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The best fairy tales for children: national, author`s, whether modern

Children`s business - the fairy tale? Initially - no. The first books of fairy tales represented collections of folklore stories, and it was impossible to call them nurseries at all desire. Only after the fairy tale, adapted by writers, turned into reading for children. In Russia the first fairy tale written especially for children appeared only in 1829. It was everything the known “Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants“ of Anthony Pogorelsky.

Hardly today someone seriously will begin to claim


that fairy tales - to nobody the necessary atavism, and here at the beginning of the Soviet era them recognized harmful. Got then to much, and especially to Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky for “Crocodile“, “Tarakanishche“ and “the Fly - to Tsokotukh“. Books with national fairy tales were withdrawn from libraries, and fantastic “mysticism“ was considered as the rubbish preventing education of working class. But the fairy tale survived as well as New year.

Today the fairy tale lives in the most different genre and book formats. The choice is huge: national and author`s, modern and ancient, translated and Russian, adapted and not adapted, “without notes“. Judges of authenticity can get reprint editions of ancient books, and admirers of all modern - to acquire the fairy tales dressed in the most conceptual literary and design form.

of the Fairy tale for the smallest

When to begin acquaintance to fairy tales? Yes, actually, when you are not able to read yet! The set of fairy tales is intended to tell them to the kids who did not up to the end master skills of oral speech.

“Teremok“, “Kolobok“, “Turnip“ possess a simple plot and gradually acquaint the child with world around. The main characters are animals and objects - find human thoughts and voices and arrive just as people: sometimes wisely and nobly, sometimes silly and cruelly. Usually such fairy tales are read not two and not three, but the set of times, and lessons which are received by heroes are kept by the child in mind.

Author`s fairy tales which with pleasure listen three-year-olds are an and adapted Charles Perrault`s fairy tales, brothers Grimm, and Chukovsky, Marshak, Suteev, Sladkov`s cheerful stories. There is also a set of children`s books which abroad are considered long ago as classics, but in Russia gained popularity recently:“ The Very Hungry Caterpillar “and“ pensive chameleon“ Erykah Carla, “A huge crocodile“ and “Amazing Mr. of Lys“ of Roald Dahl, “Kriktor“ and “Emil. Kind octopus“ Tom Ungerera, “Myauli“ of Judith Kerr and “Lamb of Charlotte“ Ana Shtoner... They are created just for the smallest, in them there are also speaking animals, and unusual incidents, and, of course, instructive - but unostentatious - an element.

Main in all fairy tales for small - what they learn to separate black from white, is told how kindness and mutual aid are important, and also confirm that any evil always meets with the deserts. But also registration is not less important. It is good if the first book which the child will begin to read independently possesses a large print and the bright memorable illustrations. Work of the artist is not less significant: the more vividly, more emotionally drawing, the more book will be fallen in love to the little reader.

the Top of 10 fairy tales for kids

of the Fairy tale for those who independently read

When the child becomes more senior than

, it is more interesting to it to listen and read about the heroes similar to him: about children, their adventures, travel, transformations and magic meetings.

First of all, it is fairy tales author`s:“ “Andersen“, Buratino`s snow queen “, “ the kid and Carlson “, “ Niels`s travel with wild geese“. In these fairy tales not only heroes are children in whom it is easy to recognize himself, in them there is a place to the difficult choice, independent attempt to understand correctness of acts. “The wizard of the Emerald city“ tells about importance of friendship and mutual aid, and “Alice in Wonderland“ will help to plunge into the unusual world of the imagination.

At this age of children an opportunity to plunge into the full-fledged fantastic world, whether it be Nosov`s world, to Raspa carries away, Milne, Rodari telling toys or small naksitrall of E. Raud - characters which to watch extremely interestingly. At the heart of a plot - dynamic adventures and most present “situation comedy“. Laughter over amusing mistakes of heroes and empathy it difficult minutes define an emotional background of a growing of the child.

