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Pregnancy: hepatitis B, C and 9 more diseases. Symptoms and treatment of

during pregnancy future mother surely makes the test on the latent infections. Without it to it will not issue the prenatal record, so, and it is necessary to give birth (even being absolutely healthy) it in infectious office. About what infections there is a speech also what they are dangerous to mother and the child by?

the Latent infections (hepatitis, herpes, clamidiosis) are called so because, being transferred sexually, at 60% of people proceed asymptomatically. However they can declare themselves during pregnancy when immunity is reduced, it is adverse to be reflected in the course of pregnancy also health of future child. For this reason even very healthy future mother considering herself cannot neglect analyses on which the attending physician insists her.

Hepatitises B and C

What is it? the Virus of any hepatitis - And, In or With (and also D and E) - destroys a liver. But In and With are transmitted from the person to the person at sexual contacts, and also through blood, saliva or vaginal allocations.

As is found? Future mother surely has to make blood test on existence of HBs - an anti-gene.

Than badly and how treat? If mother has an illness in a sharp form, the fruit can be infected easily at the time of delivery - the virus contains also in any liquid of an organism. At women with chronic hepatitis of danger such is not present, but they should keep to a strict diet, the mode of loadings and any recommendations of the doctor that the illness did not pass into a severe form. Still it is not established whether hepatitis viruses possess teratogenny impact on a fruit, but it is known that the virus is capable to be transmitted through a placenta. Therefore after the delivery to the kid carry surely out immunopreventive therapy.

As give birth? At acute viral hepatitis - in special infectious offices of maternity hospitals. The indication to Cesarean section hepatitis B is not.

of HIV

What is it? the HIV Activator - infections is the virus. He is transmitted from patients with AIDS and virus carriers sexually or through blood (at blood transfusion and its components, injections).

As is found? Future mother who is observed on pregnancy surely makes the test on HIV three times for pregnancy: at registration, at the term of 24 - 28 weeks and before childbirth.

Than badly and how treat? Through a placenta the fruit is infected seldom (only at its damage, for example an otsloyka). More often the child “clings“ a virus at the time of delivery and after the delivery when breastfeeding - the virus is transmitted with milk. Therefore to save the kid from an illness, breastfeeding is contraindicated to future mothers with HIV. Also during pregnancy give antiviral preparations that reduces risk of pre-natal infection to 5 - 10%.

How to give birth? At Cesarean section and at natural childbirth risk to infect the kid it is approximately identical. Childbirth at sick HIV and AIDS takes place in specialized maternity hospital or infectious office.



Simple herpes

What is it? the Virus - the old resident (it was known still to Hippocrates) is given to time of sexual contact, and also through bed linen, dirty towels, washed, etc. It is considered that to 90% of people of Earth are carriers of the “sleeping“ virus. However during pregnancy there are hormonal changes, immunity weakens, and any cold can provoke also the outbreak of herpes.

As is found? By the analysis on TORCH - an infection (in parallel obtaining data also on whether future mother a rubella, a cytomegalovirus or toxoplasmosis has).

Than badly and how treat? In - the first, feelings unpleasant - itches, burns down, in intimate zones rash, plentiful allocations develops. In - the second if the aggravation coincides with childbirth, the child catches, and at it herpetic defeats of the most different bodies - from eyes to a brain can develop. It is difficult to get rid of a virus, in principle, but it is possible: by complex treatment its active reproduction is blocked, and the human body is forced to keep a tight rein independently an infection.

How to give birth? If an aggravation does not manage to be cured before childbirth, resort to Cesarean section.

the Cytomegalovirus

What is it? One more virus which lives almost at each person, without proving in any way. It is transferred at a kiss and other close contacts.

As is found? the Analysis on TORCH - infections which is better for handing over before pregnancy that in case of positive result to carry out treatment by immunostimulators and to banish a virus from blood until conception.

Than badly and how treat? At an aggravation the tsitomegalovirusny infection is similar to a usual SARS. But at early stages of pregnancy active reproduction of a virus can cause infection of a fruit, its pathology and death. And future mothers of TsMV because medicine is badly combined with pregnancy cannot treat.

As give birth? According to indications. But more often to women suggest to interrupt pregnancy at an early stage.


What is it? the Activator of one of the most serious illness, sexually transmitted, - a bacterium a pale treponema. Time having got to an organism, it leaves in it “marks“ for the rest of life. How heavy? Depends on a stage at which syphilis is found.

As is found? the Test on RW is made several times for pregnancy (two or three) because sometimes the result can be false - negative: the bacterium is, but laboratory it is not visible. Sometimes tests for syphilis can give, on the contrary, in a false manner - positive result.

Than badly and how treat? Syphilis is transferred from sick mother to the child in the II trimester of pregnancy, and that can end with a late abortion or premature birth. The kid risks to appear with congenital syphilis which can prove (early) at once or not show for years, destroying an organism from within (late congenital syphilis which has an effect between 7 - m and 14 - m for years of life of the child deafness and damage of eyes). Generally, having found, syphilis it is important to treat the antibiotics of a penicillinic row which are not exerting impacts on a fruit. Courses can be two or three for all pregnancy, and most often treat future mothers permanently.

As give birth? In specialized maternity hospital or in observation office of usual maternity hospital.


What is it? the Incubatory period of sharp clamidiosis - 5 - 30 days, but the illness easily passes into a chronic form.

As is found? Inspection on clamidiosis during pregnancy is not obligatory, but it is better to take place it: to make bakposev or DNA - diagnostics.

Than badly and how treat? during pregnancy clamidiosis can become the reason of habitual not incubation and feta - placentary insufficiency. Some doctors consider that clamidiosis can be transmitted from mother to a fruit vnutriutrobno, but is not proved that he participates in formation of serious malformations. And here at the time of delivery it can cause weakness of patrimonial activity or otherwise complicate the course of childbirth. Chronic clamidiosis treat in 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy by antibiotics of the last generation. Sharp clamidiosis treat earlier, after the 12th week of pregnancy.

As give birth? As well as at other infections if treatment was absent.

the Ureaplasma, a mycoplasma, a gardnerella, a trikhomonella

What is it? These protozoa usually make part of microflora of the person and perfectly coexist with it. And then time! - also begin to breed violently. And here problems begin.

As is found? by means of the analysis on the latent infections.

Than badly and how treat? Any latent sexually transmitted infection can lead on early terms to an abortion, and on later - to break a placentary barrier and to become the reason of pre-natal infection of a fruit. And there options are already possible: activators can strike a cover of an eye or lead to an intestinal dysbiosis, or to become the reason of a terrible allergy at future child, or “to hook“ on urinary tract, or to nestle in joints.

As give birth? If cured - as usual. If did not cure - in an observation.

Of course, best of all to make all tests on sexually transmitted infections at a pregnancy planning stage. Then the doctor appointing treatment can write out the most effective preparations, without caring also for that they did not damage to future kid. But in case the illness was found during pregnancy, you should not despair. Even the heaviest and unpleasant infections - yet not a sentence neither for future mother, nor for her child. And at due control, treatment and prevention of complications the chance to give birth to the healthy child is very big.