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How to learn a foreign language?

In the modern world with daily interpenetration and influence of world culture on all spheres of life shortly such thing as knowledge foreign (as a rule, English) language, will become obligatory even for the simplest professions. Parents since small years send to

children to groups of preschool studying of language, and by the time of leaving school these young polyglots, as a rule, have the level of knowledge of the Upper Andanced language (the “advanced“ level).

A little superfluous

On own experience, learning English from preschool age and having stopped doing it on the fifth year of university a few years ago, having received qualification “translator“, I can tell that much of what we so diligently studied at school, in practice in life at communication (both business, and informal) is necessary for us only seldom or never.

One of such not most necessary knowledge for the use is a knowledge of 12 times of the English grammar. All of us remember this table with various Perfect and Continuos, auxiliary verbs and the special terminations. Somehow I communicated with the representative of the USA in a social network and in the phrases used very difficult designs all times studied by me, verbs... After some time of communication he stopped me and told that it is not necessary to use such difficult designs that you were understood. Everything that is necessary for communication in English - it is three time: Real (Simple), Made (Perfect) and, a little more rare, the Past (Past). Daily actions for studying of language I want to tell


a little about a technique of studying of language Now. Private courses, the individual tutor are the best version of the solution of a question, but also the simplest. Except weekly occupations and work in several hours, for achievement of big results it is necessary to add a little language to the daily schedule. That words were remembered, let even without the translation, the main thing that you remembered as they sound. Easily will help to resolve this issue by of audio - the book in that language which you learn. You go by the car or in public transport, walk - several minutes of listening of the audiobook will not take away from you too many forces, but can yield good result at reusable use of this tool.

One more effective thing is viewing of movies . Naturally, in the learned language and without the Russian subtitlings. You can include subtitlings, but only in the same language which dubs the movie. A task here not so much to understand about what there will be a movie, how many, as when listening the audiobook to absorb all words heard by you.

If it is difficult to perceive such movies, it is possible to begin with those which contents you know very well. In that case when viewing the phrase which you heard in the Russian version of the movie will be compared with the phrases heard in a foreign language and will be postponed at you already with the translation.

But the best and available option of studying of language direct communication with its carriers is . And for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to that country. Today on social networks, except representatives of our country, it is very easy to find foreigners to whom, also as well as to you, communication with the representative of other country is interesting.

Besides, for smartphones of the Windows, IOS and Android platforms there is an application for communication with representatives of various countries and nationalities called by HelloTalk. There you can specify the country, the country with which representatives you want to communicate the native language and language which you want to learn. The program allows to translate and say texts, you will not be left without the help and explanations.

I consider that it is very cheerful and interesting - to learn language by such methods, learning culture of the country through communication with her representatives.

Day after day, doing simple and pleasant things, you will be able to increase the level of knowledge of language, to find new friends and to obtain the mass of new information. The main thing - desire, the first step, the first action after which the wheel will twirl!