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As we called our children: names for the girl and the boy were found by the father of

Ya always knew, since the youth that at me it will be obligatory the daughter. Well, it is logical - my great-grandmother has a daughter (my grandmother), my grandmother has a daughter (my mother), my mother has a daughter, i.e. I, and, respectively, at me had to be born the daughter too...


And it happened, in 23 years I gave birth to the daughter. The best, the most beautiful, the most favourite, generally, very best, and it, of course, had to have the very best name. The father not really actively participated in selection of a name therefore I as soon as date of childbirth became known to me, from morning to the night lopatit Internet open spaces in search of the best name. Though I went bananas on behalf of Solomey, but the husband told me firmly: why to the child Jewish name? And to these cut off all my arrangements to call the daughter by such name.

Despite long searches of a name, we could not pick up anything. And three weeks after the delivery could not register the child because could not pick up it a name. She was both Elena, and Elena, and Lille, and Christina, and Gala... Time drew in, the child needed to be registered, and the name everything did not go. And here my husband climbed on some paid portal on selection of names, entered a lot of data there, since names of parents and finishing nearly with a blood type of the most distant relatives, and for 500 rubles removed from phone sent it two a name...


Two - Violetta and Victoria, - of which I could not even think to which I was not ready, but one of them for 100% suited our lassie - the daughter. Violetta! And yes, it really Violetta and any not Lena, not Galya, not Masha and even not Solomey!

the Epic with a name repeated once again when in 4 years we gave birth to the sonny. As well as for the first time, I turned the mountain of information how to choose a name, and found it, the best name for the best boy - Volodar! The most Old Russian and such as it seemed to me, a suitable name! I even managed to persuade the husband on this name, and we waited the last months for Volodarka.

In the come day X when our son decided to be born, with delay for 2 weeks from the put term, we with the husband together gave birth to our kid. And here it, on hands at the father, the most long-awaited, pride, our Volodarka! A day before an extract the husband sends me SMS - ku to maternity hospital: “Perhaps we will not name Volodar? Give other name?“ For me the whole world failed. How so, and how Volodarka? I so wanted, so waited...

Well. In total - he too with me gave birth, the hero, one may say, with firmness sustained everything, so helped! I write it names: “Well, give Kirill, Irakli...“ The answer comes:“ Not, give either Maxim, or Alexander“. I have a deja vu: again two a name which are offered by my husband and from which I choose a name to my child. “Alexander“, - I answer it.

from maternity hospital us was taken away Next day by all family! Little Sasha was solemnly brought home... There now, to it second year. I look at it: well what you are Volodar? Of course, you are Alexander! And even not Kirill and not Irakli... And as God prompted: On November 4 birthday of the son and as it appeared, a name-day at Alexander. And the husband just offered names of the best friends and so guessed! I love them more life, mine kotyatochek, the Branch and Sashik!

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