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England. London 2013: the most interesting places for children - the review with the prices of

London - one of the biggest and ancient European capitals, and at the same time such rough, different and live city that God grant everything so to look in more than 2000 years! And in London speak the most correct English therefore parents carry the school students there on vacation that those applied the knowledge of a foreign language got during academic year. What in London to please and surprise children - the reporting from the place of events.

Royal stables protect

of girls - guardsmen

As the inveterate fan of classical English literature represents London? Cold, foggy, reserved. But July London dispelled all prejudices: weather is magnificent, hot - all week cloudlets, without speaking about fog. And the crowd of tourists from around the world which is sweeping away on the way and sight, both shops, and restaurants confirmed: all roads conduct to London. What however, it was possible to assume at a hotel booking stage - any though similar hotels with the adequate prices were chucked in something by more bright travelers.

of In children`s department of gift shop - the fairy tale about the real prince and the princess

as a result we with 11 - the summer son stopped on small hotel on the contrary Kensington Gardens - more precisely, it was called apartments with kitchen. The kitchen comically looked: in tiny - well, it is normal for London - number - two doors, and behind them, directly in this dark case - a plate, a sink, the refrigerator, a microwave. And there is a little ware. But, actually, with the small child such kitchen would be the real rescue - not to run in restaurant every time when the kid wants some porridge. We stored NZ on a case of attacks of night hunger there.

In London it is a lot of Russian tourists with small children - and even more with bred. For those who travel with carriages it is, of course, the ideal city. Almost everywhere - special entrances, congresses, elevators - including the subway. In different places, for example, in the Museum of science there is even a separate entrance - not to stand in a queue and at once to move down on a ramp to the most children`s part of an exposition.

In all museums it is obligatory for p to eat with

special offers: family tickets, discounts for early booking, “wholesale“ discounts for visit at once of several museums, the tickets of fast track allowing to pass the most part of turn - everything it is necessary to watch (or already to buy if you are ready to plan completely travel in advance) on the websites of the museums.

That at the same time both to entertain and to develop the child, we try such recipe: popular entertaining attractions like wax museum of Madame Tussauds and “The London dungeon“, and then - layers something more intellectual - we will tell, the Tower and the Museum of science. Surely from above - walks on marvelous London parks. To shake up, but not to mix. To try slowly and with pleasure.

the Tower (Tower of London)


Right after an entrance are offered by audioguides (4 £) is also in Russian. That the child and you, did not get confused in numerous constructions of the Tower, the audioguide is better to take - tell there clear and movements across the territory as in game - a browser, can carry away the child.

do not pass

by - after an entrance to fortress at once on the left - the former Mint which settled down in the Tower for 500 years and which to the most death was headed nearly 30 years by Isaac Newton.

the Exhibition opened in May of this year, there are a lot of interesting facts, amusing games and installations. For example, the roller where stamping profiles of Oliver Cromwell and Charles II on coins come to life and is discussed by views of the monarchy and, of course, squabble. Any textbook will not tell about a difference of coins (and boards) these two historical characters so brightly! In other hall behind a small door shouts of the workers of the Mint locked during a breakfast in the dining room by “colleague“ James Tornbull are distributed - that did not prevent to steal heavy bags with gold guineas. There was it in 1798, the thief was caught in the port of Dover and hung up. Bags lie right there - it is possible to raise them - and to estimate imprudence of the malefactor.

the best-known part of the Tower - a harmonous cube of the White tower (White Tower) - is constructed by

at the end of the 11th century. The wooden ladder conducts on the second floor at once - as in the ancient time. When the enemy came nearer, the ladder was cleaned. Inside - there are a lot of armor, weapon, knights - expanse for fans of the Middle Ages and military history.

fans Among us were not therefore more pleasure was caused by the interactive hall where it is possible to try to do some shooting from onions (on the exercise machine), from a gun (on the computer), and also to try to lift the real musket - very heavy!

