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Italy 2013: Milan, Florence, Lake Como and sea tour. With children of

Idea to go to Italy appeared in the summer after in January from Lufthansa the special offer came - to depart to Milan in June through Frankfurt for 36 thousand for two adults and two children. It was not the first trip to Italy. Before we were in the Southern Tyrol which cast more thoughts of Austria - as it is clear, this territory in the 19th century was Avstro`s part - Hungary. Therefore the decision to see the real Italy was made.

the Plan of a trip was grandiose. 14 days we broke so: 2 days - Lake Como, 2 days - Milan, 2 days - Florence, 7 days - sea tour. Tickets were bought for June 16. Within two more months looked for and reserved hotels and a car.

As children departed to Turkey with the grandmother on May 27, and came back one week prior to a departure to Italy, it was necessary to be engaged in visas urgently. At the end of April we began to write letters to Consulate of Italy with a request to write down on the middle of May. After couple of days received the answer that date of submission of documents on May 17. And accurately in a week on May 24 visas were successfully received.

sent to

Three days before a departure of Lufthansa a reminder on flight to e-mail. In 23 hours prior to a departure we were successfully registered on flight, having chosen good places, and in two hours prior to a departure arrived to “Domodedovo“.

the Departure was at 7 in the morning. We not the first time fly this airline. Everything was also good, as always: new plane, decent food, polite personnel. Without questions allowed to take a children`s cane to a ladder. As flight was docking, boarding passes gave out on two flights at once.

Pay attention that you pass passport control when crossing border of the Schengen area, in Frankfurt. Change occupied about half an hour. There was an impression that waited only for us: we got on a bus to the plane, and it started at once. On flight Frankfurt - Milan fed once again with tasty Movenpick cottage cheese. In total flight made about 5,5 hours, to tell that it was tiresome, I cannot. It was much more interesting, than to fly these five hours sitting in a chair.

On an arrival - Malpensa we went to Milan to look for “Evropkar“ where we reserved the car. It was not difficult - indexes will bring you to the place where all rolling offices are brought together. We were given brand new Peugeot 308 SW of black color, the diesel, with a panoramic roof.

Boosters we carried

with ourselves. The Trunki firm lets out them and they are called BoostApak. Were bought on the English Amazona still a year ago and more than once were used. They have a rigid framework, and in two backpacks the tablet, DVD - a player, all charging, the navigator, fastening for it, the hard drive with animated cartoons and on a trifle perfectly were located.

the First direction was the lake Como, the city of Lierna, Bed & hotel; Breakfast Il BOGNO. The road took about 1,5 hours (111 km). It is outer side of the right basin of the lake. Is near Varenna from where it is possible to visit the towns of the lake interesting you on the ferry.

the Owner of hotel - the beautiful woman Laura. Though, in fact, it is her house in which it hands over two rooms on the first floor. The breakfast which it covers on a terrace at the house is included. There is it at distance of one kilometer from the lake, but it is necessary to go to a hill.

U us, children have a bunk bed, a big bathroom with a shower. The hostess the designer therefore everything is very beautifully issued - a list on a tile, color bright towels. Very beautiful well-groomed garden. Very much it was pleasant, I recommend.

If to go down to the road which goes along the coast of the lake will be is more left by the small beach, and 15 minutes aside - the beach is more. Italians have generally a rest, but also German-speaking citizens of the European Union come across. At restaurants, shops with English badly. Water in the lake was cold, but children with an allowance bathed because there is no salt, does not pinch an eye. And the heat stood +35 degrees.

Went to Bellagio, very beautiful city, but to live there I do not advise, there are no beaches per se and is quite crowded. Of course, for such place two days are not enough, I would remain there for a week, but moving to Milan was coming.

Distance about 70 km, went about an hour. In general traffic jams of Italy were not noticed, even when repair on the route, for example towards Venice came across, speed to 60 km/h fell, but it was not necessary to stand. On the road stopped by at big shopping center and in Vodafone bought two of these - cards. One for mobile for 15 euros (10 on the account) the cost of calls to Russia of 8 cents, another in a tablet for 25 euros, 5 gigabytes a month.

the Hotel in Milan was BEST WESTERN Hotel Mozart. Round-the-clock reception, big two-room number, polite personnel and various breakfast. Nearby good playground. The hotel has a free parking, but it is necessary to manage to take the place there, we were lucky. In Milan parking lots are designated by strips of three flowers. Yellow - for inhabitants, blue paid (from 1,2 euros) and white - it is free.

located hotel in 15 minutes of walking from Sempione`s (Parco Sempione) park through which you get on Kastello Sfortsesko`s (Castello Sforzesco) territory - it is worth spending for its museums several hours. After crowd will bring you to the center of Milan - Duomo (Piazza Duomo) Squares. If you want to get to a cathedral, I warn: at you shorts have to be not shorter than knees and the closed shoulders. It concerns absolutely to all. On an entrance it is watched by the armed carabineers. If you want to photograph inside, it is necessary to buy the ticket.

do not ask

about shopping, in shops was not that you will not tell about Asians who are brought by the whole buses, and they it is noisy run from shop in shop with Prada and Louis Vuitton packages. What is created in a sale, in general it is difficult to present.

the Senior child showed willingness to visit Gallery of the modern art (Galleria d “arte moderna), Palestro metro station where we went from Cardusio station, after visit of Ambroziysky library (Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana) where there takes place Leonardo da Vinci`s exhibition. An exit from the subway has a Museum of natural history (Museo Civico di Storia Naturale). If you with children, very much I advise this museum to visit, it will be pleasant to them.

