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How to learn to dance?

How to learn to dance so that at a party all attendees lost a speech power? How to strike on the spot darling? How to feel a rhythm of music and to get surrounding with the movements? Let`s look for answers to these questions together!

B than advantage of dancing trainings:

1. Fine physical shape of dancers. So to say, even if you are inclined to excess weight, constant dancing loadings will not allow to gain it.

2. A remarkable way to get rid of 3 - 5 kg of weight a month. It is especially effective if earlier you were not engaged in any types of trainings. Rhythmical dances will exert the most beneficial effect on your organism.

3. All know that the dancer, even nonprofessional is a person who surely possesses own body and consequently in general surer, liberated and open for communication.

4. You will be able to learn the body and to disclose the sexuality. Especially it concerns the separate direction of dances - a strip - plasticity.

It is not all advantages of art of dance. But I hope, I managed to you to explain why in this life to try dance everyone owes.

Before making recommendations about search of good dancing studio, we will present a situation that you want to be trained in dance art independently.

Guarantee of future success in the correct organization of occupation:

1. Nobody has to distract you from training, remove far away phone. Nothing happens if for half an hour you “are switched off“ from a habitual rhythm of life.

2. Pick up clothes. It has to be not only comfortable, but also be pleasant to you. You should not take dancing classes in those clothes which you put on for morning jogs. Otherwise occupations will quickly turn into trainings, will be perceived as routine and as a result will bore. Let the clothes for dances will be “special“.

3. Very important requirement - a regularity. Make to yourself the schedule and try to follow it. But you should not perceive occupation by dances as obligatory training. You treat occupations, first of all, as pleasant pastime.

4. Choose the style. It is very important that style of dance was in harmony with your musical preferences. Watch several versatile dancing videos. Choose the direction and the instructor training video who will be pleasant to you from variety.

5. Begin each occupation with warm-up. It can be any movements under rhythmical music which is pleasant to you. You need to relax, be adjusted and warm muscles.

6. Having started a major activity, carrying out for the instructor of the movement, stop video if something is impossible. Look through video fragment with an unsuccessful pas several times. If it seems to you that as a result all the same turns out worse, switch to the following movements. It is possible to return to learning of a pirouette, difficult for you, later.

7. Try to try to carry out dancing sheaves, even getting off, continue. Video lessons are good the fact that it is always possible to return and reconsider, fix a problem point by repetition. One of techniques - to think up the short and capacious name for each pas. And, carrying out a dancing sheaf, to pronounce about itself names in that sequence which is required.

8. Finishing occupation, move smoothly under slow music, restore breath, feel grace of the movements. Surely think of pleasant, represent the successful moments - what at you turned out today especially well?

The recommendations described in this article will be suitable for those who want to try dance art, want to become more plastic, better to operate the body. Of course, if you want to move to other level, then it should be taken into account option of individual or group occupations by dances.

Choosing dancing school or studio, pay attention to several moments:

1. Decide on finance. How many you are ready to spend for the hobby monthly? Surely specify whether there are monthly, semi-annual, annual subscriptions. As a rule, the cost of 1 class in the subscription is much cheaper, than single occupations. Find out how many trainings in a week you will be able to visit, having paid a certain sum. Talk to those who are engaged in this dancing studio for a long time. Whether there are no compulsory cathedrals which are not described in the contract? How payment often increases? Having received full understanding of the financial scheme of studio, you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises and will be sure that occupations at concrete dancing school will be regular and long.

2. Consider the concept of dancing studio. What they can offer you? There will be it only group occupations or there is a possibility of individual trainings. Whether are carried out the master - classes whether demonstration performances are arranged? Quality of your trainings depends on the affirmative or negative answer on the matters.

3. Estimate “sounding“. whether Speak about this studio whether there are positive and negative responses? You should not go “addressed to“. Now many stars of dance open own studios, invite on the master - classes. But not the fact that the excellent dancer can become the excellent trainer. Trust experience of the people who are trained at this or that dances instructor.

Surely try to dance. Let your way in this art will begin with independent occupations, but who knows, maybe, you - future star!