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Name for the daughter: Ulyana, Victoria, Tatyana. As we made laugh all maternity hospital of

Long before the daughter`s birth I chose by her a name - Ulyana. The husband very much was surprised to such choice, but agreed. As then it appeared, he secretly hoped that by the time of childbirth my whim will pass, and I will choose simpler name. The mother-in-law was categorically against, asked to think and through some time offered the option - Yulia. This name was pleasant to me in itself, but so there was no wish to call the daughter. Some more different names were considered, now precisely and I will not remember what.

the baby grew at

A meanwhile and developed. And once, stroking the stomach and talking to it, I began to name her Ulyana and somehow at once understood that this name does not suit it. I do not know, there is no everything also, something not that. Began to call it just Small washing as earlier, without name. Bought the book with value of names, but stop on one could not. Stuck to the husband several times with this question, but he told that he agrees to any name if only it was pleasant to me.

Long we would suffer with the choice of a name if our baby did not want to be born ahead of time and was not born exactly on the eve of a holiday of the Great Victory - on May 9. All began to congratulate and ask how they will call. Here we with the husband unanimously decided to call the daughter by Victoria. And in honor of a holiday, and a name beautiful. Even the mother-in-law agreed, will be, speaks, at you Vikul now. Here so we amicably named the daughter. Also it became Victoria... till the evening. And there was something absolutely unpredictable in the evening.

there Came my brother from the village by the motorcycle, sat down under windows of maternity hospital and began to play a bayan. Also declared that will play until we agree to name the baby Tanusha. We, of course, knew about his unrequited love to the girl Tatyana who was more senior than it for a year and did not reciprocate. But that to such an extent everything is serious, nobody could assume.

Even you do not know

that to do in such situation. The husband began to explain that the child was already called that the baby has a name. And it plays everything and plays. Already people look out of the windows, laugh who points a finger who waved with a hand to it. It is a shame to me and it is inconvenient. What to do? It was necessary to promise it prinarodno that we will name the daughter Tanya.

pledged to

of Times the word, it is necessary to constrain it. Named the daughter Tanusha. She is Tatyana Vyacheslavovna for a long time, itself mother became recently, and still speaks to me: “Well why you named me Tanya, but not Victoria?“ Since the childhood it did not like the name, even wanted to replace, but somehow did not decide. Now, probably, got used. Here also you will think whether to listen to opinion of relatives, acquaintances, to choose a name according to the calendar or to listen only to the heart in such serious question as the choice of a name of the child.