human nonsense and the Universe. However about the Universe I am not sure“ - told, whether Einstein who decided to fool about, whether still who from whom the great physicist borrowed this elegant aphorism.

Go outside, turn on the TV, listen what speak around about and if you attentively look narrowly and you will listen, well, and still if you not the same ordinary fool as the majority around, or, we tell more precisely if you are able to switch off for a while in yourself ordinary human tomfoolery which is present at all of us which helps us to live and which frequent and is that humanity, then you will notice that everything is full of that usual, ordinary nonsense, which as air and as bread around.

Unreasonable acts from which also we suffer, and our relatives, the doubtful purposes and reference points, impracticable illusions and ideals, one on all stereotypes and one-sided judgments, stars - idols, politicians to whom we trust, advertizing to which we trust, work which we marry, wives from whom we wait that they will be how ours ideals and seeking to be not ourselves, but someone else - to correspond to someone`s ideal - unless the world only a scene, and all of us on it actors, but not besides we on it as clowns, fools and silly women, unless for all this not we?

But nobody sincerely the fool will call himself. But for certain will call others, and even, maybe, he will be not so wrong. By the way, misunderstanding of ordinary nonsense - human nature which in each of us is not a state permanent and absolute, and a state quite variable, unstable and changeable, relative and replaced by consciousness gleams it is also possible to carry to nonsense - misunderstanding of human essence and its driving forces. From here everyone noting or sharply deriding human tomfoolery, as if truly it did not do it, but not understanding or not the person interested to understand it the reasons, the rights only to a certain extent and also can be carried as to clever men, and fools, as if actually it is clever and observant was. Something or as often declare “I do not understand misunderstanding!“, wishing to emphasize the isolation and the higher intellectual or any else superiority generally too not from clever categories. Another matter selective rejection and rejection.

Also, the foolish human behavior which defines the fool in the opinion of the clever man sometimes is deliberately chosen modus vivendi, for the sake of ease of life, a survival and the purposes in achievement of some worldly goods in this world of clowns and fools that also you should not lose sight of, fixedly considering human nonsense. And ability to choose and follow - any more not absolutely nonsense.

In a word, it is easy to get to a trap of own nonsense, deriding nonsense others, and moreover, everyone ingenious in one, in another it is, as a rule, so silly in something other. But nevertheless, within time and our societe, there is the general, basic concept of mind and nonsense, also as well as concept of mind, intelligence. However, and here the majority of us unintentionally substitutes concepts, confuses mind and intelligence, judiciousness and pragmatism, erudition and thinking, nonsense and tomfoolery, oddity and originality of perception etc. And for many the fool - it is simple the one who does not know and does not divide your own nonsense taken for mind. Exclusively.

And still, in what the obvious, evident nonsense, and in what silent, uncommon mind? Several simple questions for the purpose of detection of obvious nonsense and unevident mind by which and you will be able to determine who you are more - clever, but unhappy Erasmus Roterodamus or silly, but the lucky Ivan the Fool.

1) You see around yourself much uncommon, clever and interesting people from whom you can learn to much.

2) you see around yourself many fools who irritate you, sincerely without understanding their and their acts.

3) you like to cite as an example statements of clever people of the past, to quote them and to follow their advice.

4) you like to watch TV and consider that, maybe, soap operas and for near, but there are a set of useful and interesting telecasts.

5) you do not watch TV at all, believing that there is nothing clever and useful there, and prefer it, for example, the Internet.

6) you read much as you consider that the reading person - the clever person. And here the one who does not read clever will be able to be called hardly.

7) you are sure that there are basic things which the clever person the nobility is obliged: for example, the third law of Newton or who wrote “the Nonsense Praise“.

8) You are convinced that mistakes on the letter speak about the low intellectual level of the author: clever people speak and write always competently.

9) you are convinced that the inability quickly and correctly to execute some school mathematical problem speaks about the low intellectual level of the person.

10) For you Perelman is the genius.

11) you know who such Perelman?

12) you watch the last trends and novelties, believing that old phone needs to be replaced with the new iPhone, the TV on “plasma“ and “do not go by such car any more“ - it is important to follow current technical trends.

13) you are superstitious (for example, you avoid number 13).

14) you consider that it is always necessary to remain the optimist. And here pessimism - not the best quality.

15) you sincerely love life. Life for you is always fine, despite everything. The world is full of interesting things and opening.

16) you know that god is.

17) you know that there is no god.

18) you believe that the true love is.

19) you do not believe in love.

20) you consider that material welfare is very important.

21) you consider that career - it is serious.

22) you consider that try to obtain heights who is better - for example, more cleverly.

23) you often do not understand something and are ready to recognize it.

24) you understand almost everything, know a lot of things and are ready to recognize it.

25) you devote much time and attention to how you look.

26) you the self-assured person also know that you want from life.

27) you are firmly convinced that the truth can be only one and it on your party.

28) you often know who is right and who is not.

29) you often know who clever and who the fool.

30) you are sure that in the world of people there is firm truth which and in 1000 will remain such.

31) charisma, oratorical ability, giving, appearance are important For you.

32) you consider that the fool studies on the mistakes, and clever as strangers.

33) you consider that clever to be important.

34) you consider that intellectual level can be determined by the similar test.

35) you are afraid to make yourself out a fool, answering the above-stated questions.

36) you are not afraid to make yourself out a fool, answering the above-stated questions.

After you answer questions above if you wish, proceeding from the received answers, I will be able to give to each of you more - less exact characteristic concerning your intellectual level-)