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To Crete with the child: food on ``five`` in 4 *, and also Retimno, Gramvus and Balos of

We had a rest in Crete in Aegean Creta Star 4* hotel. Places there beautiful - the sea, mountains and the blossoming bushes and trees along roads. From the esthetic point of view - it is just remarkable. To Retimno to go 35 - 40 minutes.


it is good from all points of view. The tremendous old city in the Venetian style from a cobblestone road, narrow small streets, ancient rings on doors, white churchlets. Medieval fortress of Fortezz with a beautiful view of the coast. And we came across it absolutely incidentally, just walking and having left from souvenir shops aside.

it was rather heavy on such heat, of course, but to go senseless, simply you will not manage to look and shoot plainly in the evening - darkens there somehow instantly.


not to be lost, it is obligatory when you go out of the bus (where you left), ask the driver where a stop in the opposite direction. Drivers of regular buses can speak in English. Advised to come to a reception on final supposedly then it will be back simpler to sit down, but we came to squares where most of tourists left, and did not lose because there just and the old city begins.

Hotel and placement

Hotel big, it is not really typical for Crete. It is visible that constructed not yesterday, but a state very good. On all floors balconies, terraces...

the Territory very much, well, just very well-groomed, very green - palm trees, bushes, flowers - their set and all flowers of a rainbow, cactuses, huge, about the human growth of an aloe... Exactly tonsured lawns... Well, from this point of view there are no questions any.

We arrived in the evening therefore we were placed instantly. We booked a room with a look “towards the sea“ - with a look directly at the sea was not any more. Small minus in such placement is. Besides the sea, windows go to the national track and an amphitheater. Alas, it is heard. Few times at night I woke up from a roar of motors... By the way, the kinder fell asleep instantly, and did not stir him either show, or rehearsal of animators, nor the passing cars.

Number rather big and light. Very thought over. A lightproof curtain on a window and “zhalyuzeobrazny“ if it is so possible to be expressed, a door on a balcony in addition to usual. I.e. it is possible to open a glass door during a siesta and to leave only the second, almost not passing light, but passing air.

Pleasantly surprised with

that the conditioner works always. It is possible to leave and leave it to cool the room. For it to Greeks separate thanks. Plus is located it so that the direct stream of air does not get on a children`s bed, and even to adults gets very little - but at the same time air in the room cool. But all of us equally were rather afraid to sleep with him...

In number the unpretentious TV, the refrigerator. Bathroom spacious, pure. Everything worked for us without problems. Shower gel, shampoo, hat, soap, cosmetic wipes. Everything was regularly replenished if it was used. Cleaned up every day.

Departure back from hotel was in 16. 10. To prolong a number it was not got, was not free. Costs extension 6 euro in an hour. To us suggested other service - to reserve a shower for time necessary to us. In soul there are towels, soap, shampoo. Service is free. Suitcases can be handed over to the luggage room. So we had not to sit with 12 to 16 in a lobby waiting for the bus.

the Sea and the beach

All very much - is very beautiful

... In general Crete is the continuous mountains surrounded with the sea. But there are, so to speak, costs of this beauty.

the Beach at Kreta quite long, but at inflow becomes quite narrow. Good “children`s“ calling water to the right of hotel, between Is old also Royal. But! If more attentively to resemble along the coast, then there is at the left a place where stone plates quite equal, and go to a bottom, forming quite good flat calling. The most pleasant that there it is few of nobody. Same bright as I, met, but it is a little. And we did not interfere with each other...

the Stone plate proceeds a sandy bottom with periodically coming across big stones - i.e. all the same it is necessary to be attentive. Further stones uninterruptedly begin, but - they are covered with soft pile of seaweed on which it is quite comfortable to stand, they do not slide, and feelings very much even pleasant. There it is absolutely superficial - on a belt. And long enough... And here further I did not swim.

Beach pure. Everywhere there are ballot boxes and clay ashtrays. When settling you will be handed cards on chaise lounges - the man goes in the morning, checks their existence. Towels - under the deposit. 20 euros apiece, it is possible to change though twice a day. The lodge where change towels, costs at the beach and works in the morning 10 - 11 and in the evening 16 - 17.