Besides, it is the best period for acquaintance to classics. A. S`s fairy tales. Pushkina, “Scarlet Flower“ of S. Aksakov, E. Hoffman`s “Nutcracker“... Books to which, most likely, children still will return. Fairy tales of classics of the 19th century, such as V. Gauf and O. Wilde, it is interesting to read not only to children. Often the dramatic nature and even mysticism of these works attract adult readers - what to speak about “Alice“ and “Little Prince“ in which people of all age willingly look for the most unexpected and deep meanings.

the Top of 10 fairy tales for children of 6 - 8 years

of the Fairy tale for “adult“ children

Comes the most difficult age for the choice of the book as right now the child turns into the teenager. “Carlson“ and “Buratino“ remained behind, it is a high time to offer “Gulliver`s Travel“ or “The book of the jungle“ where fascinating adventures will adjoin to an opportunity to absorb a huge number of new information.

of 10 - 12 years - the best time to read “To Mumi - trolls“ and to like “The flying fairy tales“ Krapivina “. Night before Christmas“ Gogol “, Kroshka Tsakhes“ Hoffman is and interesting to the child, and quite serious, adult reading. It does not mean at all that the young reader “grew up“ from the national fairy tale. Just now absolutely other reading which not only learns to distinguish the good and evil but also acquaints it with culture and traditions of people of the world.

of the Fairy tale, developed in China, Japan, India, attract with unusual color, but, perhaps, the child will notice also something the general between plots known to it from the Russian fairy tales and east “exotic“. For example, motive of a magic power which is possessed by the simpler by sight objects. Boots - fast walkers, a cap of darkness - something similar is also in the Japanese fairy tale “What Birds Told About“. The old man finds in the wood a cap, having put on which, begins to understand voices of birds. They tell it about the most different human misfortunes, and, traveling from the village to the village, the old man rescues peasants from troubles and misfortunes. The destiny rewards the old man for responsiveness and love for the neighbor. Residents of the village surround it with general honor - and what can be more valuable than respect for an old age and wisdom in east culture?

the Top of 10 fairy tales for children of 8 - 12 years

the Modern fairy tale

the Fairy tale - the way tested with time to impart to the child of knowledge of how everything is arranged. Fairy tales do not grow old, read them and will continue to read when they were created. However it does not mean that the fairy tale of the 21st century does not exist.

the Fantastic tradition is not interrupted by

and today.“ Gruffalo“ Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler, “As an elephant cow came on a silver platter“ Kate DiCamillo, “The bear cub by the name of Paddington“ of Michael Bond, “Petson and Findus“ of Sven Nordquist is only the few fine modern foreign fairy tales. In Russia there are also storytellers: Elena Rakitina and Marina Aromshtam, Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky, Dina Sabitova and Sergey Sedov. And new excellent original fairy tales appear more and more!

Modern writers of fairy tales are guided first of all by identity of the child, his personality. Today fairy tales are not only a well of wisdom or manual, but also attempt to communicate with the child in language clear to it. In them it is still told about the childhood, friendship, bravery and responsibility, but frequent it is not just fascinating stories. Thanks to these fairy tales the child can glance in himself, overcome fears and doubts, to learn to listen to the feelings.

Top 10 Fairy tales of the 21st century

the Fairy tale is more, than just small story with happy (or not really) the end. The folklore fairy tale is inseparably linked with culture of those people on which earth it appeared, but at the same time the fairy tale costs above a nationality. She speaks about things clear to all mankind: good and evil, wisdom and nonsense, truth and lie, hatred and love. The author`s fairy tale not only offers the little reader certain morals or immerses in peripetias of a magic plot, but also often is a sample of artistic speech. it is important to p to read to

the most different fairy tales: national and literary, ancient and modern. Fairy tales awaken the imagination, open the emotional world of the child, give it valuable reference points, form that view of the world with which it as a result will enter adulthood.