the turn went

To gallery where royal regalia of different eras and that crown which is put on official ceremonies by Elizabeth II are stored, quickly, but the son was impressed more by the huge steel doors established in storage, than covered with sapphires, rubies and diamonds of a crown of the English monarchs along which take on the travelator.

the oldest exhibit - the spoon for unction of the 12th century - thanks to some dexterous person endured even destruction of royal regalia at the time of Respubliki and Oliver Cromwell. Court kept a valuable subject - and several years later with benefit sold to the new king Charles II after restoration of the monarchy.

of Tourists have a rest on the place of execution of prisoners of the Tower

of In gift shop such paper model for assembly is on sale here. If it is correct to make everything, then the rack will stretch, and the head - to fall in a basket...

of The Tower Bridge

it is necessary to Walk on one of the most recognizable bridges in the world - especially as in the top pedestrian gallery the museum is located, and it quite descended for the wonderful high-rise place of the review, did not construct London Eye big wheel yet. But even after appearance of the competitor types all the same did not deteriorate! to Boys it will be interesting to p to look at

on the mechanism of cultivation of the bridge of centenary prescription idle already. We were lucky - we appeared on the bridge just when under it there passed the big walking steamship - and saw the modern mechanism in business. Iron doors were closed, cars stopped, and all tourists looked at the asphalt plate rising before eyes. Impresses!

the Museum Madame Tussauds

the Museum Madame Tussauds - the last that we visited in London - because were afraid of the promised turns. As a result, even by means of fast track, staid minutes forty. Inside - waxworks of the Hollywood actors, world politicians, bottoms - stars, athletes - everything as it is necessary.

All wives of Henry VIII in a shot are not located with


From Russians - only Putin and the gymnast Olga Korbut - the strange company. And we were photographed with the most democratic politician - the mayor of London with 2008 Boris Johnson - the former journalist, the inveterate cyclist, the father of four children and the big original.

By the way, thanks to it, bicycle rentals in the British capital so many that it is really convenient to use them that with pleasure is done by both citizens, and tourists. However, the last ride more and more on boundless London parks where special bicycle paths are allocated. But be accurate: extremely sports Londoners go on them at reckless speed therefore with small children will be quieter in those parts of parks where the bicycle movement is forbidden.

the Most impressive part of excursion are, certainly, 4D - the movie about superheroes from comics Marvel.

Installation with the Spiderman is made by

of “head over heels“ - that on a photo the effect as if you stuck to a ceiling

Krom of the stereopicture was created, there are also real special effects: really begins to blow off with a chair when a green giant Hulk claps, and sprinkles water when the two-storeyed red London bus falls in the fountain. Children it is excited.

Harry Potter`s (Harry Potter Tour) Museum

Well and one more large-scale attraction which, perhaps, in popularity will catch up soon and will overtake the museum Madame Tussauds - Harry Potter`s museum. In general, British had to award Joanne Rowling for a contribution to the tourist industry for a long time: it is terrible to present what number of children blazed with desire to visit England after reading of the epic about Hogwarts and young wizards.

the Huge studio complex is in 40 minutes of driving from London. It is possible to reach by train, and then by special bus - or to go with excursion directly from London. To reserve time for independent visit and to buy tickets it is possible only in advance, on the website. But when I decided to be engaged in it, places did not appear any more... We are not great admirers of Harry Potter therefore with firmness endured failure, but more devoted fans who there all - got, very much recommend to all to visit this place.

the Meeting place

In the former building of a town hall stretched along the embankment if to pass from the building of parliament and Big Ben on Vestminstersky Bridge, it is possible to be late for a long time. There several entertainments for children of different age settle down at once: The London dungeon, the Aquarium, the museum of cinema - and crowns all this monumental big wheel “The London eye“.