Prepare that you there will practically not see a full calm. At us was day 3 only. All rest of the time - either waves, or WAVES....

Frankly whole gale was few times, here so that the rescuer went and whistled all who sail further, than 3 meters from the coast... I in such cases laid down on sand ashore, and in 10 minutes understood that I quite to myself was bought.

and for adults

Works with

For children pass - club near the pool. In the same place - a children`s playground, but if it is honest, quite strange. If not to tell dangerous. Pass - golf and a usual swing - without questions. And here a covering on the basketball platform very illiterate. It is worth being run behind a ball on a lawn and then to run on the platform - 99% that you are waited by falling. The footwear, damp from a grass, wildly slides - and regardless of sole material. Children fell both in kroksa, and in shoes, and in sneakers... Perhaps barefoot there is no such effect?. I do not know. Well, be accurate.

I the second danger is a swing for two. You know, such crossbeam fixed on a stick? Before putting there the child, just look how it fastens... In any way. The crossbeam actually just lies on a stick. It is possible to fall down sideways. In the same place - a table for a ping - a pong that is pleasant, under a canopy. Pass in the evening - the disco - in principle as everywhere.

the Pool with sea water but chlorinated. There is a splash pool for kids, fresh water there. There is also indoor pool. Well, nominally it covered - and actually two of its walls completely glass so you will have no feeling that you in the indoor pool lap.

In the second half of day are lit by animators - aerobics, yoga, darts, water volleyball. Besides sporting or okolosportivny events in the afternoon daily evening show. For a change it is possible to look. Team of animators international, speak both in Russian, and in English, and in German, and in French, and in Italian... Are very friendly and are not persuasive. There were both a conjurer, and traditional Greek shows.


Went on excursion to Gramvus`s island and to a bay of Balos. To what will be told to you by guides, I will add from myself - be SURELY smeared with sunblock cream, SURELY put on convenient footwear. Do not take this excursion if are not ready to clamber on the high mountain in the scorching midday. Well, and if you rock to sleep on water and you in panic are afraid of storm... Go where - nibud still.


assumed pleasure walk on the ferry, 137 meters up a short flight of stairs... Well, who knew that in the sea a storm, and 137 meters are not the length of a short flight of stairs, but mountain height! And the ladder there purely symbolical - from stones is put, partially destroyed. Generally, extreme. You see, in the bottom of a tochechka? These are people. On me - so we on Everest!

Bukhta Balos

... A kiss of three seas - Mediterranean, Aegean and Libyan. Water, as in a bathroom! Speak, in certain sunny days it is possible to see 17 shades of blue there. We had a partly cloudy so so much we did not see. In general the place extraordinary on the beauty. I there for a week...

the Food

Even before departure read


in responses supposedly is there is nothing, children starve... And right there, in others that food excellent, a wide choice...

can Carp unless at a lunch there. It passes not in the main restaurant, and in beach. In principle, there is everything - both soups, and salads, and cold appetizers, and hot, and fruit, and desserts... Yes, a little monotonously, maybe, but here that it is direct there is nothing to eat?. Always 2 - 3 - 4 types of garnishes. Always - meat, chicken, fish. Incredibly tasty pizza - real. It directly at you is done by the cook - rolls dough, spreads ingredients and bakes directly right there in the furnace... Yes, behind pizza the turn in the peak of a lunch, around 13 is built. 00 - 13. 30. But it is quite explainable. Here it is necessary to choose - or the tasty dish prepared directly at you or the defrozen semi-finished product...

the Breakfast is similar

, in principle, to all hotel breakfasts - eggs in several types, cheeses (about - about - very tasty), sausages, the freshest yogurts (my love forever - the drinking yogurt which is shaken up with banana will be included in our house diet). Flakes with milk, haricot, sausages, sausages, pancakes (perhaps, not the most successful dish in the Greek execution). Right there, at you bake - chocolate pies, with orange jam and (licking lips) wafers... Wafers - are delightful! In the best Belgian style! Croissants, cakes, cookies...

to Mothers of kids, small and big, - for breakfast ALWAYS porridge is! Sometimes with fruit, sometimes with muesli, sometimes in the form of a pudding (an objedeniye!) . Very popularly there is a yogurt with honey. I do not love honey, did not try, and here very much it was pleasant to the husband. Told that honey at all not such, as at us, and yogurt tasty in itself. For breakfast there are always dried and tinned fruit - prunes, dates, peaches. Plus fresh - apples, pears, oranges, grapefruits.

