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Sports rest - with children: diving, tracking, bicycle. Where and when?

Are many sports which attract children and adults, but demand special conditions and the equipment. The excellent decision - to begin to master diving, windsurfing, riding and rafting on vacation. It appears, for sports travel as all family it is enough to choose the correct season and a point on the map. To your attention - 6 routes for families with children of 2 years.

Windsurfing, Turkey

May - September
Of 7 years or since that moment when the child weighs 25 kg and more - that is is capable to hold a sail and to get moving forward a board
From one to five days
of Demozanyatiye € 65, a five-day course - € 195, including equipment.

the Warm bay of the Aegean Sea on which there is a resort of Alachati is bordered with the land from three parties, the wind rose creates at the coast dense air streams without rushes, the half-kilometer shallow is deprived of corals and allows to go safely on a sandy bottom, and prompt kayter practice in a separate zone. The ideal place for the first tacks on a board under a sail! It is possible to balance sports rest historical sorties. In the town of Cheshm (Chesmen - in Russian) Russia sank all Turkish fleet in sea battle of 1770, the Ottoman fortress of the 16th century and a caravan - a shed remained there. And slightly far away - the most ancient Hilt with monuments of the Roman era.

owing to a difference in weight children and parents, most likely, will come to water at different times: to children of rather absolutely light breeze which just will not pull adults. But everything will be, as at the father or mother, - and a board with an easy carbonic mast, and a sail, only absolutely small - from 1,5 sq.m. It was necessary to understand how to lift it from water, to catch wind and all - to learn to move in the set direction.

of the Board which are received by kids for the period of occupation, to them will be rather big, but it is even good - stability and stability will allow the instructor to put literally the child on a board and to give it in hands a sail, and some trainers take seat on a stern and help directly with the movement. So many children will be able to go (so far on a straight line) in an hour that is very important for motivation and progress. In the next days it is possible to start development of turns and when parents absolutely miss the young windsurfer, it is worth going all family to walk on a catamaran or the yacht.

Information. Direct flight of “Aeroflot“, Turkish Airlines Moscow - Istanbul, from Istanbul take off each hour flights to Izmir, and since June the charter route Moscow - Izmir works. The transfer will be provided by hotel or tour operator.

In Alachati in the territory windsurfing - the MYGA center is branch of the station, known across Dakhab, “5 squares“ which the instructor have a wide experience of training of children`s groups.

Safety. needs to be able to float though the instructor will surely give a life jacket. It is also necessary to issue an insurance for occupations by water sports.

Tracking, France

June - August
Of 4 - 5 years
From € 590 from the person for six-day round

the Cevennes - a mountain chain of the Massif Central where the river Loire, here excellent climate and two national parks begins. Tracking with children is popular in France therefore here many simple routes are marked, and function of sherp is carried out by burros. If the child was tired, the burro will give a ride also to him: this service is available to children weighing up to 35 kg (that is till 10 - 11 years).

the Campaign is always an adventure: to load a backpack with toys and gingerbreads and to go afar on footpaths, behind each turn opening for itself something new. For children`s tracking choose low mountains - young tourists badly transfer height. But to go many hours in a row with some difficulty therefore stop more often to take rest and plan long transitions only to the first half of day. Small cunning: invite with yourself in a campaign other families with children - it is together more cheerful to walk and easier to transfer difficulties.

it is important to p to plan the purposes for every day: survey of medieval fortress or swimming in the cool mountain river at the end of the way. If the child mastered a one-day campaign without whims, it is possible to study together the card and to choose longer route with spending the night in small hotels or in tents for which on the European tracks there will always be platforms with all conveniences (campings are marked on the map, besides to find “camp“ - too the excellent purpose for the child).

Information. Direct flights of “Aeroflot“, Air france, KLM Moscow - Paris, further by car or the train to Nym. From Nym by bus to Ganzha or Le - Vigan.

In bureau of tourist information detailed maps with pedestrian routes give

and advise about complexity level.

Safety. the Main thing - convenient boots with a corrugated sole, is desirable high, fixing a shin and, of course, raznoshenny in advance (not to rub a leg). It is useful to teach the child to use tracking telescopic sticks, they unload part joints of legs and a backbone. With itself it is desirable to have the small first-aid kit.

Diving, Egypt

All the year round
It is strict from 8 years. For children of 5 - 7 years there are occupations without immersion on depth
€ 35 - 45 for trial immersion, € 250 for the four-day course Junior Open Water Diver.

Dakhab became the favourite place of divers of our hemisphere long ago, and in many dayv - the centers there are Russian-speaking instructors certified by PADI association. To learn to dive in the Red Sea very reasonably: to fly nearby, water warm, visibility excellent, fishes motley. And still it is possible to go on camels to the desert on a visit to the real bedouins. the Underwater world it is better for p to study

not according to Disney`s animated films, and considering motley fishes with own eyes. But with a mask and a tube of everything you will not see. On trial immersion (Introductory Dive) when the instructor literally leads by the hand in beautiful places, regulating pressure in a vest of the ward, it is possible to go all family and at the same time to organize a photoshoot. But for the period of training it is better to be divided: without being distracted by parents, the child better perceives the theory and is capricious less when something is impossible in practice.

Children will gain the same knowledge and skills which teach adults, but will study in the territory enclosed with anchor buoys and at smaller depths: from 2 m on the game course Bubblemaker. From 10 years it is already possible to sign up for courses where learn to plunge in open water, up to 12 - 18 m in depth, depending on age. And when tests are passed and the certificate is received, it is possible to plunge together with parents if, of course, adults too already managed to become the certified divers.

