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Beautiful figure after the delivery: that the plastic surgery of

In this article can we will tell about the most widespread problems of young mothers which are solved by plastic surgery, how there take place operations what contraindications and the recovery period.

All thoughts and feelings of the woman during pregnancy are directed to


to expectation of a miracle, and change which happen in an organism and appearance of future mother, are considered as natural. An increase in weight, hypostases, pigmentary spots and extensions add to women of the hidden experiences, but, as a rule, all thoughts of mummies are occupied with preparation for the forthcoming childbirth and a meeting with the kid therefore many calm themselves that after the delivery the figure will surely take former shape. Whether so it actually? In most cases, if pregnancy and childbirth proceeded without complications, the organism returns to normal within the first 6 - 9 months.

However some young mothers is waited by disappointment - the stomach after the delivery does not disappear, extensions do not leave, and the breast loses former elasticity and beauty. In such situation it is possible to address plastic surgeons. They are ready to eliminate figure defects after the delivery.

the general rule Is: all plastic surgeries are recommended to be performed not earlier than in 3 - 6 months after the delivery. And if the woman nurses, then after end of a lactation.

Lifting of a stomach (abdominoplastik) With confidence can tell


that the few women manage to keep an ideal stomach after the delivery. With 16 - 18 - y weeks of pregnancy the circle of a stomach increases on average by 1 cm every week. Therefore there is nothing surprising that then it is difficult to skin “to recover“. In many respects process of restoration depends on specific features, and also on heredity and on age. What to do if there passed half a year, year, one and a half, excess weight left, and the stomach remained? In this case it is possible either to reconcile, or to register in to an abdominoplastik - operation which is urged to restore a beautiful contour of a stomach and the correct proportions of a forward belly wall.

of the Indication:

  • omission of a forward belly wall, formation kozhno - a fatty apron;
  • excessive the number of skin and hypodermic fatty cellulose in the field of a forward wall of a stomach;
  • a muscle strain of a belly wall and a divergence of direct muscles of a stomach (this problem most often arises after pregnancy and childbirth);
  • existence of postoperative scars in the field of a stomach bottom.

of Contraindication: heart and pulmonary failure, diabetes, the expressed obesity, existence of postoperative hems is higher than navel level, the following pregnancy planned within the next year.

B than essence of operation? Abdominoplastika represents the full surgical intervention which is carried out under the general anesthesia. The doctor chooses technology of carrying out operation after survey of the patient. If it is a little excess fabrics, then do pass - to an abdominoplastik, it will be out in the lower part of a stomach with the minimum cuts and without navel shift. At standard plasticity of a stomach do cross-sections at the level of a pubis and around a navel. Through them stretching of belly muscles and surplus of fatty cages are eliminated, skin is tightened. Operation lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on complexity.

Recovery period. After operation drainages for outflow of blood and wound liquid establish, stick wounds and put on a compression bandage. The patient needs to spend 2 - 3 days in a hospital under supervision of doctors. Hypostasis and bruises remain within 3 - 4 weeks. The full rassasyvaniye of seams after an abdominoplastika usually occurs in 2 - 3 months during which it is necessary to carry the supporting linen and to limit physical activity.

Result. Finally can estimate result of an abdominoplastika in a year. Throughout this period it is necessary to visit the doctor regularly. For the best preservation of effect it is necessary to observe all its recommendations and to watch the weight.

Council. Abdominoplastika - rather difficult operation therefore it is very important to choose the skilled plastic surgeon. Previously surely look at results of its previous similar operations.

Correction of a shape of a breast (mastopeksiya)

the Breast increases already since the beginning of pregnancy, and in the course of breastfeeding it becomes heavier, skin stretches. At the same time sheaves which support her are not able to cope with the task as well any more as earlier. There is ptoz breasts, that is its omission. That, will be how noticeable it, depends on an initial condition of a breast before pregnancy and childbirth. Than the woman is younger, that tissue of a breast is more elastic. The pectoral muscles are more trained, the breast is “higher“. After end of a lactation the breast comes back to the former size, but here its elasticity is often lost. In that case there is a sense to address the plastic surgeon. The mastopeksiya - operation on lifting of a breast can correct deformation of a mammary gland.

of the Indication: omission and change of a shape of a breast.

of Contraindication: if you plan the birth of one more child, then it is better to postpone operation as the breast during pregnancy and a lactation will increase again.

B than essence of operation. several ways of performance of a mastopeksiya Exist. However irrespective of the fact which the method is applied, the essence of operation consists that the surgeon moves a nipple on other place, deleting at the same time part of excess skin.

the Difference between ways of a mastopeksiya consists in a form of a section and the place of its drawing. At a full mastopeksiya do the section having the anchor form from the beginning at the areola basis. The full mastopeksiya represents the most traumatic type of operations on lifting of a breast and is shown at strong forms of deformation of mammary glands. Other types of a mastopeksiya, for example, crescent, are less traumatic, demand for the performance of drawing cuts of small length and are applied to women with not expressed deformation. Operation takes about two hours, it is carried out under the general anesthesia. After operation impose special cosmetic seams which leave behind almost imperceptible hems.

the Recovery period averages

till 4 weeks, the first day will need to be spent in a hospital, then it is possible to go home. Within 2 - 3 weeks after operation carrying compression linen is obligatory. Besides, in the next month it is impossible to lift weights at all and to play sports. Pain and hypostases which gradually will pass are at first possible.

Result. In a year after operation of seams it is not visible any more, and the breast has equal rounded shape. But the result from a mastopeksiya is not eternal, and in 5 - 10 years the breast will begin to fall to former situation.

