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3 unusual recipes: a bull - a burger, a pike - a burger and a burger with a pike perch of

Even children know: fast - foot - it is harmful. Well, and if there are sandwiches not every day, and to prepare houses, from qualitative products - then it is possible? It is possible, the chef of LavkaLavka Marat Hatmullin claims and offers the recipe of a traditional hamburger (to which even 113 years the other day are executed!) and two burgers with fish.


the Bull - the burger

to you is required by


  1. to Mix ground beef with mutton fat (fat previously small to cut or pass via the meat grinder). After that it is necessary to beat off forcemeat a little, it is possible directly about a table. Then to create cutlet hands or by means of a forming ring of 10 cm. Ready cutlet can be put on a grill or in advance warmed frying pan and to fry to readiness.
  2. the Roll to cut
  3. on two halves, then to dry on a grill or in an oven that it became crackling and heated up.
  4. Needed to be collected by
  5. from ingredients a burger. We recommend to put a cheese slice on hot cutlet that it melted a little. We grease the lower part of a roll with mayonnaise, from above we put cutlet with cheese, then a lettuce leaf, the cut green onions and pickles. We grease the top part of a roll with mayonnaise from the inside and we put it from above. Your burger is ready!

the Pike - the burger

to you is required by


  1. to Make forcemeat of the meat of a pike, eggs, greens and cheese peeled of bones. To create cutlets and to roast on a frying pan - a grill. Cutlets turn out very juicy - it is necessary to handle them accurately.
  2. to cut
  3. of the Roll with sesame in half and to redden on a frying pan or a grill.
  4. to Lay out a lettuce leaf on a roll, then to put cutlet, to strew it with grated cheese with kuminy, from above to lay out mayonnaise (garlic has to be its part), slices of tomato and a pickle to taste. To cover from above with the second roll.
  5. to Give
  6. with French fries. It is incredibly tasty and nutritious. And any weight in a stomach!
the Burger with a pike perch and cabbage salad

to you is required to


  • a roll for a burger of 1 piece.
  • of perch fillet of 120 g
  • batter of 50 g
  • red onions of 10 g
  • Iceberg salad of 20 g
  • the Caesar sauce of 30 g
  • cucumbers marinated 20 g
  • tomato of 30 g
  • vegetable oil for hot fan of 250 g

Salad cabbage:

a red cabbage of 20 g
  • a white cabbage of 20 g
  • carrots of 10 g
  • greens of 2 g
  • mayonnaise of 20 g
  • salt and sugar - to taste
    1. the Roll to warm up
      • on a grill without oil before formation of a ruddy crust, to dunk perch fillet into batter and to fry in hot fan to full readiness, to slice vegetables. To smear a roll with the Caesar sauce, to lay out the cut vegetables and a pike perch.
      • cabbage and carrots to cut
      • For salad straws, to season with sugar and salt to taste, to mix. Before giving to dress with mayonnaise and to strew with greens.