“London dungeon“ (The London Dungeon)

This museum of fear and horror will be pleasant to everyone to tickle to itself nerves. Boys - teenagers run there directly from the airport. In general, noisy groups of school students there so many that so far you stand in a queue, you feel on a big change and about - very much you sympathize with teachers. The turn can be reduced, having bought the ticket on the Internet in advance - it will leave and is slightly cheaper. All museum is a travel on different terrifying stories. Begins with the fact that you are carried in the boat through “Gate of traitors“ to the Tower on execution - as Henry VIII`s wife Anna Boleyn. In total darkness under splash of water and howl of prisoners of the Tower the boat creeps on height, stops - and then promptly rushes back. All survivors - on an exit, to the following tests.

of Before an entrance to the museum - a family photo for memory

of Visitors are waited by the sketches from criminal history of Britain played by young actors - with intimidations, jokes and an interactive therefore for receiving full pleasure it is necessary to know English. And, of course, it is not necessary to go with small children there: one boy of years of five courageously suffered while parents and the elder brother went with him on terrible rooms, but when in the dark bar in the light of a thunder-storm for a second the ghost Jack the Ripper appeared - did not sustain and began to sob.

can buy

of In gift shop kitchen utensils “from Mrs. Lovett“ from the horrible musical and the movie “Suini Todd“ - for those who love pies …

of A instead of sweet teddy bears - gloomy freaks

the Final attraction which is not recommended even to adults with weak heart any more - hanging on the well-known London scaffold established once in Nyyugeytsky prison. If you do not want to spoil to yourself “pleasure“, farther not to read better. And if you want to know what to wait for, then I will tell. So, all are put on seats, the judge reads a sentence - and then a floor fails, and you fall in darkness. And then several times you jump up. Generally, the attraction known, is in all amusement parks, but it is all the same opposite!

the London aquarium (Sea Life London Aquarium)

For those who did not ripen for strong feelings and just wants to admire

wildlife and who has small children, will prefer to a dungeon the London aquarium. It it is visible at once: there groups of the London kindergartners in identical bright vests crowd - that kids were not lost. What pleasantly surprised, almost always among tutors young men are found: patient and careful, real “moustached nurses“. And, maybe, it at them alternative military service such?

In an aquarium - three floors of different fishes, mollusks and other inhabitants of the seas and oceans, feeding of sharks - everything is bright, interesting and healthy. Ticket prices: about 19 pounds for the adult and if to come after 15 hours, then receive a discount of 25%.

the Big wheel “The London eye“ (London Eye)

Two steps away from the London dungeon, the Aquarium and the Museum of cinema as though directly grows from the Thames the huge big wheel constructed to a millennium. 32 closed glass capsules - on 25 people everyone - turn slowly, within half an hour - specially that tourists managed to imprint magnificent views of London from height of 135 meters. Prices: about 20 £ - adult ticket and 12 £ children`s.

the Most English gentleman

Well and finally - the smallest, but very popular museum of London.

the Sherlock Holmes Museum

On a visit to us was necessary to visit Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson twice: having come the first time at the end of the day, saw such turn that understood - before closing we will not be in time. But estimated the situation - for example, learned that tickets are on sale in souvenir little shop (the door, next to the museum). In shop on a fireplace there is Vasily Livanov`s portrait in an image of the ingenious detective, but other mentions Russian Holmes - in the same books devoted to the hero`s embodiments on the screen - we did not find. But one precisely: our tourists who grew up with the words “elementary, Watson“ and “porridge, sir“ make big percent of visitors - and booklets in Russian carefully offer only in this museum.

So far one pine for

of in turn, others - are photographed at an entrance

Though all know that at the time of Artur Conan - Doyle the house with the address “Baker - the Street, 221B“ was not and that the museum was open, one may say, at insistance of the admirers who were filling up post office with addresses to the nonexistent address, nevertheless, everything is made with care and love. And performances of some well-known episodes with participation of wax dolls cause affection: very fondly, but children are frightened. To walk on small rooms of the four-storeyed house and to sit at “that“ fireplace with a tube in hands costs 8 £ (adult ticket) and 5 £ for the child.

of Gift shop to the right of an entrance in the depth of which - cash desk of the museum

Next time we will tell


about the free state museums of London for children and teenagers - huge full of interesting exhibits and interactive games.

we Thank for assistance in preparation of the article Visit Britain