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How to prepare baked fish with a podkolotka? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

“Zhyvuts mizh Saba, a yak fish z cotton wool“, - say in Belarus. The republic has no outlet to the sea, but not for nothing it call blue-eyed. A set of lakes, rivers and bogs in former times regularly supplied Belarusians with fresh-water fish who took the important place in a rural diet. Baked fish with a podkolotka according to the ancient national recipe is prepared in the villages of Chervenshchina to this day. Chervensky district is not allocated to

Against other regions with special richness of water resources. There are enough small rivers and lakes here, there are also fish farms supplying with fish the capital of Minsk, but ask whom about Chervenshchina - will tell rather that it is rich with the woods and fields, than the rivers.

Meanwhile not very long ago locals did not know what is a rod. The main tool of rural fishermen was Saky to which they “trawled“ small rivers and lakes, steadily pulling out on the coast enough fish for a family dinner. There was even enough fish in the winter though very few people were fond of ice fishing. With cold weather passed on vyyun which were caught from nonfreezing bogs the plain devices similar to boxes.

Where fish abundance of Chervenshchina disappeared? Alas, sank Into oblivion together with the well-known Belarusian bogs. Melioration exhausted not only them, but also small rivulets and streamlets, bogs fed. Fish has no place to be found today.

However, it is possible to catch karasik or other medium-sized small fish and today. However, it is necessary to try for this purpose, to catch with the help Saca - a useless waste of time unless if only whitebaits for a bait are necessary.

Baked fish with a podkolotka requires 2 - 3 average carp or a crucian of the size of a palm - one and a half. The dish is prepared in two steps. In the beginning fish is cleaned and beheaded, then entirely, without undressing on portion pieces, bread in flour and fry on sunflower oil, adding salt to taste.

Why entirely? It is difficult to answer unambiguously, I can only assume... Imagine the hostess in this marsh region whom every single day was necessary to clean fish for dinner. Also to cut on pieces? This is that a trifle? Tea, not a pike in human height, will eat and so...

Frying process practically does not differ from classical. The same frying pan, the same oil unless right at the end add reasonable onions (about 1 - 2 averages of a bulb) that it was reddened. A dish highlight in a podkolotka. What for it?

I am afraid to disappoint, but a podkolotka is what today`s culinary specialists call sauce or a sauce. As well as the majority of traditional dishes of Belarusian cuisine, a podkolotka does not differ in complexity. Its preparation requires couple of tablespoons of flour, it is a little salt and pepper and a glass of milk.

Flour is poured out in a pan, add salt with pepper there, then filled in with milk and mixed that there were no lumps. Podkolotka should not be too dense, is not more dense than some thin sour cream. If necessary add milk more.

The fish roasted with onions directly on a frying pan is filled in with a podkolotka and mix pieces to pour sauce over everyone. The frying pan is sent back to the furnace and held there, without covering, minutes 20 - 30 until the podkolotka thickens.

Before giving on a table the dish is strewed with chopped greens or dry seasonings when behind a cold window.

Bon appetit!


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