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The physicist - to children. ``Abrupt mechanics for inquisitive``

at the age of three - four years boys (and sometimes and girls) begin to be interested in mechanisms vividly. As they are arranged why move or stop - it seems, questions do not have the end.

the Book “Abrupt Mechanics for Inquisitive“, on the one hand, thoroughly describes all this is from levers, gear wheels and blocks to krivoshipny, cam and ratchet mechanisms. On the other hand, it not the dry academic publication, but full scientifically - the game book from which children come to the real delight.

Because mechanics - it is incredibly interesting to


is what occurs near us every day, hides in the most usual things, and it is actually very simple.

“The abrupt mechanics for inquisitive“ really clear explains to

bases of mechanics and to beginners, and those who already tried, but could not understand all these axes, blocks and ratchets.

Here to the reader on each turn at first is shown how some mechanism works (for example, krivoshipny), then tell why it is necessary in usual life (for example, in the bicycle), and then suggest to bring together by the hands him on the cardboard field (by the way, only three details for this purpose will be required). At all gravity of descriptions, both boys, and girls play with the book with pleasure.

the Reader the Internet - Labirint shop with a nickname of Fantastic_miss_Fox tells


about “Abrupt mechanics... “:“ Fantastically interesting book! Bought as a gift the boy, but my daughter became interested too. We with it tried to make the hrapovy mechanism which is used during the work of a seat belt. Very fascinatingly, now we will buy ourselves too. I - that thought, it will be not so interesting to the girl, but also I (and the mechanic from me still that!) learned a lot of new and curious that to speak about the child.

of All in the book nine mechanisms which can be made of the cardboard details which are specially intended for this purpose which plastic bolts and nuts fasten to a special platform with holes. It is necessary to use coordinates and suitable detalk, as on schemes: i see. Besides also everything is written too very well, so, that the daughter understood everything - and at the same time it was interesting to her! In the bottom of each turn there are curious facts about how and when the described mechanism was used. Here we with the daughter never reflected earlier, as a mechanical clock, and the bicycle with chain transfer, and a windmill use the same mechanism for the work: tooth gearing!

the Book big, cardboard, thick (it has in “body“ a cardboard pocket in which all detalk gather). Pages are coated, high quality. And very amusing illustrations. Thing!“

It is the present guide to the world of mechanics! By the way, not only from words to business - from the theory to practice - but also through history, and the special “axis of time“ tells that here, for example, the krivoshipny mechanism was used also in the 3rd century in the Roman sawmills, and in 1991 in clockwork radio. So the child learns to see link of times and a basis on which our technical civilization keeps.

Multipurpose “Abrupt mechanics...“ is an excellent opportunity not only to esteem with children, but also to be engaged in joint creativity. For the reader with Torso twist nickname “Mechanics...“ became ideal option of a poznavatelnost, both presentation, and beauty:“ The book is broken into subjects: mechanisms, inclined plane, lever, block etc. The theoretical description, examples from history is given. Well it is also offered to assemble the mechanism. Necessary details are right there in the book, in a box: so it both designer, and book rolled into one. Even it will be interesting to the adults who is not really well understanding mechanics and it is useful to play together with children. And for children - a fine opportunity to touch everything and to make“.

Thumbing through

, reading, collecting and investigating this book, any will feel the born mechanic. A cardboard for creation of models of mechanisms very thick, and it is convenient and pleasant to work with details. And the main thing that this unique book has a practical measurement - all in it it is told about, it is possible to collect by the hands and to investigate. It is an excellent way not only to interest the child in science, but also to show it as the real scientist acts, connecting the theory and practice.