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Polina - means solar: the daughter brought from Spain of

Very long our family consisted of only two people - me and my beloved husband. The kid did not appear in our family though all medical stars assured that we are absolutely healthy, and, smiling, advised vigorously “to work“ on this question.

Once the destiny and travel agency abandoned us in hot solar Spain, in the Province of Malaga. Here Pablo Picasso, one of the most gifted and passionate artists - expressionists was born, the father of a great number of children and the big fan to represent the sun on the cloths. In one charming morning almost absolutely happy, but with easy grief from the forthcoming parting with the wonderful solar country we came into one cozy cafe where met a noisy Spanish family with a heap of loud-voiced children.

Me it seemed to

that it is a good sign. The intuition did not bring: having arrived home, we learned wonderful news - we will have a child. People around said that at this time persons, our with the husband, shone as if two small sun, were so happy we, so sincerely smiled to people. All pregnancy I sought to keep warm solar mood. Pokleila in a drawing room orange wall-paper, with own hand sewed bright yellow curtains. In an interior of kitchen orange oranges which my husband regularly resupplied became the most tasty and favourite element of a decor.

However, the spring that fell on the last month pregnancies, was not solar. People went gloomy, the dark winter clothes did not please, and to me the doctor forbade to eat oranges. The come Sunday morning, appear, did not foretell changes in weather, but through gray clouds young sunshine suddenly broke through, and at me waters suddenly departed...

our daughter was born

in Sunday solar midday, the spring came into the own, and we... we were happy. We named the baby Polina, the name it comes from a name of Ancient Greek god of the sun Apollo and means “Solar“. And according to astrological knowledge the children born on Sunday it is children of the Sun. Now in our house there is always a lot of sun even if behind a window it is cloudy, and the spring is late.

Olga Saltykova