Dinners are very different

. They try to do them thematic - national, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean cuisine, fish day.

Fish different - both a cod, and a salmon, and sardines, and some small small fishes similar to crucians - very tasty! There were even some whitebaits fried, crackling, of the size of a little finger. In fish day - violence of seafood. Both shrimps, and mussel, and cockleshells, and squids...

Meat - for every taste. Always there are a pork and beef in different options. Both fried, and stewed. Often - a lamb, mutton ribs, a rabbit. Garnishes - a huge number for every taste. Especially it was pleasant to me that they manufacture with potato. The movie “Girls“ was remembered: “Yes you know how many dishes it is possible to prepare from ordinary potatoes?!“ Greeks - know! They fry it in different types, up to thin round chips, do of it cutlets, sausages, rosettes, balls... Extinguish it with herbs or vegetables, or and with that, and another... Do mashed potatoes and pies.... The child at me first of all always went to look for potato - what it will be this time.

Always paste - in two - three types is. With different sauces. With vegetables, with meat, with snails, with mushrooms... Always nearby - a plate with grated cheese. There in general there is a lot of cheese, different and very tasty. Vegetables - stewed, fried... For every taste.

Well and desserts. Do not concede to the Turkish variety at all, and Spaniards - and at all nervously smoke aside. Cakes and cakes, cakes, cookies, jelly, dairy jellies, cream - to the bryula, some creams and multilayered constructions in glasses... And plus national sweets.

it is a lot of

of Fruit and they do not come to an end eating with the first flow of comers. Always is - apples, pears, oranges, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, water-melons and melons. Sometimes even sweet cherry was. And, present, it even was enough for those who came closer to the termination of a dinner.

Surely taste their jams - they are incredibly tasty! It is simple to come off it is impossible.

Frozen. I faced it for the first time for many years travel on olla: it is ALWAYS. In all bars and restaurants. 5 types. From morning to the night. How many will get. Glasses and ice cream cones stand nearby. Only managed to catch the child there...

To the word about turns! In 2 weeks never stood more than 10 minutes. Usually 3 - 4 minutes. And that behind those dishes which, well, cannot objectively be made in advance in large quantities. For example, wafers... They were done at you in a big waffle iron and spread hot. Of course, stood behind them. Or, for example, grill. Well, it is obvious that the food has to be svezhevynuty from there to be rather tasty... Or the seafood fried directly at you in curry sauce - you watch how they right there on a huge frying pan are done by the cook and spreads directly smoking to you on a plate. Well, and has to be!

So I would give food “an excellent“ with plus. To both food, and restaurants, and service there. Waiters, bartenders almost all Russian-speaking. Someone from Russia, someone from Ukraine, from Baltic... Almost all students on an exchange as they told.

All the rest

the Operator Muzenidis - normal. It is very pleasant that the transfer guide while went to hotel, told about the island much. Our German friends told that at them it is not accepted, and it is a pity because there is a wish to know though something about the place where you arrived. Not all are able to afford to go to excursions, having two small children. So respect ours.

Guides in hotel quite adequate. If there are questions - will answer, will prompt...

Had to use

the medical insurance - the kinder dropped in some way a cobble-stone on a little finger... Called number specified in an insurance, the Russian-speaking operator wrote down everything. In 20 minutes there arrived two Greek doctors, slightly - slightly speaking in Russian, and pretty well - in English. Looked, felt, redressed 2 fingers and told that just hurt, nothing terrible. In half an hour the child already jumped a goat, having forgotten about bruise.

to us everything very much was pleasant to

because, despite small minuses, pluses was so many that by all arithmetic rules everything as a result turned out very much and very positively!