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As well as where to find time for communication and occupations with children.

We constantly complain of lack of time. We obviously lack twenty four hours in days to remake everything that was planned. But the most important, is not enough for us time to be engaged with children. “As if there was a wish to teach the kid to reading, the letter, drawing, music … but where to take time for production of uncountable grants, cubes. cards, games when, at last to be engaged if I do not manage to redo all household chores!“ - we exclaim. Well, let`s stop and we will look what needs really to be done that should be made easier and that should not be done in general.

That should not be done at all.

Showdown. it is interesting to b to count, what is the time we spend for quarrels with house, for “basic“ disagreements with grandmothers, for “fight for equality“ against the husband, for “education“ of the senior children.“ The exchange of courtesies“ accrues as a snowball, develops into rough scenes, and already we, tear-stained, devastated, are incapable on any productive activity. Even in the presence of the most peculiar relatives it is most often more useful (to you and furthermore for your kid) not to inflate scandals, and to try to keep silent or drop conversation, as if it was difficult. And there, you look, the equal quiet relations will become lifestyle of your family.

Phone. our kids have to be the main supporters of the fastest introduction of time wage for phone. Then their mothers will surely find time for occupations with them. If the compelled solitary life nevertheless for you is intolerable, carry on heart to heart talks with girlfriends when the kid sleeps and not to linger, peel potatoes for dinner so far or cut paper for cards.

TV. Refuse ritual viewing of favourite series, you easily imagine future of heroes. If during the day there are really worthy transfers, and the child does not sleep, write down them on video or if you do not have it, ask about it acquaintances. Eventually, nothing happens if you also do not look at them. Sitting at the TV, be engaged in something useful, for example, stick together cubes, make a new album, sew a doll or a ball.

Make-up. If you are going to go not on an invited dinner, and on walk with the kid, it is not obligatory to spend time for “a fighting coloring“ and manicure at all, at a playground they will hardly be appreciated, and you will save half an hour more, and even it is more.

Ladies` magazines. do not cost either time, or the money spent for them. If you want to switch, read better the good book. (Books, by the way cost even cheaper than illustrated magazines).

Of course, to you it is necessary to have a rest, it is necessary to have an opportunity to vanish and take care of the own life, to descend without kid on a visit or theater, it is simple to walk down the street, at last. If you competently build the day, you surely will have time and for yourself.

Now about those affairs which can be simplified extremely.

Cleaning. your child smashes your refined, carefully thought over interior? Builds houses of cushions, pulls together cloths, drops vases and figurines, swaddles dolls in openwork napkins? So clean all this for the time being far away. The main decoration of your house - are your children. Bring unnecessary furniture to relatives, hide the souvenirs collecting dust, touch cases and throw out or give things which you store “just in case“, and on their place put what encumbers rooms. It will become simpler to clean at once. Being going to buy furniture or a subject of an interior, think whether it is not too difficult to look after it whether not too it is fragile for the house where there are kids.

Washing. knows Long ago that small children are an infinite washing. In - the first, try to get the most convenient of washing machines available to you. It is better to save on expensive nursery furniture, Barbie, transformers and brand new suits, they can be taken by inheritance from acquaintances or to buy in shop “sekond - hend“. Or it is possible to offer, for example, relatives and friends as a gift by the birth, to christening or the first anniversary of the kid to bring the contribution in purchase of the washing machine. In - the second if houses the normal temperature (17 - 20 degrees), you hold the kid golenky all the time while he does not sleep. In one and a half - two years it is possible to begin to put on shorts. You will save not only time for washing, but also money for drugs - kids perfectly transfer a cool, become tempered, less often and easier are ill, develop quicker. If you do not use pampers, rinse diapers, they fresh, it much quicker and easier so far.

Ironing. Children`s diapers and a romper suit in general could not be ironed. Was considered earlier that it is necessary to disinfect linen, but already davny - long ago it is proved that child not only it is not useful, but also harmfully to keep in excessive sterility because it does not develop immunity to normal bacteria of environment. To other family members try to buy the things which are not needing an ironing, do not wring out elegant things in the washing machine, you dry them, having accurately hung up on a coat hanger; time for an ironing will considerably be reduced. And what remained can be stroked during the favourite telecast.

