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Name for the boy: as dreams of future mother and the mother-in-law of

the Name of future child came true - this subject begins to arise in our maiden thoughts still long before we are going to become mothers. We meet these or those people whose names will have in the future strong association in our minds. And here the main thing - to consider all factors, as you will call the ship, so it also will float.

So, our long-awaited kid, as well as many, had a heap of options of the name long before the birth. Of course, our opinions did not coincide, and the intensity of emotions around the choice of a name increased every month. I always wanted something unusual and rare, the husband inclined to orthodox names more. It was impossible to overpersuade him, we initially agreed that the son is called by him.

Once, having arrived to the mother-in-law, we sat at supper and joked concerning future name. Offers were both ridiculous, and ridiculous, generally, nothing even close to the fact that I wanted. I as the model of a wife and the daughter-in-law did not want to argue, but worried terribly. The husband has a big family - the elder brother Ruslan, the husband my Roman, the little sister Alyona and the younger brother Yaroslav. And here mother of the husband begins to tell that when she was pregnant for the third time, waited by all means for one more boy and she planned to call him Rolland. (Rolland from old German - glory.) Then it would be very harmonious: Ruslan, Roman and Rolland. But the girl was born, and Rolland and remained in dreams.

I here - hurrah! - good luck, such coincidence shocked me with

and pleased madly, I also dreamed of such name since the childhood. I remember, in a summer camp there was a boy Rolland, such nice and nice, girls of all camp sighed for it. And this name sank down to me in heart. But I was more than is sure that the husband categorically will not agree to him.

Here so we also killed with

three hares: with the husband very much it was pleasant to us (I, of course, pretended that the idea belongs to their family), and the mother-in-law was satisfied. Here so without special disputes our firstborn was also called. Vezenye and only!