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From - for what there are inflow and otliva?

the Space mostly are an emptiness. Also in this space matter clots, so-called were formed: planets, stars etc. Rushing by, they, gravitation force, work at each other.

The most blizheraspolozheny clot of matter to Earth is the Moon, they interact and are attracted to each other. The attraction of the Moon is so strong that lifts or lowers ocean waters on Earth. 2 times a day a tidal wave of the ocean attack the coast, and then slowly recedes.

Except the Moon there are also other bodies of Solar system which influence water and the land of Earth, but practical impact is exerted only by the Moon and the Sun (though it to be very far, but owing to the massiveness the attraction of the Sun is big).

The sun exerts strong gravitational impact, but the Moon at the expense of close an arrangement influences Earth water much more.

The strong attraction of the Moon curves waters of the World Ocean to it on a meeting as forms inflow and otliva. The moon rotates around Earth and for this reason the tidal wave travels after it. When the moon to approach some coast water is affected by force of an attraction and it approaches it and when the Moon recedes respectively water leaves.

On that side of Earth to which Earth is turned and on the opposite party there are “cambers“ of water, from - for what there is a surplus of water, as there is an inflow. Respectively on those grounds which are at right angle to points of inflow arises outflow.

Interesting facts:

- If at night, during inflow, you decide to spend romantic evening on an ocean coast, then will be able to observe effect of the worlds rushing by Earth in eternally gloom of space.

- is Now used tidal energy for power generation. This electric power at prime cost is much more expensive than energy of hydroelectric power stations.

- In mouths of the rivers, passages and ocean coasts water level during inflow can, rises by twenty meters.

- On many rivers is observed such phenomenon as pine forest, to Mascara or the pororoka is a high roaring wave which rises up the river with a speed of 10 meters per second.

Contrary to Loong Cuolnca it is so far from us that force of his attraction is identical in both hemispheres. Therefore it has no such striking effect on oceans as Loong. However when to Cuolnca, Loong and Zemlya are on one line, that is in a new moon, inflow are especially high, and otliva are especially deep (such inflow and otliva for some reason are called spring though occur all the year round). Here is how usual inflow begins. Water, as well as any liquid, very much a tekucha (if to lower a hand in water, it is possible to be convinced that its movements do not cause almost any resistance). Gravitation of the Moon is too small that proksto to lift water in air. Instead occurs here that. Loong moves around Earth and pulls for itself the mass of water by force of the attraction. Force of gravitation is not really big, but to force water a leak on a surface, big force also is not required. That`s it thus water, by means of the moon, travels around the Earth`s surface starting receding from the coast.