Council. Operation of a mastopeksiya is shown to women with a small and average breast. If the breast initially big, then operation is also possible, but its cosmetic effect will be extremely unstable.

Removal of extensions (striya)

of Many pregnant women concerns with

a question: whether will appear after the delivery on an extension body? During pregnancy occurs both fast increase in weight, and hormonal reorganization in an organism. Statistically, at 50% of women of an extension appear at this particular time, but not after the child`s birth. Their most “favourite“ places - a stomach, hips and a breast, but at serious endocrine problems of a striya can appear even on a face.

it not because skin stretches, and from - for violations of its structure, caused by hormonal fluctuations Occurs. As a result on a body streaks faintly - pink appear or it is pale - lilac color. So “fresh“ extensions look. This results from the fact that connecting fabric in internal anguishes of skin thinner, penetrated by the blood vessels giving it red or bluish color. If not to fight against striya, then since they will turn white and will become similar to hems. In cicatricial fabric there is no pigment therefore extensions remain white at suntan.

B than essence of operation. Separate operation for removal of extensions is not performed, they are cleaned process of an abdominoplastika or mastopeksiya (we told about them above).

Council. If extensions small also appeared recently (within no more than half a year after the delivery), they can be smoothed and reduced by means of a chemical peeling or laser polishing. However the striya which appeared long ago completely cannot almost be removed without surgical intervention.

Intimate plasticity (vaginoplasty or a kolporafiya)

All types of manipulations in intimate plasticity after the delivery can be divided into two groups. The first includes surgeries for the purpose of improvement of appearance of genitals. Quite often at the time of delivery make a crotch section then there is a hem. Sometimes he is very rough, uneven, to “poles“. This defect is leveled by means of preparations on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

the Second group - the operations urged to restore any lost function. For example, after the delivery there can be stretching of a crotch or vagina that leads to emergence of problems with health, and also to deterioration of intimate life. Especially often it occurs after the delivery the large child or repeated childbirth. In this case plasticity of a vagina is necessary.

of the Indication:

  • stretching or omission of a forward / back wall of a vagina;
  • an epiziotomiya - a section of walls of a vagina for simplification of passing of a head of the child at the time of delivery or a rupture of a crotch with the subsequent formation of notable hems; loss of a uterus (full or incomplete);
  • omission of a bladder (tsistotsela) and, as a result, urine incontience.

of Contraindication: general serious diseases of an organism, violation of coagulability of blood, inflammatory process of genitals.

B than essence of operation. Depending on what wall of a vagina is stretched, the doctor carries out forward or back vaginoplasty, often it is combined with lifting of muscles at an anus. The essence of operation which lasts of an hour to one and a half is that the surgeon excises an oval or diamond-shaped rag from a necessary wall of a vagina. The rag consists only of a mucous membrane. After excision are reduced together and vagina tissues with strengthening of a muscular framework are sewed. Operation is performed under peridural or intravenous anesthesia which is supplemented with medication sleep.

Recovery period. Vaginoplasty - serious operation including because near a zone of surgical intervention important internals are located: bladder and rectum. It is very important to observe all doctor`s instructions, otherwise there can be a divergence of seams, bleeding and even, perhaps, it is necessary to perform repeated operation. Within 2 months after operation it is necessary to provide “sexual rest“, to limit heavy lifting, loads of a muscle of a forward belly wall, and also to exclude the food provoking locks from a diet. Time is necessary in order that on mucous vaginas the strong hem was created gentle, but at the same time.

Result. due to reduction of volume of fabrics the entrance to a vagina decreases, sagging and omission disappears, the lost tone of fabrics is restored. The number of the nervous terminations after plasticity of a vagina will not increase, however tactile sensitivity will increase that does feelings during sex by brighter.

Council. Kegel`s exercises help to Support a tone of muscles of a vagina, they are especially effective in the first 3 - 6 months after the delivery.

the Liposuction

during pregnancy all recover, normal the gain of weight makes 12 - 17 kg. After the delivery weight is lost, but in some places extra kilos “are late“. To get rid of them, carry out a liposuction, it helps to eliminate local violations of contours of a figure.

of the Indication: deformation of hips, a congestion of excessive fatty deposits in a stomach, knees, a chin.

of Contraindication: diabetes, violations of coagulability of blood, heart diseases can lead to complications of various weight during operation or during the postoperative period.

B than essence of operation. Fatty deposits in area which will be subjected to a liposuction dissolve by means of the ultrasonic device. After that the surgeon does a microsection through which enters a thin tube, connects it to a vacuum suction and carries out removal of fatty tissue. Such technique allows to avoid injury of skin, nerves and vessels. Besides, the ultrasound promotes reduction and lifting of skin.

Recovery period. On the place of a liposuction bruises and hypostasis develop, they can hold on about one month, the complete recovery occurs in 2 months. For preservation of a new shape of a body after operation apply the pressing bandages, and then within 4 weeks it is necessary to carry special compression linen. During this period sports activities, visit of a sunbed, sauna, bath are not recommended.

Result. the First effect of a liposuction will be swept up in 1,5 months after the condition of fabrics is normalized. During this period there is a healing of more deeply lying fabrics, puffiness disappearance, reduction of skin. The final result can be estimated in 4 - 6 months after operation. In most cases the liposuction allows to correct contours of a body and to improve a figure.

Council. Sometimes after removal of excess of fat flabbiness of skin arises. In this case it can be necessary, besides a liposuction, perform additional operation, for example, to an abdominoplastik.