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After sea tour - the forest fairy tale: in Berendey`s kingdom of

Well which of us does not love fairy tales? Who though sometimes, it is absolutely sincere (can, with easy for a remorse) not “sank into dotage“? Every day, posing as serious dyad and aunts, all of us hurry to live - we mature. And, having matured, we dream to return to the childhood, to appear in the fairy tale.

In August, 2012, coming back after sea tour, we with a family really were included in the fairy tale. It happened somewhere near Krymsk. Tired of a trip and very hungry, we looked for the cozy town in which we could have a rest and bite. And such place to us met. Strangely enough, the son noticed it. “Mother, look - the fairy tale!“ - he began to squeak. Really to the right of the road we with the spouse saw the small estate. “Kingdom of Berendey“ - was written by capital letters. (For those who do not know Berendey in Slavic pagan mythology is the sorcerer - the werewolf who is turning around in a brown bear.) “And really the fairy tale“, - the husband told.

All territory of the estate was braided by a fence - whether from a bamboo, whether from grapevines and it and it is not important - the look was just unusual. The sign with the name is built from a piece of wood on which small letters are manually cut out. At the left the entrance has a wooden izba, in it the Baba-yaga sits, and everyone can drink together with it tea with forest herbs, honey and steering-wheels (on this case the grandmother has an ancient samovar as it is necessary, big-bellied and hot). However, the son refused to go to the fantastic heroine flatly:“ It has no bone leg, and there is no nose wart too - it not real“. Well what to do, children are very acute. And we entered the estate...

the Purest air, a set of the lodges built in Old Russian traditions of wooden architecture, the paths which are laid out by pebbles, ponds with small fishes and ducks, open-air cages with the real hares, foxes and even a wolf - all this magnificence as if is impregnated with the fantastic atmosphere. On each clearing there are real effigies of animals: here both a bear, and a boar, and a roe, and wolves (as it appeared, the owner of the estate - the hunter).“ And these, the sonny, precisely real“, - the spouse told. The son looked, with bated breath.

Then we came to be in a wooden lodge on which walls effigies of birds hung: owls, eagles, horned owls, black grouses, bustards. And on a floor - steppe animals: a hare - a hare, a steppe wolf, a small creeper, a fox, a yellow gopher, a saiga. We so were fond of all this lifeless magnificence that we did not even notice an ordinary live cat among effigies. What our surprise when she suddenly ran was. Having left a lodge, we on a narrow stone path rounded a wattled fence and came to be in guest part of the estate.

“In any way. Behind a fence the wood began. And in this wood there were several wooden arbors with tables and chairs, a lodge - kitchen, and near it a brazier. I never saw such beauty! So comfortably, quietly, and slightly on the left from arbors - the most real stream! Once you get over through it, and you are already waited by trees, herbs, forest inhabitants. It is pleasant to go on a forest footpath, to inhale aromas of pine pitch, summer herbs, to feel warmly warmed earth, to listen to discordant muster of birds. The breeze as if kisses on cheeks, touches locks of hair, and happiness, apparently, overflows your heart. We with huge pleasure walked on the wood. The son was overflowed by emotions.

Having acquired

, we returned back to arbors - to eat. It should be noted that cook here very well. A shish kebab from mutton, fresh vegetables, home-made greens, mushrooms on a brazier, fragrant tea with a thyme - I think, such dishes would leave nobody indifferent. The “forest“ family dinner - surprising feeling turned out. There was no wish to leave at all, but on the street got dark, and it was time for us to gather at way. Having said goodbye to hospitable owners of the estate and having thanked them for pleasant evening, we left. On the road we with the spouse hundred times told each other that we will return here again, very unusual place.

Maria Grechkina