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Spain with the child: from Sezam Street to the Port of Aventur to Gaudi`s dragons in Barcelona of

were going to go For a long time to Spain and as went together with 6 - the summer daughter, the format was chosen such: an amusement park “Port of Aventura“, the sea in resort Salou and Barcelona Gaudi. (Would go with the son - Gaudi it should change for game of Barsa.)

Usually ourselves buy by

tickets, we book the hotel room, we do visas. Were going and to go this time independently. But when counted all expenses, it turned out that one week cheaper to go on round. Went from Tez - round, week in May in 4 * on a half board cost for two 44 thousand.

Took off early in the morning on May 8 and already during the lunchtime became populated in hotel Romana in Salou Twisted. The hotel was located between the embankment and “Port of Aventura“ “halfway“. The stop of city engines was near - different routes conduct to “Port of Aventura“, in the center and along the embankment.

Wednesday we spent

for acquaintance to Salou - drove on an engine, examined the center and long walked on the beach. Salou seemed us very pleasant resort town. It is a pity only that the sea was still very cold, and wind - quite strong.

of the Decline on the beach in Salou. The daughter and the sea

In 5 minutes of walking from hotel the office of travel agency “Plan Bass“ (tickets for buses, excursions), a supermarket and the area of Europe from where we went then by bus to Barcelona was em>.

our week in Spain we planned

so: Wednesday - an arrival and acquaintance to Salou, Thursday - Friday - “Port of Aventura“, Saturday - Tarragona, Sunday - Monday - Barcelona and a trip to Montessori - school in Zhirona. (I work as Montessori - the teacher, there was a wish to look at the best private school of Catalonia, besides nearly 50 years M. Montessori working by a method.) Tuesday - an aquapark in La - Pineda. Almost everything at us turned out. Here only the aquapark which had to begin to work just that day did not open from - for a rain.

the Port of Aventura

One of the largest amusement parks in Europe turned out

very noisy, with crowds to the people, and it in week - that days! And for the weekend, as we were told by skilled tourists, there comes with children except tourists a lot and Spaniards that extends turns on attractions even more. It was not pleasant in park also the fact that there was practically no place to eat in lunch hours - turns in small buffets the long, and we so never also were stood till the end, and big cafes in lunch time in a zone of China (both of us appeared day after a lunch there) were closed. We took water and fruit with ourselves, bought few times ice cream yes cotton candy.

in general needs to be noted that park - cool. And it would be not enough one day. My beloved daughter sustained two days with 9 to 19 there. For children below 130 cm in height the choice of attractions in park is small, and we spent the main time for driving on an engine on all park, games in a zone Sezam, a lasagna in various labyrinths in Sezam and China and on show viewing. In Polynesia we looked show of birds and Alokh Taiti`s dance, in China - simply tremendous show of soap bubbles, in the Wild West - Bang - Bang West, in Sezam - show Sezam (the only thing which was absolutely uninteresting). Everywhere we came minutes for 15 - 20 before and found the place in the first row. Resorting before the beginning crowded at an entrance and looked out from - for the heads ahead of sitting.

I Will note

that it makes sense to buy tickets in park not in the park - there they more expensive, and from hotel guides, or in “the Plan Bass“, or at tourist offices. If there is no such opportunity, then it is possible to buy on the website of park in advance - costs the same as at hotel guides or in “the Plan Bass“.

of On Sezam Street to “Port of Aventur“


Having unloaded in the outdoor hotel pool from two-day foot walks to “Port of Aventur“ and in Salou, on Saturday we went to watch the town of Tarragona located in half an hour of driving the bus. Bought a card in “the Plan Bass“ for 10 trips and went then by it also to La - Pineda.


In Tarragona from the station to the embankment stretched two pedestrian streets of Rambla - one old, another new. To the sea according to new Rambla we went half an hour, on the road saw many interesting sculptures, fountains, small cafes. Having reached the Mediterranean balcony - the most known place on the embankment, turned on the left and in about 5 minutes approached ruins of the Roman amphitheater. From - for them, and also from - for another well remained monuments of the Roman history Tarragona it is included in the list of heritage of UNESCO.

From an amphitheater is sent up to the city, turned to the right and came to a cathedral near which school students just protested. It is a pity that they wrote the banners in Spanish, and we did not understand - what does not suit teenagers in such beautiful city. I can tell fans of shopping that on the way back to the station we went on small streets with continuous shops on the first floors, and, judging by show-windows, the prices in them are much lower than Moscow...

of Saturday, 11th mornings. On the embankment of Tarragona it is empty.
Only old men sunbathe also children from private school that settles down nearby, conduct some lesson


Exactly at 9 in the morning in Sunday we got on the area of Europe on a Plan Bass bus and in 2,5 hours reached Barcelona. Day we chose superudachno: on Sunday many shops in Barcelona do not work and therefore it is less tourists, than on weekdays. We went not behind purchases, and day off in shops suited us only. (By the way, in port the big shopping center worked - we came into it, having mixed with the building of an aquarium, nearby.) To Barcelona we had tickets there - back, it was possible to come back to any of the next ten days.

the Trip turned out tremendous: sightseeing tours on blue and red branches of two-storeyed tourist buses “Bass Turistik“, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo (Gaudi), the Oceanarium, on foot across Rambla and walk on the area of Catalonia.

