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To grow thin - and to get rid of extensions, cellulitis, wrinkles without cosmetologist of

In the new book Ekaterina Mirimanova experience growing thin on her system “Minus 60“ is analysed and difficulties of those who decided to grow thin are considered. The special attention is paid to care of skin during weight loss. How to avoid wrinkles? To get rid of cellulitis and extensions? What will be at loss of weight with a breast, hands and legs? We begin to publish answers to these questions.

It is probable, all are concerned by a question: what became with her skin after loss of 60 kg? Whether you know that very many women justify the inaction in weight loss with the fact that are afraid for future condition of skin? On a face there will be wrinkles, skin on a stomach will droop, the breast “will fall down“, hands and legs will become similar to an accordion, generally - depressing the picture is drawn in the head, I do not argue. But let`s talk not about the theory, and about practice!

How many hours a year you see off in the undressed look? At best - a couple of hours in a bathroom and week, two at most on the beach - all! And here in clothes you are seen much more often. Also believe that chances that someone will see you in the undressed look, considerably increase if you weigh, let us assume, 70 kg than than when you are in category under 150.

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, I do not doubt fine qualities of your character at all and that you very clever, both cheerful, and charming. But, unfortunately, or perhaps and fortunately, representatives of an opposite sex pay attention to women with a good figure more often. And as told in one movie: “Nobody ran away from the woman`s bedroom with shout yet: “My God, what extensions!“


That is if you do not grow thin, being afraid for the future of the skin, stop to be nervous. At any deal you will begin to look only better, of course, if you do not starve yourself. And still if you look after yourself, to care and cherish the body.

I Assure you, I did not resort to services of the cosmetologist, surgeon and other experts in the course of weight loss. For me it was important to prove to himself that it is possible: not only to grow thin, but also to bring itself into a good form independently.

Idea with purchases of expensive creams I swept aside

very quickly, literally in a month when bought up all range of gels and creams from extensions during pregnancy and understood that any of them does not work. I in general am inclined to consider that striya - rather hormonal phenomenon, than skin banner costs. Otherwise how to explain that sometimes they appear literally in a night, and after a safe rodorazresheniye, for example.

So, it is very difficult to prevent emergence of extensions, as well as to eliminate consequences of their emergence. The same concerns cellulitis. If you are not engaged in the hips, buttocks, hands and other parts of a body daily, it is improbable that single campaigns to the expert or even the rejuvenating course will help you for a long time. To look good and to feel well, it is necessary to look after himself. It will help you to keep motivation at rather high level, will force to love itself even more and will promote development of sequence which is so necessary during weight loss and about which I am not tired to speak.

Ya against expensive creams and visits of salons? At all not! I against the statement that appearance of the woman directly depends on that how many spend for it. And if there is no money, so it is possible to dare to look, anyhow...

“And why to try? I am pleasant to the husband, the partner such what I am!“ - some will object. Focus is in what your husband is perfect at anything here. You have to do it for yourself to become even better. And so-so you are pleasant? Great! But there is no limit for perfection!

On the one hand, I say that yourself needs to be loved such what you are, with another - that it is necessary to watch himself fixedly. Whether there is no contradiction here? Absolutely any! You love the child, but at the same time want that he studied better. You worship the husband, but at the same time would not refuse that he ceased to scatter the dirty socks on all apartment. That is and love to itself to combine aspiration to self-improvement quite naturally!

Main at the same time not to abuse itself the last words, it seems:“ As you could start yourself to such an extent, a fat unkempt cow“. And we quite often load with such message ourselves, remembering reflection in a mirror.

needs to Work with

exactly the opposite. Begin to look after yourself with love. Each procedure for care of skin, gymnastics - everything has to be impregnated with love, pleasure and a positive. Then process of your transformation will go much quicker!

As well as with rates of dumping of weight, I cannot tell you for certain through what period your skin will get an ideal tone, and extensions and cellulitis will considerably be reduced or at all will disappear. Because at each organism the speed depending on many factors. But the fact that if you listen to my councils, you will begin to look better already from now on - I guarantee to you. Further you will be pleasant to yourself more and more.

Were adjusted by

? Then went! What needs to be done?

we Will begin


with a face.

during weight loss skin can sharply lose elasticity because the amount of subcutaneous fat is reduced, and she does not manage to be brought up. To help, eat several small secrets.

First of all, during active dumping of weight use cream 5 - 10 years more senior“ than your real age. If to you 25, buy cream 30+, you 30 - then for you will be suitable at present cream 40+ and so on.

Cream does not need to be saved, smearing one drop “on all surface“. Moreover, try not to stint, choosing that you put on a face. If there are no means at all, it is possible to try an aromamasl. For example, oils of rosemary and a rose are natural antieydzhingovy components.

can be Scrubbed and not only the body, but also a face is necessary. By the way, for this purpose coffee of a fine crushing which it is possible to use the same as a body scrub quite will approach (about it below). The only thing, more sparing mode is necessary for the person. Two times a week will be quite enough.

Be continued.

From the book “System minus 60. Revolution“