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The choice of a name of the child - in due form. And suited the daughter

Ya always dreamed to have two daughters. But after the birth of the oldest daughter the son was born. The daughter Sasha was born on May 22 - on May 31 a name-day at Aleksandra. The pasha was born on August 28 - a name-day in the first of September. Everything is it seems good. We wait for a new lyalka 10 years later.

Heart I understood at once that the girl will be born. Nearly on the first ultrasonography the doctor confirms my confidence. The husband repeats that there will be a son. The second ultrasonography, the husband it is unshakable: they were mistaken. Generally, when we the third time were told that there will be a girl, it agreed, and later and reconciled to this thought.

A how to call? How many we touched names... There was a wish to have also a pleasant name, and conformable with the senior children. And the husband has a son from first marriage Alyosha moreover and a dog of Plush at us... Generally, decided that the diminutive option has to terminate on “sha“. Plus to everything a name-day has to be about date of birth. We touch the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar, and there are no options suitable us.

I Had one more hang-up in the head: I do not want that in a sort there were close relatives with a name. I consider wrong to call the child in honor of the relative, especially the dead. Fuel to the fire was added by the mother-in-law, offering that name of the mother, the mother-in-law, still someone from relatives.

the Birth was planned by

for the end of November - the beginning of December. Having despaired, I already wanted to tell that let there will be one more Katya (as I) if is born directly on December 7. And here I noticed for a name Varvara. A name-day on December 17 (have to be in time). Tenderly Varyusha - it seems in a subject. The mother-in-law got up in bayonets, and surprisingly it was pleasant to the husband. So our puzozhitel began to be called Varya.

to be convinced finally, began to read much about value of a name, about Saint Varvara... and to practise in logopedics: Varvara Vladislavovna. By the way, a name for the possible boy we did not choose it that it was pleasant to both of us.

the daughter Varvara as a result was born on December 4

. On old style - Varvara`s name-day. We christened it on December 17. Specially asked for permission from the father that I could be present at the temple. That day there was the strongest 36 - a-degree frost, but it did not stop us.

I consider

Ya that we chose a name of the daughter in due form, and it very much suited it. For last half a year lives for the daughter there were so many options of diminutives - I even did not think of it earlier. The father will not rejoice on the beloved daughter. Also speaks about one more... Frightens only as it will be difficult to select a name for one more child - we have so many wishes!

of PS. And upon our lyrical Sasha - the Pasha - Lesh - Varyusha - Plush did not take place. At us Pashka, Sanka, Leshka, Varyushonok and the Bun grow. So that`s that.

aunt Katya