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What positive installations for the Future?

of 1. all charm of the future is that unlike the past, it cannot be тЄмным,пессимистичным,уродливым,деградивным in any way... if it it also seems to someone, then he just looks not in that party or imposes to an impartial look the sick projections.

2. the future calls eternally and always, helps, inspires. of course, if not to try to push through the sad past there!

3. without the past it is possible to live, but without the future - in any way.

4. past sometimes it is possible to get poisoned, future - never, it always only inspires or at least gives hope for the most slabopredanny to itself.

5. the past often aches and whines, the future always sings.

6. the past seems incorrigible, in the future there is nothing impossible! otherwise it just will not be future, but just will be something else.

7. the future is always by all means better than the past, as if we were not lied by sad mind! only it gives us chance of updating, but not poorly a zakosteneniye in У safe У last.

8. past - more often freight, the future if correctly treats him - always gift, surprise, and even megasurprise!

9. if У came true У У bad У the future, means you managed - to defile it past!

10. the past is always limited and of course, the future has no limits therefore it is so difficult to predict it.

11. if at the past let and with different interpretation always one scenario, then at the future is not present restrictions. start up not everything and not at once - but fact!

12. if there is a question of the choice of friendship with the past or future, then the choice is obvious. though suitsidnik vryad - whether will agree, but therefore they and have no future.

13. if you want to catch enthusiasm of the future - cut down the past receiver!

14. what you would not try pleasant in the past - the future is always more tasty, nepredskazumy, more excitingly if, of course, not to impose on it a past projection.

15. in the future there is no regret, this dirty trick is always created by the past.

16. if the future frightens, the fear of the past means tries to poison yours quarrystone