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The tale of a city goat and careful mothers of

Once upon a time there was a grandfather. Also it had a goat. The grandfather hesitated to graze it on a lawn in front of the house - more nobody kept in all city of goats. He lodged her on a balcony, however, taught to bleat in a whisper not at once. But the goat - learned - clever was. And before, happened that evening - neighbors ring a door:

- Afanasy Petrovich! Who it bleats there? Yes it is so loud! Children cannot fall asleep.

- Ah, I`m sorry, my dear. It I, hard of hearing, watch transmission, and forgot to put on earphones, - the old man through a small shchelochka, and then - shast on a balcony justifies himself: will look at a goat with a compassionate look, she also will become silent. But could not be silent at all - it was the real goat, but not toy. It was necessary to learn to bleat in a whisper. It is hard to be a city goat!

to One old wolf in the far wood was to

boringly too, and he thought:“ Bothered with hares to eat, I will go - to the city - I will regale on disobedient children“. It is necessary to tell that the real wolves do not go to the city, but our wolf only invented and teeth at it stupid, the moustaches which are broken off of a side lean, and character - naive. It went directly to a playground. Its bewilderment when all children suddenly ran up on houses was big. Only one little girl, with a plush hare in hands, nevertheless approached:

- do not Even pretend to be a kind doggie, - she terribly told. - I know - you are a wolf. Be treated! - put to it in a mouth of a plush hare and escaped.

- See, bright! - the wolf murmured, having spat out a tasteless toy. - And clever what! Such for a flank you will not drag off...

he Started wandering in thoughtfulness on the evening yard. In a moment small benches with grandmothers, a public garden with youth became empty. The wolf on a children`s hill got, raised a muzzle to the sky and gathered in an air breast to raise a howl from melancholy as suddenly...

- Me - e - e - e... - reached his hearing the squeezed goat singing.

“Here whom I will regale on

! It is precisely production not toy, but the voice at it hoarse - will prevent me to have supper nobody properly“, - the wolf solved. Listened, crept, sniffed... Never before he climbed fire-escapes. But needs must when the devil drives.

- Me - e - e - e! - the goat at the top of the voice cried, having seen before herself a gray wolf.

the grandfather Jumped from a bed, rushed on a balcony, seized a wolf by a nape, took a rope and bound gray:“ In the morning I will deal with you, the friend“, - told and returned to a warm bed, thinking what sleeps and dreams a wolf. And the wolf and a goat - the most real - on the different ends of a balcony sit, look at each other frowningly.

- do not take in head to move, - the goat threatens with whisper. - I have sharp horns, hoofs heavy - will not seem a little.

to the Wolf could not be done to

, it is necessary to get out.

- the Goat, and the goat, - compassionately whispers a wolf. - For what you are angry with me? I with an ulterior motive to you on a balcony got.

- Of course with an ulterior motive. Wanted to eat me!

- Well that you. I and in the city - that incidentally appeared. And both heard your singing, and thought - let me have a look who so beautifully sings? And as saw, fell in love... I smiled to you, but it was not shown! Thought - I marry, in the wood with myself I will take away. Only did not manage to tell...

- That you! - the goat quickened. - Wolves do not marry goats!

is as so - do not marry?

- At goats kids, at she-wolves - wolf cubs will be born. And at a goat with a wolf who will be born? Unless horned wolf cubs or sharp-toothed kids. Though you are also brave, but I will not marry you.

to a wolf only that it is also necessary to

A. He began to howl quietly:

- Oh, a grief to me! Suffered for anything...

neighbors Woke up, began the grandfather to ring a door:

- Afanasy Petrovich that for a disgrace? From your apartment now not goat bleating, but wolf howl reaches! And so children hardly fell asleep - the wolf at a playground seemed to them. Immediately open a door - we want to be convinced that you have no wolf, as well as a goat!

- you Pass

, please, be undressed only, - the grandfather half asleep answered.

the goat Heard all this and took pity on a wolf, cut a rope with sharp horns. Without thinking twice, the wolf jumped overboard. Flies and thinks: “Interestingly, what it was the floor?“ .

Meanwhile, on a balcony night guests stepped.

- it is valid, there is no wolf, - the neigbour at the left Olga Ivanovna thoughtfully stretched.

- And a goat - that is! - the neigbour on the right the aunt Shura exclaimed.

I all paid attention to the modest goat drearily glancing down.

- Take

from me a pair milk for the children, - she told, having smiled to careful mothers. - Here you will see, today they will sleep especially with pleasure.

kids Were delighted to

, having received on a cup of goat milk, and fell asleep with a smile. They dreamed remarkable dreams.

also the wolf Fell asleep, having hardly limped to the hole.

- Uf - f, - he thought. - Well and day! - Choked with a plush hare, nearly married a goat moreover and to itself beat off all sides. Have you ever seen anything like it, that wolves flew from the fourth floors? It is more to the city a leg! And hares is somehow there is no wish any more. I will become the vegetarian.

also the grandfather happy with Fell asleep:

- Tomorrow I will bring a goat to be grazed on the street. Neighbors about it know now, in vain I hesitated to acquaint them. - to kids there will be a pleasure! And how I did not guess earlier to treat them with milk?

also the goat Fell asleep:

- All not so I am lonely even on this small balcony in the huge city. Also to me the groom came! It is a pity only that a wolf... But nothing - there will be also on my street a holiday: I will meet the real goat once.

Anna Iskorostinskaya