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Vanity. What is it and as it is shown?

Usually we understand as vanity desire to look good in the opinion of people around, to take higher place in a career ladder or to make success in various areas of life. Thirst of glory or popularity is in certain cases observed. In what pluses and minuses of vanity and how to go beyond its limits? by

As shows vanity?

Happens so that the vanity is the engine of many achievements in life and can even sometimes start undertakings, very useful to life. For example, thanks to ambitious messages of people can begin to study, to master a profession, to defend dissertations etc. of

However there are in vanity several moments which do not allow to speak positively of it, without looking even at some pluses. If the person does something, movable by vanity, then he tries first of all for himself, all achievements are necessary not as end in itself, and as means. To be proud of itself, to distinguish itself from people around, to receive calling. So the business started with such message will be at best useless (there is no purpose to bring someone benefit) or even harmful.

Far it is not necessary to go an example, World War II sets as thirst of superiority can have destructive consequences. But it is an example the global, and each certain person having vanity it is differently realized in world around. In this sense the vain person is useless for society more likely, it has just other purpose. If it also does something useful, then, eventually, wraps it in the personal advantage.

However it is also possible to tell that the vain person is useless also for himself. Alas, vanity, desire to allocate itself and to be proud of itself does not bring sincere love of people around. People can admire, at most envy such person, but the vain person is not able to get a ready emotional response as his message does not concern this sphere initially. As a result our arrogant man can get desired advantages, success, but it is no more.

As masks vanity?

Not each person at all the aspiration achieves fame, popularity and success. Such people of unit. It is much more than those who dream of it, most often even without giving themselves in it the report, but in real life do not reach conceived.

Here then the person has a contrast of vanity - feeling of an ushchemlennost. There is a feeling that people around did not estimate that could be reached bigger in life, plus feeling of disappointment. Usually such person often dreams: here if there were in a different way if I was lucky, I And sometimes the feeling of an ushchemlennost becomes a constant emotional background. What it, as not a reverse side of vanity? If not it, then from where the feeling of an ushchemlennost would undertake, would not be a level in relation to which it would arise.

So it is much more really vain people, than it seems at first sight. whether

It is possible to overstep the bounds of vanity?

of Many people, dreaming of popularity and success in life, the destiny quite satisfies them. They achieved if not all they dreamed of, then, at least, part of the desirable, and not hotyatnichy to change in the life. What, of course, have full authority to.

And how to be that who understood that in vanity there are minuses perhaps, was satiated, wants to go beyond its framework and to establish other relations with people? There are also other options of interaction with people around based on bigger respect, sincere participation and receiving deep original satisfaction from the activity.

Unfortunately, the unambiguous recipe is impossible here. At everyone the way of receiving experience in this world. It is possible to describe only the general directions in which the thinking of the person if he ceases to live vanity changes.

In - the first, not only own value and importance begin to admit, but also the fact that any person is also valuable and important. The second - the focus from the personal benefit, achievements, desires of success is shifted to that advantage which is really possible for bringing to people around. Values, outlook and many other things change...