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Breastfeeding: whether it is possible feeding? Fitness, coffee, piercing...

Young mother wants to nurse the child - and at the same time to remain the active, modern, attractive woman. We chose 10 habits and desires of young mother. What of them are compatible to breastfeeding and with what it is worth waiting? Whether it is possible the tattoo, to dye hair, to drink coffee and alcohol feeding to smoke, do? Councils of the expert. whether

Can play sports, fitness in the period of a lactation?


Yes, it is possible. A good example for many - the model Cindi Crawford who nursed and was engaged in fitness. Moreover, she developed the whole set of exercises for restoration of a figure after the delivery. Of course, the feeding mother needs to watch loadings on time of trainings, sweating, to drink enough water. whether

Can sunbathe in a sunbed to the feeding mother?

the Sunbed is quite popular

among women, especially during preparation for holiday. it is easier for p to burn

On the beach, than into sunbeds, however UF - beams of a sunbed get more deeply under skin. The hormones which are formed at a lactation stimulate growth of tissue of mammary gland, and UF - radiation can exert negative impact on growth of the sharing cages. Respectively, risks of development of breast cancer increase subsequently. Besides UF - radiation leads to presenilation, decrease in elasticity of skin, increases risk of a melanoma.

Therefore it is important to p not to be overzealous in a pursuit of beauty. Strictly observe the specified time for suntan. Remember that the more the suntan zone, the is more harmful influence of UF. Protect eyes, nipples and a breast, you apply sunblock cream with UF - protection at least 15. whether

Can combine GV and a bath?

If mother got used to go to a bath and feels there well, there are no restrictions when feeding with a breast. The only thing that needs to be considered, is a possible strong dribble of milk from a breast during stay in a sweating room. Therefore always take with yourself an additional towel for a breast.

to Apply anti-cellulite creams?

Unfortunately, anti-cellulite creams in the period of a lactation it is regularly better not to apply. Substances which are a part of similar means influence a metabolism and redistribute liquid in an organism not in favor of a lactation.


As a rule, during pregnancy at future mother postpone fatty stocks which the organism will use for production of milk subsequently. Besides, approximately till 6 months after the delivery in an organism a lot of hormone of a relaksin who does not allow mother to return to former forms “walks“. Therefore various ways of weight loss in the first months of feeding of the kid can be inefficient. Stands up staunchly return of former forms when feeding the child to expect after 9 months.

to Do a tattoo, a permanent make-up? To nurse with piercing?

Hems owing to piercing can cork with

channels of a mammary gland or reduce their sensitivity. If channels in nipples are not damaged, problems with feeding by a breast from - for piercing or tattoos usually do not happen. Anyway it is desirable to take out pirsingovy earrings from nipples during breastfeeding.

Paint from a tattoo does not get to breast milk. It is undesirable to do a tattoo (and also a permanent make-up) in the first months of feeding by a breast - procedure of drawing drawing can be painful and lead to decrease in a reflex of release of milk. whether

Can dye hair in the period of a lactation?

can Dye hair and to do other cosmetic procedures with use of chemical solutions. However not to inhale chemistry, it is better to carry out similar procedures in well aired room and without child. Plus needs to be considered that against hormonal changes during pregnancy and a lactation the hair color or a wave can turn out not such as you planned.

to Use essential oils?

Essential oils in the period of a lactation should be applied with care. Effect of essential oils is up to the end not studied, essential oil of the same name can have various structure and to be different quality. Essential oils consist of the most different components, and not all of them are safe for the child. At external use of essential oils is unknown precisely what quantity them gets into breast milk. The liver of the baby works not at full capacity, excess loading on removal of components of essential oils can affect adversely its functioning, also the risk of allergic reactions increases.

to the Feeding mothers needs to observe some precautionary measures with essential oils:

to Take alcohol?

it is undesirable to strong to Take alcoholic beverages of the nursing mother as alcohol gets into breast milk, and small children have half less enzymes which would split it.

the Safe dose no more than 50 - 100 g of dry wine or beer in day are considered. However in case your kid was born malovesny or premature, with damages of internals, it is better to exclude alcohol intake in general. You can drink nonalcoholic beer especially as researches proved laktogonny effect of beer yeast.

If you drank more safe dose, wait before feeding at least 2 - 3 hours until the most part of alcohol leaves blood, and you will feel sober. It is not necessary to decant a breast before feeding. whether

Can drink tea, coffee, cocoa during feeding by a breast?

to Use tea, coffee, cocoa is possible, but with some restrictions. There is enough of one - two cups of coffee with milk in day - observe behavior of the child. Generally children react to such dose normally, especially if mother drank coffee during pregnancy. However they can become irritable and sleep badly. Instead of coffee pay attention to chicory. It tastes like coffee and exerts beneficial influence on TsNS, an intestines vermicular movement, improves a metabolism.

Tea also has the toning effect on nervous system therefore it is not necessary to drink it in liters.

As for cocoa, it is possible to drink it if the child has no allergy to chocolate. Cocoa contains theobromine which stimulates warmly - vascular and nervous system. whether

the feeding mother Can smoke


Smoking is

the reason of decrease in a lactation as nicotine negatively influences production of hormone of Prolactinum. At the smoking mother concentration of vitamins B breast milk therefore children can put less on weight, a thicket also decreases to suffer from vomiting and gripes, respiratory diseases.

If you cannot refuse completely smoking, try to do it right after feeding and no more than five times a day. Also you do not smoke in the presence of the child even if he peacefully snuffles in a carriage on the street. Passive smoking is not better active therefore it is recommended that the child did not sleep in one room with the smoking parents even if they do not smoke in a bedroom.

From the book “Breastfeeding.
Councils to the feeding mother“