Two days for survey of Milan, of course, are not enough

, I would add still a couple. Florence was the following city. Moving about 3 hours. On the road stopped to have dinner in a network of Autogrill restaurants. (If on the road there is a supermarket, then sandwiches will cost around 2 euro there. In Autogrill they will cost you 4 euros.) On the first floor cafeteria where sell pastries, sandwiches, drinks. On the second floor self-service restaurant where we have dinner for 40 euros. Plus pure free toilets.

In Florence we had a hotel 1900 Artevita Bed & Breakfast. Probably, a ratio the price - quality at hotel quite good, but I will not recommend it. It is the big apartment in a house on the third floor, without elevator which is divided, maybe, into 5 numbers. We had a room about 18 meters where inside the bathroom was built in.

the Owner of hotel told

in brief about Florence, made recommendations about restaurants. On foot to the center about 30 minutes, and next time I will choose hotel closer. Very narrow small streets and, respectively, sidewalks. If you with a carriage, it is not really convenient. The coupon on the parking to us was sold by the owner of hotel, it costs 10 euros a day if money for you not superfluous, nevertheless I advise to look for places on the embankment: if to arrive in the morning and not during week-end, then it is quite possible to park.

Separately should telling

about the Italian ice cream which is on sale in “Gelateria“. I am absolutely indifferent to ice cream, but we ate it several times a day. And during all the time did not try all tastes. The price for a ball (which is huge) grows as approaching the center - from 1,2 to 2 euros.

I will not tell

much about this wonderful city, I would spend for it week. I hope, we will return one here with the husband therefore Uffitsi postponed for the following time. The whole day we just walked and admired the city. Have dinner the Florentine stake weight in kilogram, children helped to eat up it. As for the prices at restaurants. A lunch on 4 people (children - paste, adults - meat or fish, plus a domestic wine 0,5 liters or two beers) both in Milan, and in Florence around 80 euros. Pizza (Margarita) and paste from 7 euros. Not so cheap, as in other cities of Europe, but quality of products very good. Of course, the farther from the center, the cheaper, but without knowledge of Italian very difficult.

our excursion program passed

in very hot week +35 therefore we got up at 7 in the morning and left, tried to plan the museum for lunch time because on the street it was impossible to be. Managed ice cream and water in the afternoon and went in the evening to have dinner.


assumed Further sea tour, the town of Caorle, the Venetian coast. There we reserved apartments in the Villaggio Hemingway complex. It was three-storyed number: on the first floor kitchen, a sofa, the TV, on the second a bathroom with the washing machine and a bedroom with the TV and a double bed, on the third two rooms, in one two single beds, in another one single. For a family with three children just ideally. At us one room was empty.

In kitchen the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the gas stove, a microwave, the coffee maker. A set of ware, devices on 6 people, 4 pans and one frying pan. On the one hand a terrace with a big table and chairs with an exit to adult and children`s pools. On the other hand children`s with heating. In addition the place on the beach, but on number only 2 plank beds. Everywhere there is an ideal purity. It is possible to order a breakfast, we did not take. In 5 minutes of walking an excellent supermarket, and to the left of it the fish market. To the sea of minutes 10 slowly, to the Caorle center for the embankment even minutes 15. Very good arrangement.


Liked everything! It was not lucky with weather, there was a north and 23 degrees. In a week (from June 22 to June 29) three times swam in the sea. About the sea. A very broad beach strip from sand, an entrance also sand and small, to the adult in some places on a belt, to children it is excellent. The having a rest Germans, the Austrians, Swedes, the last bathed in any weather though water was cold. In recent days, when was +17 at night, and in the afternoon +21, children refused to come even into the pool.

Descended in a local aquapark of Aquafollie (500 meters from hotel), on weekdays there bring school students and it is quite close, hours from three it becomes free. Went to Guliverolendiya (Gulliverlandia). After Europe Park in Germany, of course, very modestly and absolutely children`s, but it was pleasant to girls.

on June 29 (do not forget to receive the signature from the employee that with car everything is all right). In total we passed 1400 km, spent 100 liters of gasoline and 100 euros on paid roads. On registration of tax free we were lonely. What is interesting, you receive a stamp before registration, but tickets should be shown, and here cash - only after checking in. Nobody asked to show purchases that was unusual after customs of Germany where search with addiction. Bought in Duty free tasty Panettone, Prosecco bottle, and in 18. 15 took off home.

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