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The long-awaited child, childbirth in a blizzard and a special name for the daughter of

We with the husband dreamed 3 years of the daughter. And after numerous campaigns on doctors at last saw treasured two strips on the test! Term to give birth to me put for a New Year`s Eve - in all documents 31 was written. 12 - 01. 01, but I, of course, wanted to give rise earlier to meet New year of the house with the daughter.

during pregnancy we touched different names which could suit our daughter - the Face, Gold, Alice... But any of them did not reflect all our love and tenderness which we felt to this long-awaited child! We wanted that the name was absolutely special that everyone who will hear it understood at once - it is not the simple child, but very favourite and gained, very best the best in the world! We could not pick up the name reflecting all this.


Suited the term of childbirth, and the name everything was not. Pregnancy took place difficult, all second half of pregnancy I was frightened by premature birth, and all people around began to wait for my childbirth already since the beginning of November. Everyone whom I met considered a duty to ask: “Well, you still go? You do not give birth yet?“, what I always answered:“ I will give rise only with the first snow, I cannot give birth to the first snow as to Suvorov - to the first star“. On what people around only grinned and said that with our climate I can pass and till February (we live in Krasnodar, and snow the rare guest here, happens, as for all winter will never drop out).

Here there came December, I already and itself very much wanted to give rise though to the daughter we did not think up a name. One fine day we with the husband bought New Year`s gifts to all family, and I packed their all evening though the mood was not so New Year`s - behind a window was very warm, in the winter even did not smell. And here this night I woke up from the fact that at me waters depart! I so was delighted and frightened at the same time, woke the husband and told that it is time to go to maternity hospital. Passing by a window, I saw that on the street... snow went!

, and only snow all fell and fell to the ground... I was lifted in rodzat, I went with fights by a window, and snow unruly covered the earth with a white cover. The first snowflakes fell when at me waters and when I was lifted on a chair departed, all earth was already wrapped up with a soft and fluffy white blanket. I gave birth to my girl when the blizzard howled behind a window, and in my head verses continuously turned:

my daughter, once in the winter
You will open eyes in a cradle.
to You will be told to Appear destiny
under songs of a blizzard...

I my girl here was born. I looked at it and was surprised: she was the kipelny blonde, thus that we with the husband - burning brunettes. White skin, white hair, white eyebrows and eyelashes... It merged with those elements which stormed behind a window. And at this moment I understood everything - my Snezhanna was born on December 20, 2012!

of Svetlana Timoshenko