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Imperial name for the daughter - Ekaterina of

Fine summer day. The ray of sunlight glanced in a carriage and tickled a tiny nose of my daughter. It was wrinkled and sneezed. I bent over it, corrected a lacy hat.

- came For walk, good fellows! Day - that what today good. That the baby grew healthy, with him it is necessary to walk. Yes it is desirable every day, in any weather. And how many to it already? Month - that likely was executed? - the grandmother Anna Petrovna, the neigbour from the first floor, talked without a stop. - And how called - that the baby, I also did not ask?

- Katya, the Katyusha, - I answered.

- the Imperial name means chose. Ekaterina...

- Well why imperial? - it seems, I began to justify myself. - Usual...

- Usual and not absolutely. Queens so in Russia were called, - Anna Petrovna bent over a carriage and crossed my daughter.

A I went further. The katyusha sleeps tight. I go and think: why I chose this name? Well, definitely did not think of queens. I have ancestors peasants and workers. And here this “imperial“ my beloved aunt had a name. Called her Ekaterina. She was elder sister of my mother.

To what the aunt Katya was good

! Average boring, figuristy. Eyes brightly - blue, as sky pieces. Beautiful. Pevunye. Knew songs national much and sang them remarkably. And the hostess what was, to look! Fast, dexterous. My beloved aunt had a difficult destiny. Early married, gave birth to two sons yes the third waited. War began. Took away her husband Andrey on the front. And soon brought it the death notification. Before term she gave birth to the third son - with experiences. And after war the girlfriend the aunt Katya with the brother who came back from war acquainted. Got married. Still the son was born. All boys the father called her Vasily`s husband and loved very much. Good he a person was.


in honor of the beloved aunt I called the daughter Ekaterina. There is no aunt long ago and her Vasily`s husband too. And the name remained. Ekaterina, Katyusha, my daughter. Now mother of two remarkable kids. When I call her the queen, laughs. And in vain! It has something from two queens Ekaterin and from my aunt - the simple woman with an imperial name.