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Digital photos: processing and storage. Houses and on travel of

Since that moment as the digital photo appeared, photographers got rid of a huge number of the problems connected with storage and processing of pictures. If earlier the film needed to be preserved carefully, and the printed pictures quite could deteriorate over time, then with digital images as we know, everything is much more simply.

Storage of photos

the Main problem which you will face, having begun to photograph, - shortage of the space for storage of pictures. Yes, not printed, namely digital! Gigabytes of images will seek to fill all available memory size on your computer, the laptop and other digital devices. And if not to organize storage intelligently, then to find the folders and files scattered on hard drives it will be almost impossible.

to prevent threat of chaos, I will give to you several practical advice (including for photos from travel), hundreds of thousands of pictures based on personal experience of storage.

Whenever possible take

So, on my laptop ready pictures from travel, for example, to Rome, can be found, having passed the next way: Hard drive D: / PHOTO / Italy / Rome / Processing. (In the folder Rome is also two more folders - with unsuccessful, in my opinion, pictures and with successful, but not processed, that is with the initial files loaded from the camera.) I advise separately to save initial files if you are going to process pictures further.

I strongly recommend not to store all photos on one digital carrier, especially only on the laptop or the desktop computer. These data can be easily lost even at simple breakage of equipment. On sale there are many versions of carriers for reserve storage. In - the first, it is external hard drives which contain huge volumes of information (for the rest of life enough!) . In - second, of course, DVD - disks. They are very cheap, and it is easy to transfer and store them (do not forget to sign only disks). Also I recommend to look narrowly at digital image banks.

the Best way to keep important pictures and to have to them access from any point of the world - to use online - resources, for example Picasa or Flickr. Also social networks will be suitable for small volumes of information. Plus such storage is that you can show photos to all the friends at once, and minus - in compression of shots to quite household level “only to look“.

Print only some photos. What sense to print everything? Select pictures and create thematic albums.

If wants to keep photos, for example from an interesting trip, in a presentable look - order the photobook. Such services are provided by many photolaboratories, and the cost of production of photobooks gradually becomes more and more available.

At the press along edges of the photo white strips (fields) can appear. It is connected with the fact that in most cases the ratio of the parties of a shot is not proportional to the standard sizes (10 × 15 cm, 20 × 30 cm and so on). In good photolaboratories offer two exits: to print a shot entirely (with fields) or to cut off a little a photo and to print it without fields. The difference is not really noticeable therefore I recommend to choose the second option

Processing of photos

Very difficultly to learn to photograph so that processing of pictures was not required. Especially it is hard in parallel to learn to remove and process results of shooting. But over time at you the photos demanding the minimum intervention will turn out. That is you practically should change nothing in pictures except for color correction.

The matter is that graphic programs are not a magic wand. It is impossible by means of the Photoshop program famous for much to turn a bad picture into a masterpiece. You seek to display reality such what it is. You not the wizard but only study!

What program for processing to choose? License. Yes, it is expensive and illogical at present realities of life (the official version of the Adobe Photoshop program costs slightly cheaper than the quite good reflex camera), but we will be honest before ourselves: to use counterfeit programs is a theft. If you are not ready to purchase yet - download the trial version for a month on the official site of the paid program or use free graphic editors, for example Artweaver or Paint. NET. They give less opportunities for processing, but save means.

the Main defects of a picture (brightness, contrast, a saturation of flowers and so on) can be eliminated with

by means of programs for viewing of the photos providing functions of primary editing.


to Make full color correction, to erase a birthmark or a model skin spot, to correct a background or somehow in a different way it is possible to change a picture only in the full-fledged photo editor. From all existing serious programs I can allocate Adobe Photoshop popular with millions of users around the world. There is time - be not too lazy, study possibilities of this program. It for certain is useful to you.

What functions me will be necessary for

? On occupations to me photographers - beginners, not persons interested to study all tools of the Photoshop program in subtleties met more than once. For them I usually conduct “a lesson for lazy“ - and in 15 - 20 minutes they already independently edit pictures. The abstract of this lesson is given below. Perhaps, with its help you also do not turn the photo into a masterpiece, but will correct the image - it is precisely!

How to make a picture is lighter than

(more darkly)? Use the Curves tool (Curves). Bringing up him in the necessary party, you receive lighter or more dark image.

How to make a picture is brighter than

, nasyshchenny more contrastly? For each of these settings find the section of the same name at a toolbar and “tighten up“ brightness, contrast or a saturation in the necessary party.

How to correct skin shortcomings? That will get rid of any spots in the photo, use the Patch tool (Patch Tool) or “A stamp on a sample“ (Clone Stamp Tool). Copy similar area in the neighbourhood with the problematic place and replace with it a spot.

As by means of several buttons “bring a picture round“? For the laziest instruments of automatic correction of the image “Avtokontrast“ (Auto Contrast), “Avtotsvet“ (Auto Color) are and so on - they not always strongly improve a picture, but the beginner often will accept also them. whether

Really can learn to process pictures in 15 minutes? Is not present, professionally it is impossible to learn anything neither in 15 minutes, nor in 15 hours. To gain some superficial knowledge - yes, but to seize high-quality processing of images in graphic editors, notable time will be required.

From the book “How to Photograph on Travel“