So, one after another. On the area of Catalonia near big shopping center there is an office of the Bass Turistik company. It is underground, the entrance to it looks quite imperceptibly therefore it is necessary to be guided by shopping center. But exactly there it is possible to buy tickets for two days and to take books with discount coupons on excursions, cafe, an oceanarium... Discounts are small, but for 1 - 2 euro for the person - too it is pleasant (it is necessary to find the necessary coupon and its tax in advance in cash desk when you pay something). Books can also be taken also together with the audioguide in the bus.

the Red branch in “Turistike`s Bass“ - very beautiful. I did not even photograph: there eyes worked as a chamber... Everyone in the bus is given earphones, tourists choose on the panel at the seats language, and the audioguide quite interestingly tells about sights. It is possible to leave and come back unlimited number of times, and the truth - there it is possible to look so much...

U us that day. To it we went hour one and a half, did not arrive to the port yet. The oceanarium was quite poor, the tunnel in an aquarium in which sharks, slopes, fish - the moon, moray eels and other living creatures float saves situation. At the exit - several electronic attractions and shop of souvenirs. Of course, it not that poverty - an oceanarium as in last year`s Dutch Skheveningin, but after magnificence of Barcelona from height of the second bus floor - I had a feeling of a downtime...


Ya for Barcelona not one day at once, but “to drive“ by bus for 2,5 hours there - back with the child would be search. Therefore I chose hotel in advance, at the same time was guided by proximity to one of sights - Sagrada Familia. Reserved on Booking, with all discounts (it was Sunday - Monday) cost 70 euros. And after an oceanarium we just also went to Hotel Aranea. In the beginning - again along a red route, then on foot. Went from Plas Grasiya long enough - minutes 25. While went - Barcelona changed: from incredible beauty, Gaudi... to such, generally, marginal area. Number appeared small, but with a good bathroom. From an observation deck on a roof there was a beautiful view of roofs of Barcelona and under construction in the distance Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia made great impression on me. In the beginning I was a little disappointed - I expected to see considerably the big sizes the temple. But then... Absolutely fantastic interiors and exteriors. The design, harmony of light and color shakes.

We took

two audioguides: adult and children`s (both in Russian). Children`s it turned out just super: it is a lot of tasks, to find or, look here and make out this... The audioguide gave many tasks near doors: for example - find a skull on the left door. Or face of the soldier. Or count figures on a cube. By the way, on doors - the bible text about the last days Christ. It is a portal of the Passion of the Christ, through it tourists enter now. Opposite to it - cash desks and an entrance to the Sagrada Familia complex.

of At a portal of the Passion of the Christ in Sagrada Familia

In the temple it is a lot of columns. They are not simply unique on the design, they still different to the touch and on color. Dashin the audioguide suggested to touch them, but not to tickle - they live and everything feel.

An hour and a half in Sagrada Familia was past quickly. We obviously lacked time. The positive moment - absence of turn on an entrance and almost empty temple since came in the evening, after six, and was open to 20. Negative - to us still an hour - one and a half. When we all - left and bypassed the temple around, found a row a small playground. Also hanged also there. For about forty minutes. Dasha heroically sustained my excursion round. And I gave it the chance to be run and play enough.

our second day in Barcelona began p With croissants in a coffee house on the road and Casas Batllo. We came the first: half-ninth morning, Monday. To 9 Dutches approached, already then there arrived the bus with Japanese. As well as in Sagrada Familia, we walked in empty rooms and derived incredible pleasure from this tremendous house.

of Casa Batllo. The architect A. Gaudi

the Second floor (as well as top) Casas Batllo is open for

for visitors. The rooftop - in the form of a back of a dragon. In general all house - allegory on a plot “Georgy`s fight with a dragon“. Fantastic combination of religiousness, feeling of light and color, functionality. While went on Sagrada Familia the day before, I decided on the architect of my future house. It has to be the person - Gaudi (for certain such is and now). Having reached to 3 - go and 4 - go floors, I saw that - live in Casa Batllo! There are private apartments. And here everything rose on the places: why to build the house if it already is. Generally, I be about 20 years younger, I would be simply sure that I sometime will live here. And now - hope for children: will grow and will lodge here. And I to them - a prizhivalochka for a week...

From Gaudi`s house we went to Zhirona (from the street of Valencia from office of the Spain in Russian company) - to excursion in Montessori - school. (I will tell about this excursion as - nibud later - separately.)

of On the rooftop of Batlo we were one: morning, Monday

Having returned - went along a blue route “the Bass Turistik“. Sagrada Familia passable by, saw the long line and crowds of the people at the temple. Once again were glad that went there in the evening. I think that the impression would be much less bright if we defended hour on a heat, and then went in this crowd inside.

of Turns in “the Bass Turistik“ was not, but the second floor was almost always full. Along a blue route we rode approximately one or one and a half hours, then came to the areas of Catalonia where, as well as all children who visited Barcelona, Dasha drove pigeons.

On foot we passed

all Rambla - there and back. Looked for “the coming to life statues“. They appeared in the end (or at the beginning?) . I honestly left all coins that Dasha with them was photographed. But it is them... was frightened.

When we dragged

to a stop of the bus and waited for it an hour and a half, guessed: something here not so. Surrounding streets as it became clear later, were blocked from - for processions in honor of a victory of Barsa in League... When we jerked on a final stop and mudflows - in the bus, got to a long stopper: Barcelona stood hour two. Only lateral streets went. Reached Salou in 12 nights. Hungry, tired and wildly happy.

there Passed nearly two months after a trip, and we it remember nearly an every day. The daughter some time literally raved Spain, and the passion to dragons which appeared in Casa Batllo remains still: already studied the children`s encyclopedia about magic dragons, just today read the first fairy tale from “Everyday life of dragons“, on the way - “The big book of tales of dragons“.

Here it is mother`s happiness.

Elena of Mitino