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How words which we think influence our life?

of People differ from animal in the fact that constantly uses a huge mere verbiage. Our human thinking in huge degree is based in words. Therefore words which we use in many respects define our state and behavior - so, and life.

I Will give an example. Try to think different mere verbiages.

First set: pleasure, happiness, smile, love, good, gratitude, altruism, fun, laughter, force, working capacity, energy, confidence, purpose, task, decision, reason.

Second set: grief, suffering, disgust, hatred, insensibility, evil, misanthropy, anger, crying, weakness, laziness, apathy, uncertainty, confusion, uncertainty, helplessness, nonsense.

Pay attention that your state from each mere verbiage, most likely, changed as appropriate. It is obvious if to use one of mere verbiages constantly, your state and behavior will be constant to it to correspond.

But you already all life use this or that mere verbiage! You anyway use one words (from these sets or not from them) is more often, and others - are more rare. You already almost never use one words almost constantly, and others -. Your thinking already consists of some words, and these words constantly influence all your life!

It seems to us that our thinking is various, but it not so. Our thinking is defined by habits and if we got used to think the same words - we and we will always do if we do not decide to train to think other words. So, until we change words to better - our life essentially will not change.

Try. Define for yourself a set of the best words (it is possible from my first set, and also from where it is necessary). Begin to think these words as often as possible. Also you look, from it your state, behavior and life how exactly begin to change.

And when you understand what changes happened, think of what will be if to use the most effective words for a long time! Thus it is possible to change all your life considerably. Your life already is result of those words which you thought still.

Words are something like bricks of which human life is under construction. Obviously, quality of the house will depend on the choice of bricks. And from the choice of words - quality of your life.

The person who never thinks certain words will never be able to begin to do about what these words. If you do not think the words connected with this or that profession, you will never be able to master this profession. If you do not think the words connected with success, you will never achieve success. If you do not think the words connected with happiness, you will never be able to feel happiness.

What it is still important to understand. What words you use in your thinking, depends only on you. Nobody else, except you, cannot operate your thinking. Nobody else cannot force you to think these or those words. Only you choose words which you think. So, only you choose what was, is and there will be your life.

Also you remember - your life depends already right now on words which you think. You cannot eliminate dependence of your life on your words in any way. Your choice in another - in beginning to think the best words. And to change thereby all the life.