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Summer in pleasure: useful suntan and protection against the sun - to children of

At last came long-awaited warm days! The kid joyfully wakes up in the solar room and runs on walk to absorb summer energy. And mother collects Panamanians meanwhile, nets, barefoot persons and hurries to catch up with the fidget. The main thing not to forget to take sun-protection means, especially if the kid frolics on the seasonal dacha or the sea coast. Try - to entice it home into such weather!

Sunshine give to children excellent mood, and also stimulate synthesis of vitamin D and considerably strengthen immunity. However the surplus of an ultraviolet can be very artful, gentle and thin children`s skin is almost defenseless under direct sunshine! Especially attentive need to be mothers of babies and kids till three years as their system of thermal control was not up to the end stabilized. If the kid unexpectedly began to be capricious and refuse food, and body temperature quickly grows - most likely, the child overheated on the sun and received a heatstroke.

to avoid summer troubles, follow the simple and checked advice:

How to pick up suitable sun-protection means? If your kid - the light-eyed blonde with cheerful freckles and dairy - white skin, then during all sunny day is required to him cream with the maximum degree of protection of 30 - 50 SPF. Brunettes, as a rule, “are able“ to sunbathe better so it will be rather average degree in 15 - 20 SPF. If the kid for the first time after winter appeared on the sun, it is better for mother to be reinsured and anyway at first to use intensive protection, and after emergence of first “raid“ of suntan to pass to cream with lower index. It is very simple to define degree of protection of cream: it is always specified on packing by a large print. it is better for p to Put to

means minutes for 20 to an exit to the street that it managed to be absorbed properly. You should not be zealous and rub with cream of all kid, it is enough to protect only open parts of the body. If your child runs on the street the most part of day, update cream in 2 - 3 hours and after each bathing.

So, the Panamanian on the place, handles, legs, a coat hanger under reliable protection, remained a small detail - children`s sun-protection balm. That the sun did not dry especially gentle sites of skin, apply balm on sponges, a nose and ears of the kid before each summer walk. The vitamins and natural oils which are a part will protect from dryness and inflammations - now it is possible to catch safely spots of sunlight!

When the gamboled kid at last will allow to take away himself home and to expiate properly, it is a high time to put the restoring milk “after the sun“. It will humidify and will calm the skin warmed by summer beams, and also will protect from residual ultra-violet radiation. Means needs to be used after bathing and a wipe of the kid.

Upon purchase of children`s sun-protection means surely pay attention to their hypoallergenicity. Before application it is possible to carry out the small test: to apply a small drop on an elbow bend of the kid and to track during the day reaction. If there were no reddenings or an itch, and the kid is careless and cheerful - means can be used safely. It is good if the natural extracts and vitamins calming and nourishing gentle children`s skin also are a part. Many means are waterproof - especially for fans to popleskatsya and swim for a while. by

it is better for p to Choose means of the checked producers with good responses from other mothers, and also from pediatricians and children`s dermatologists. Many parents trust the domestic brand “Sweetie pie“: its line of sun-protection means contains all necessary for carefree summer holiday. In production only the ultra-violet filters resolved for children which do not interfere with production of vitamin D, very important for an organism, are used. All means can already be used safely from three-months age!

That the summer was in pleasure, remember that reception of solar bathtubs is some kind of medical procedure, so, she has to be appointed mother in moderate doses. Add to it fresh fruit and vegetables, real-life communication with the nature and clean air - the recipe of excellent immunity and a happy smile will turn out!