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Rest with the child in Turkey: baby food and diapers - with itself

there Came long-awaited holiday. We decided to go to the first travel with the kid. At that time to it was one year three months.

Where to move

At once the question rose: what place to choose for rest with the small child? The main thing that there was a sea, not too hot and to fly nearby. Did not decide to go by train: our fidget long will not sustain in the closed space.

Should be defined by

- Bulgaria or Turkey. But as departure was planned for the beginning of May, won against the second option. At this time in Antalya very comfortable weather, and in Bulgaria it is still cool. To fly, however, slightly longer - three hours. But service is better, and the beach season is already officially open.

we Pack a suitcase

With clothes of questions did not arise: shorts, undershirts, headdresses, sandals. For the evening and cool days - sports trousers, jeans, a sweatshirt. The closed footwear on a case of a rain and in the plane. For the beach took ten cotton shorts, one melting for the pool, Panamanians and protective cream from the sun of SPF 50+.


To Wan`s pot it is not accustomed yet therefore it was necessary to stock up with diapers. Decided not to run on the Turkish shops in search of this irreplaceable sanitary product. Not to carry bulky packing, laid to its contents all suitcase. As a result of any excess volume at us it did not appear.

the Carriage - a cane - exclusively useful thing on a trip with children after a year. Long foot walks, a day dream, changes in way - Vanin transport helped out always.

also children`s powder in small packing Was useful to

- on vacation there was enough washing.

of the Toy was not taken - expected to buy everything on the place. With us only the book with fairy tales also animated films in my phone departed.

the Insurance from troubles

of Medicine and an insurance - the most important points of the list made before departure. Never you know what problem it is necessary to face in the distance from the house. It is necessary to examine the insured events specified in the document attentively. Medical care at a sudden disease or a trauma will be rendered according to it.

Near hotel, most likely, the drugstore is, but nevertheless near at hand there has to be the most necessary. My list of preparations: brilliant green and iodine in pencils - it are more convenient than usual bubbles, children`s plasters with drawings, the bandage, hydrogen peroxide, adsorbents in gel and powder on a poisoning case, febrifugal candles and surely syrup - will be useful at diarrhea. Still antihistaminic preparations, antiviral candles and drops, the healing cream, drops in a nose, a cough remedy. A large number of antibacterial and wet towel wipes for dirty hands and other surprises.

did not know

Ya what will be a children`s menu in hotel and our child is not omnivorous therefore a lot of food was taken with themselves. Obligatory point - mix as the son still asks at night milk. Was enough for us one banks. Packing of granulated tea - spent all. A box of soluble porridge if we will miss a breakfast in hotel. Baby food - meat and vegetables - from calculation on two banks per day. Advancing events, I will tell that almost all products brought back.

Good-bye, house!

the unlucky day Was coming

. It was necessary to reach the airport by a taxi. And the car with a children`s chair was required. Responses on the Internet - forums for mothers helped to choose the company. Somewhere gave a car with the smoked salon, someone was mistaken with sizes of a children`s chair. There were cases when the taxi did not come to the fixed time. As a result decided on a carrier.

Before the airport for prevention smeared to Vanya a nose with antiviral ointment as we should face unusually large number of the people in a short space of time.

Keep in mind

, you have a right to jump registration the line - it is simply impossible to resist on one place with the one-year-old fidget.

the Carriage was handed over in baggage only before a plane ladder, with movement on the airport problems were not. While waited for a departure, the son needed drink, cookies and a replaceable diaper - everything was at me.

Road knowledge

Flight was

the most difficult stage of travel. The plane was sent small, close. By rules the place is not provided to the child till two years. He sits on hands at mother or the father. That is its seat belt fastens directly to a belt of one of parents.

When the plane gains height, from pressure differences of some children drives in a dream. But our Vanyusha was awake, wanted to have a good time and go. In the conditions of take-off, landing, a rating of food and drinks it was necessary to hold it. In narrowness and to have a bite - that appeared it is almost impossible - a half of food was overturned. Vanin a lunch consisted of can food which we took with ourselves.

One more problem - stuffs up ears. If the kid was capricious, give him a baby`s dummy or a small bottle with water. The Sosatelny movements will help to cope with a congestion.

If the child assidious also knows

how to occupy itself, it is necessary to stock up with favourite toys, books and animated films. But active children need “dances with tambourines“. The son was distracted by communication with other passengers, listened to lecture about the correct address with a seat belt and periodically walked in pass of the plane.

On the place

From the airport to hotel to us had to go by bus. If I could estimate in advance as it is heavy to be en route with the small child, would find hotel closer. The was road there, towards evening, still tolerant, Vanya dozed. And the way back in the middle of the night was just intolerable!

our choice of the vacation spot fell on the settlement of Chamyyuva, in ten kilometers from Kemer. Buying tour, it is necessary to pay attention to the status of hotel. Family most of all will be suitable for rest with small children. There is everything: relative silence, congresses for carriages, children`s stools, a children`s table at restaurants, playgrounds and entertainments.

the Huge green territory is surrounded with majestic mountains and the sea. Hotel - series of two - or three-storyed lodges and among them there are quiet small streets for walks. We also could not think up the best vacation spot with the child!

Floated, we know

Weather at the beginning of May in those regions does not differ in constancy. Few times there was a rain, but we managed to stay at the sea. Also bathed every day. Beaches in this part of Turkey pebble - it is not really convenient to go. But there are also pluses: small pebbles do not stick to a body as sand, and the clothes remain pure. Bought the child the closed kroksa with holes. But also barefoot he ran too, it is useful for motility development.

Wan`s sea treated watchfully in the beginning. The big space and unusually cool water frightened him. But, sitting on hands at the father and throwing pebbles in water, he got used, and by the end of holiday already safely stamped to water.

On the beach. There - that the child really spent time with pleasure. We bought all necessary toys in the territory of hotel, and after rest left them, as well as many others.


ran only in shorts and the Panamanian. All body of times a one or one and a half hours was smeared with sunblock cream. As a result he came back home only slightly reddened and without burns.

the Day regimen

With a dream on vacation everything was as well as possible. In the afternoon we almost always stacked Vanyusha in a carriage, having put it under an awning or in tenek at the pool, having covered from the sun with a thin bed-sheet. At night he remarkably slept in an arena - a bed which we were given in hotel. The child spent the whole day on the street, moved much and received the mass of impressions. And its dream was really powerful. We forgot about night feedings in general.

With food too problems did not arise. Kashi for breakfast, teftelk with bread for lunch and yogurt for an afternoon snack. Any more than nothing from offered the kid ate. But it is its feature. And for fans of nourishing food was where to clear up. Fed very different. For mother`s convenience in a children`s corner there was a blender, a microwave, a sterilizer and on the TV always showed animated films.


was successful Rest!

Upon return of the son was not to learn! He grew up. There was the real jump in development. Continuous communication with people, physical activity, new impressions - was nothing in vain. Vanyusha started talking! To a trip he said only couple of syllables, well still “father“ and “mother“. Learned to run, and not just clumsily to go. Became more gentle with parents, inquisitive and sociable.

Immunity, I hope, we strengthened too. Generally, rest was successful!

Reject prejudices and be not afraid to get out with kids even to a long distance. To children such experience only on advantage, and to parents too sometimes it is necessary to have a rest!