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England. London 2013: the most interesting museums for children - the Beginning

is free


the Capital of England is famous for the democratic character therefore the main “adult“ museums - the British museum, National gallery, Victoria and Albert`s Museum - it is possible to visit absolutely free of charge. We will tell about the free museums for young tourists and pioneers - those who are ready to abandon every second parents questions and dream to depart directly since morning on the Moon.

the Museum of science (Science Museum)

the Museum which is more than 150 years old shakes

by the sizes: no one child will have enough strength and patience to bypass everything therefore it is better to be defined at once on an entrance where you will go. And still: it is meant what well to present to the museum at least 5 £ - on a moneybox which is held by employees, passing visitors through a turnstile, it is written quite so.

For absolutely small - paradise on “minus the first“ the floor, that is in the cellar: games with water, the lifting of freights, cubes crowing chairs and other pleasures of knowledge of the world. Right there - cafe, a children`s toilet, fountainlet with drinking water and a big “zone for picnic“ to run about and eat that brought with themselves.

On the same floor - the Confidential Life of the House exhibition: phones and alarm systems, washing machines and motion sensors - everything is fascinating, evident and interesting. And everything can be touched!

A in some exhibits - even to play

. For example, it is possible to try to deceive the alarm system and to reach the safe in dark gallery or to make the way to the apartment through a window.

Special delight in children is caused by the game showing work of a toilet bowl.

From intense washout of water is distracted by the ridiculous plumber who is unexpectedly looking out of a toilet bowl... hanging on a ceiling.

to the Boys loving mechanisms, and mothers mastering the house and economy it will be interesting to p to look at


how the household appliances for the last 100 years changed.

of Advertising 20 - x years, representing goods of inexpressible luxury for elegant ladies - the refrigerating case

of So looked at the beginning of the 20th century a sunbed: on the board mother with the baby sunbathing under an ultra-violet lamp


of Prototypes of vacuum cleaners are represented

of the Child is more senior it is possible to conduct on the 3rd floor at once - in game experimental space of Launchpad. It is written that it for children of 8 - 14 years, in practice, of course, there also preschool children willingly run. Heap of interesting experiments, games for all - and experiments which are made each hour by the staff of the museum.

When we were there, the girl in a hijab and a branded undershirt by means of children launched “the water missile“:

A it is necessary to

by means of cross fans on a sailing vessel from one coast on another here. But this boy decided to ford.

the Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum)

In the neighbourhood with the Museum of science is located

the Natural History Museum which invites children and adults not only to wander on majestic halls of the monumental Victorian building, but also to glance in a tent in a court yard where multi-colored butterflies from around the world flit.

the Museum of history of London (Museum of London)

Very informative museum located not far from St. Paul`s Cathedral, telling about 2000 - summer history of the city. What was on the place of the present capital during a prehistoric era as houses of the Romans who based Londinium after invasion into Britain at the beginning of our era looked.

Two rooms: the rich house - and usual.

the Master - a class - with video! - as prosperous Romans did a hair.

big installation for fans of the Victorian era - the whole quarter of London of that time with toy stores, a crockery bench, mail, a pub Is. In it the twilight - to create authentic lighting of streets of that time therefore it was not succeeded to shoot.

the Museum in which reconstruction big money was a few years ago invested is obviously focused by

on school students: it is a lot of exhibits, posters, rollers with participation of the teenagers and youth discussing tolerance, religious and racial tolerance - generally, “London - our general house“. In the last hall - an interactive quiz - suggest to work out city problems together: what to do with garbage how to reduce exhausts of cars how to bring order in poor quarters. There are no ready answers - it is real problems which actually face any big city.

Unusual excursions: the well-known London shops

In London can free of charge walk not only on the museums: there are still most beautiful shops which exist for 100 - 200. No, of course, there it is possible not only to walk, but also to buy the most fashionable clothes or the most tasty food, but also just it will be pleasant to admire interiors and show-windows too.

seven-story shop Known for the whole world premuy - the class Harrod “s is based by

in 30 - x years of the 19th century, and the last 25 years Mohammed possessed Al - to Fayed whose son of Dodie died in road accident together with the princess Diana. The shop takes the whole quarter in the magnificent area Naytsbridzh, on the first floor it is possible to have a bite at numerous counters.

of Unearthly beauty cakes, the best tea from every corner of the world, kitchen utensils and ware are on sale in of Fortnum & Mason . The well-known shop opened on Piccadilly in 1707 turned into a symbol of the English refinement and taste for a long time. In The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon which is called in honor of diamond anniversary of reign of Elizabeth II and which was opened by “birthday woman“ it is possible to join traditional afternoon tea - tea drinking with sandwiches and scans.

the Most design shop with the most fashionable brands of clothes and the footwear of Liberty “s is located

in the well-known building to Ridzhents - the Street, constructed of wood of two ships and entered in “The state list of the buildings having particular architectural or historical interest“.

Though, by and large, in the downtown have not enough buildings which do not have such interest... Do not forget only about convenient footwear - London will provide all the rest to you.