Cooking. do not prepare too difficult dishes, do not overroast products before to cook soup or ragout, reduce time of heat treatment of products, you not only will quicker cope with cooking, but also will make your dishes more tasty and more useful. If there is opportunity, try to buy household appliances which will facilitate your kitchen work (consider how many money you will save then on courses and tutors for the child, and you will understand that the expense is justified)

Children of different age. If the age difference is small, try to be engaged more time with the senior child, give the general tasks, being guided by the senior, younger will try to keep step with it and most likely not only will not lag behind, about will even overtake the senior. Besides, feasible occupations with the kid can be shifted to the senior, it will only be useful for both. Especially it is necessary to involve in training small brothers and sisters of more advanced age. - six-year-old with pleasure will show five small albums, will sing to it cubes, will play a lotto. It is possible to ask to esteem well reading child aloud, and the one who is not able or does not like - to tell the fairy tale. If skillfully to organize business, the senior children with pleasure will take part in production of grants. It, by the way, can be constructed as an educational task for seniors. (To pick up and cut out pictures for an album, to collect a herbarium or a collection of seeds …). If your senior children study at school, refrain from hyper guardianship: do not do with them homework (to help, especially at the beginning, of course, it is necessary, but only when the child himself about it asks, let`s it learn to be responsible for the school affairs, it will be much more useful than the five received under your vigilant eye to it), do not accompany everywhere, spend a little time better to teach the child to safety rules that he was able to cross the road, to pass several stops in transport, independently to reach school or the pool. And of course, it is necessary to attract the senior children to the help with the house.

But even if to simplify the life, household chores all the same take a lot of time. How to be? Do them together with children, the fact that for you - tiresome daily work for the kid - a fine way to knowledge of the world. If the baby does not release you for a minute, just put him in a sling or “kengurushka“ and go about the own business: the baby will be able to look round around, and you call objects which you take: the knife, potato, a cucumber … what, is asked, it is worse than cards and albums? In the same place, “without departing from the machine“ it is possible to feed and lull the baby, and both of you will be satisfied: the full, cheerful kid and quiet, made everything mummy put. Until you potter in kitchen, the toddler with inspiration will execute a concert for a pan with an orchestra or will go deep into a subsoil of a crockery case, be only convinced in advance that you took out dangerous objects from there. Kitchen - the ideal place for a montessora - games. In a preparation time of a lunch put the child in a high stool and suggest to play “Cinderella“: fill alternately different grain and ask to sort, it is possible to suggest to display fasolinka on cells for eggs or to drip a pipette the tinted water or juice in molds for ice, it is possible to write with fingers on a semolina or to form the dough. If you wash the dishes, give to “assistant“ a basin and a couple of flat dishes, it will help it to comprehend laws of physics of liquids. In kitchen it is possible to go in perfectly and for mathematics: to count the potatoes cleaned by mother, to look how many quarters in the whole radish or that it is more, the eighth or tenth part of pie.

It is possible, you need to study or be engaged in outwork. It does not matter. The kid and here with pleasure “will help“ you. The lots of rags or buttons strung on a band near your sewing machine will help development of small motility, the hammer and nails in a joiner`s workshop will strengthen coordination of movements, and sitting at a desk, put the child nearby and give it paper and a pencil, and it will “work“ with ecstasy together with you. At one my friend the first daughter was born when she studied on classical office of philological faculty, and carried out the most part of day, being engaged in Latin and Greek, and the girl took bibliographic cards and “studied“ together with mother. Now the girl in the seventh class of a gymnasium, and a favourite subject at it … and remembers now Latin which she grabs so easily and quickly as though she once already taught it.

could be listed to

for a long time how to make life with the child more interesting and more fruitful, but I believe that each mother will find the mass of the ways to save time how to pay to the kid at most of attention. To understand the main thing: if we are given a child care leave, we have to spend it for the child, but not for all the rest, it will be absolutely short small, and we need to manage to make very much.