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Dmitry, Yana, Timofey and Alexey. Are happy together

My name is Yana. I believe that the name bears in itself value and exerts impact on life. For example, my name means “Grace of God“ or “God is mercy“. I sorted value in Hebrew - it is possible to translate still as “God took pity“. Also I can tell that it precisely concerning my life. Really, to me always, everywhere and in everything it was lucky. I can tell why I get all best: because every time when address me, pronounce:“ Yana (God is mercy)“.

I married in 19 years, and we are happy with the husband 11 years. The husband is called Dmitry - “devoted to the goddess Demetra“, and Demetra is the growth, expansion, fertility. Therefore it is possible to translate as expanding, extending, prolific. And it so: the husband wants 12 children.

So far we have two sons: Timofey and Alexey. When I carried to Tim, we long solved and inclined to Timofey more and more. In - the first “Tim“ probably on “Mitya“ (as the husband`s family call). In - the second, the husband wanted that the name had a good value, and Timofey thoroughly sorted a name. Completely I will not give its “excavation“, here that turned out as a result.

Value of Timofey: esteeming, rendering glory, honor, respect and respect to God; giving help, support and assistance to people, sponsoring, protecting, protecting and helping; giving spiritual help, a reinforcement and strengthening weakened in belief; worshipping the Lord in respect, deep respect, honoring, awe; showing nobility, generosity and honesty.

We already it seems everything solved

, but before the childbirth I suddenly thought: can, Mark to call? Mark - “a hammer, force“. Well, solved, we will look at the son when is born, and we will solve. When gave rise, looked: such sweet kid, well, precisely Timofey!

I wanted to call

of the Second son Simeon that means “God hears“. We the first son waited for 5 years, and already again there pass 5 years since the firstborn`s birth, and is not here the second and is not present. Therefore we decided to take the kid from Children`s home: at us in a family it is so good, let and to it it will be good. And if still we give birth to the, it will be so healthy! We did not begin to change a name. Therefore we had Alexey that “the defender of mankind“ means. I believe that it it will be valid the strong, kind, loving man.

we Want more girls - what only names at me do not turn: both Carolina, and Cleopatra, Sarr, Vera, Gold. Well, we will already look closer to business. We are happy together and we wish you!

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