Information. Direct flight of “Aeroflot“ or “Transaero“ Moscow - Charm - ale - the Sheikh, is a lot of charters. Further - the transfer organized by hotel or tour operator or by a taxi.

Safety. Be convinced that the child wants to plunge with an aqualung, surely feels in water, it is ready to obey the instructor. The insurance has to cover occupations with diving (in Dakhab it can be issued for days of immersion). For a trip to Egypt tetanus, hepatitis and poliomyelitis inoculations are recommended.

Horse walks, Bulgaria

May - October
Of 10 - 12 years. Children of 6 years usually ride a pony, but there are horse bases where to them will pick up a silent horse
Occupation with children - from € 8 in an hour, walk in the field - from € 13 in an hour

On the Bulgarian coast it is a lot of horse centers where it is possible to find the Russian-speaking instructor or the translator without effort. For example, the horse Albena base near the resort of the same name. Pyanyashche Albena is obliged by clean air to proximity of the reserve of Baltat with coniferous trees and lianas. Driving on horses and construction of locks from a golden sand - not the only entertainment: there is a water and usual karting, platforms for pass - golf and archery, the moon - park, an inflatable trampoline and the children`s railroad: what else is necessary for excellent vacation?

Acquaintance to riding is begun with quiet walk in an arena when the horse is conducted by the instructor, and sitting astride just keeps for saddle onions, but even it can become the main impression of vacation both for the child, and for the adult rider. For occupations with children and beginners choose the most quiet animals, and in several hours, having mastered the basic principles of management of a horse, it is possible to go to a fascinating horse campaign on neighboring meadows or along the sea. For more skilled equestrians of all age occupations by jumping and multi-day campaigns with ascensions and transitions through the mountain rivers are offered. How here not to feel the brave cowboy or the graceful amazon!

Information. the Charter to Varna, further the transfer provided by hotel, a taxi or a minibus.

Safety. can replace Boots for riding with high boots with a small heel and the smooth sole allowing a leg to slip out a stirrup. Instead of shorts even if hot, it is better to put on the convenient trousers closing hips and a shin. Will teach the basic rules of the treatment of horses of children on the place, and here it is better to issue the special health insurance in advance.

the Bicycle, Germany

May - September
Of 2 years
€ 5 in day for the children`s bicycle, € 10 in day for the bicycle for the teenager or the adult

Around the beautiful lake Kimzy it is a lot of marked routes and cycle parking as, however, and in other parts of Germany. But in vicinities of the lake not hot, there are no steep slopes, and length of a route can be varied: the bus will help to get home together with bicycle. The second option - the small ferry which plies between islands Herrenkimzy where it is possible to see the residence of the Bavarian king Ludwig II, and Frauenkimzy where the ancient convent and abbey are located. On the lake there are stations of windsurfing. And in Munich - the huge museum BMW.

to Learn to ride the bicycle better in the homeland, and then to twist pedals it is possible to go anywhere where there are bicycle tracks, - it is better to avoid the dangerous neighbourhood with motor transport. For a start it is possible to travel on a frame of the parental bicycle, in a special chair which in many European prokata is given free of charge. The option for children is slightly more senior - the tandem bicycle or the children`s trailer (in Germany - Kinder - Trailer): you want - you help the father or mother, was tired - you have a rest.

the Following stage - the children`s bicycle which can be hired too. In this case parents have to be ready to speed at the child and to choose routes with short pieces of a way and frequent halts. With teenagers it is possible to go to multi-day cycle tour, it is better with escort car not to carry backpacks on themselves.

Information. Direct flights of “Aeroflot“, Airberlin, S7, Lufthansa Moscow - Munich, further to Prin - am - Kimzy by train. Cycle hire is at many hotels.

Safety. we Send better to bring from the house - not everywhere there will be children`s, and the gigiyenichny. Sports sunglasses, a cap or a bandana and cycle gloves will be useful. In hire check a condition of the bicycle, first of all brakes, and take the cycle lock, a remnabor, a spare chamber and the pump.

Rafting, Slovenia

April - October, the best time - summer, when the rivers quiet
Of 7 years
From € 27 with rent of the equipment

Sochu`s River is called the Emerald beauty for unusual color of water. Below the town of Bovetsa the rough mountain stream slightly calms down, spreading to 10 - 15 m, however coast remain high and steep and the Po River - former rages on thresholds. Some sites of “white water“, for example Kamno`s piece - Tolmin, are ideal for an alloy of beginners and even children, but at the same time are interesting also to more skilled rafters, the current of Sochi quite prompt all season.

Travel on the river - a fascinating adventure: the landscape behind a board constantly changes and water sometimes conceals dangers - thresholds and currents. Their overcoming, of course, completely lays down on adults, first of all on the guide. While they work with oars, it is better for most young rafters to hold more strong a raft and it is joyful to squeal a little from excess of adrenaline.


On quiet pieces of a way at some guides laid up thematic games in pirates or beavers: it is desirable to learn a little English before a trip or to take with itself the Russian-speaking translator. And after an alloy which lasts of 30 minutes till two o`clock it is possible to organize picnic directly ashore.

Information. Direct flight of Adria, “Aeroflot“ Moscow - Ljubljana, further by car, the bus or the train to the city of Bovets.

Safety. the Volume life jacket supporting the head does not cancel need to be able to float - not to panic in case of falling in water. On the rivers with thresholds a helmet is necessary: the river rages where there are stones. The corresponding health insurance is necessary.