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2 summer recipes with strawberry, bilberry, raspberry - tart and a pudding of

the End of July - fine time when yet strawberry did not depart and already kept up raspberry and bilberry. These berries (or any other), and also we use plums for preparation of a pudding and the Italian pie - a tart. Let`s tell in confidence: during other season the same can be prepared from the frozen berries!

Berry pudding

of 6 portions
Time of preparation of 5 minutes
Preparation time of 15 minutes + impregnation and cooling

Can use 400 g of mix of any frozen berries, and a little fresh to use for a decor.

of Plum cut cinnamon sticks with

  • of 100 g of sour cream in half, remove stones and cut circles.


    In a stewpan with a thick bottom ½ a glass of sugar, plum, also prepare a carnation, cinnamon on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly, 5 - 8 minutes (depending on ripeness of plums: than they riper, less time is required to those).

    Add other berries, lemon juice and prepare 3 - 5 more minutes until berries start up juice. Remove from fire and let`s cool down a little.

    Lay out a form a cellophane film for packing of products.

    Bread cut

    pieces 1 cm thick

    On a bottom of a form put “hats“ of plums, then a bread layer, then a layer of plums and berries with juice, one more layer of bread and a layer of berries, finish bread.

    Cover a form with cellophane for packing of products, turn a form on a flat plate, put from above freight of 2 - 3 kg (it is possible to use the banks filled with water), put in the refrigerator for 5 hours, and it is better for days.

    prepare for

    Before giving cream: shake up in the mixer 100 g of sour cream and ½ a glass of sugar before full dissolution of sugar and disappearance of sour smack of sour cream.

    This pudding can also be given to

    with scalded or lemon cream.

    This classical Italian tart can be met by Krostat`s

    with strawberry jam in all confectionery benches from Naples to Milan. Despite amount of oil and the eggs used in the recipe I (together with all sweet teeth of Italy) firmly believe in harmlessness of this dessert for a figure.

    of 6 portions
    Time of preparation of 10 minutes
    the Preparation time of 20 minutes

    For the test:

    • of 120 g of butter
    • of 400 g of flour
    • 1 egg
    • 3 yolks
    • of 180 g of sugar
    • 4 tablespoons of milk
    • 1 bag of yeast
    • 1 bag of vanilla sugar
    • salt on a knife tip
    • of 200 g of strawberry jam (or any other dense jam)

    Warm an oven to 200 ° With, establish a lattice in the middle.

    Oil kindle

    and pour in a big bowl.

    Add all ingredients for the test and knead to homogeneous mass hands.

    Shift dough in a baking dish with low (3 - 4 cm) boards and distribute it hands evenly on all surface of a form.

    Over the test evenly lay out jam.

    at will can decorate a krostata with a lattice from test strips.


    20 minutes in an oven. Cool a ready krostata in shape on a lattice.

    “Does not have

    From the book time to prepare?
    Kitchen of the megalopolis for those who hurry. 30 minutes on everything“