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Name for the daughter. Perhaps something is simpler? No, will be Carolina!

When I learned that I am pregnant, my husband was at the other end of the world - in America (on work). Therefore he received this news by SMS. Of course, it was glad, happy and completely sure that it will be obligatory the boy, the sonny.


Imperceptibly suited time of the first ultrasonography, and we, naturally, very much wanted to learn: well who there at us “sits“? “But not here - that was, parents! I am very constraining child and I do not wish you to reveal this secret!“ Probably, my child quite so thought, having quietly turned away from the device ultrasonography.

So, the husband is sure that in a tummy at us the sonny, and I got used to this opinion too. Talking to the stomach, always used words of a masculine gender. Especially as on all national signs at me “the boy is simply obliged to be“! And here the second term of ultrasonography approached - and we got acquainted with our girl! The husband, if it is honest, was even upset... Respectively, was upset from - for reactions of the husband and I.

But time went, and the husband gradually got used to thought that we will have a daughter. And the name - well, of course, at us will be Violetta! Because I accurately knew: if I have a daughter, then it will be Violettochka! The husband somehow without special enthusiasm treated my choice, without supporting, but also without rejecting it. And somehow time told that Violetta we will have the second daughter, and this will be... Carolina!

That - and - joint stock company, Carolina - an unusual name... But the husband was unshakable, and I conceded to him (well, I think, did not receive the boy - at least choose a name itself). Practically all acquaintances and relatives could not get over that we will have not Masha, not Olya, not Nastya, and Carolina! The grandmother long time even remembers this name could not.

So, on October 5, 2011, on the professional holiday I gave myself a gift - gave birth to the daughter Karolinochka! Called the husband, with the last bit of strength I speak: “Gave rise!“. The husband, with entreaty in a voice: “Whom?“. It appears, he to the last hoped for the boy...

When the husband with my mother went to make out the birth certificate in the REGISTRY OFFICE, mother before an entrance told: “Andrey, or perhaps something is simpler?“. The husband firmly answered:“ No! There will be Carolina Andreevna“. Many still confuse this name, name the daughter Karina, well... so easier. But all of us are happy that we have our mouse - the baby Carolina!

Carolina`s mother