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How to get to fall in love the man: 3 principles of appeal of

Sexual appeal for 50 percent
consist of what you really have
and for 50 percent from what you have according to other people.
of Sophia Loren

“This guide to personal relations for women who “are too lovely“, - American Sherry Agrov, sure tells, that “the disrespect droplet is necessary for the woman for increase of a self-assessment to normal level“. Today she explains how to be pleasant to the man, treating him with sausages and not answering calls.

Consider yourself by a godsend, and then he will believe you

Each of us knows good girls. It is about the woman ready to give to the man whom she hardly knows, literally everything, without demanding instead of nothing. This is the woman who blindly trusts everything because she wants reciprocal caress. She is ready to make everything that, in her opinion, the man wants. Such woman wants to keep the personal relations at any cost. And many of us were in similar situations.

it is absolutely unsurprising by

I. Take any fashionable magazine and esteem what advice on the personal relations is given by so-called “experts“.“ At first rigidly play that to win it, and then make to it a magnificent lunch from four dishes... Bake to it for St. Valentine`s Day cake with exotic Malayan seasonings. Do not forget to decorate cake with organic strawberry behind which you should go two hours. Then give it all this on the second appointment, having put on the most magnificent black lace lingerie“. How you think, it is the recipe of what? ACCIDENTS!

Principle of appeal № 1

All the person hunts in the life for, surely escapes.

it is Especially fair

concerning men. Behind one small exception: if you hunt for it in black lace lingerie, he at first will have with you sex... and then will escape.

Why men escape in similar situations? They run because the behavior of the woman does not say that she highly appreciates herself. The relations are at an early stage, and communication between partners is still superficial. And the woman already spreads the strongest trumps on a table.

Actually similar behavior the woman convinces the man of one of two. Or she already despaired to find to itself the partner, or is ready to take up with any man. And maybe, both at the same time. And it extinguishes its interest in the woman rather, than something another. As soon as the man ceases to respect the woman from - for the fact that she, in his opinion, itself does not appreciate herself, he loses desire to become closer. And here it is already unimportant whether she put on black linen or not.

the Girl of his dream does not go all out if only to be pleasant to somebody. That is why the woman with whom the man really will fall in love for certain will not begin to make for him a magnificent lunch from four dishes. And hardly she lays the table refined porcelain. At best he can count on one dish (most likely, popcorn). And porcelain plates are in general luxury. The plastic bowl - will also be enough him. She will just ask: “You as prefer - directly from a package or to pour into a bowl?“ In half a year the same woman at last will make a dinner and will give it on the warmed-up plate. And what the man will tell himself then? “Oho, and I - that still anything!“

Even if on a plate. The man all the same will tell: “It is the most tasty macaroni what I only ate in the life!“

I then he will feel the king. All difference consists only in that, what is the time and efforts he should apply for this purpose. What gets hardly, is appreciated more.

Principle of appeal № 2


of the Woman for the sake of which men climb on a wall it is not obligatory any special at all. Very often they just are present to these men of no business. It is not about playing some games or to manipulate others at all. You have to define whether really you are exacting and dependent, or want to be the equal partner in the relations. The main thing for you is to be able to keep itself such what you are, within any relationship.

What happens if you let the man know once that you are ready to cave in under his requirements? He will immediately decide that he you in despair, and will want to look, how low you are ready to cave in. Such is human nature. He right there will begin you to test. The you will be more appeasable, the higher there will be its requirements. He will perceive you as the Dyurasell battery: how far it will come? What else can he receive from it?

Good girls have to understand what bitches know long ago. The aspiration to please and execute any desire weakens respect for you from the man. Practically, you own hands destroy the appeal in his eyes. Your relations are doomed, it is only about that how many still time they will last.

Most of men do not perceive women who of skin of wons jump out as a mental call. The intelligent woman makes a mistake, considering that if it conducts with the man of conversation on political subjects and perfectly understands questions of stock market, then thereby it stimulates his reason during a lunch. But the mental call has nothing in common with talk.

the Mental call determines by

whether you can expect from the man of respect or not.

It depends on how you treat it. It depends on whether he understands that you are not afraid to lose it.

the good girl makes a mistake, letting know that it is available to the man at any time. “I do not want to play games“, - she says. Thereby she lets it know how she is afraid to be left without it. And then the man understands that the woman for 100 percent belongs to him. Here - that the moment the woman also begins to complain to this:“ It always has on me no time. It stopped being such romantic as before“.

the Bitch is more selective

in an availability question. It is sometimes available, sometimes not. But it is lovely. Mila is enough in order that the first to occur to the man when that decides to see somebody. Sometimes she agrees with it to meet. What follows from all this? That it does not belong to the man completely.

A what it is possible to tell about the woman who is ready to make anything if only to see the man? The man is sure that it from him will not get to anywhere. After couple of appointments it begins to meet friends, to be late at work, to call and cancel the appointment made with this woman.

When the woman in the middle of the night comes to meet the man, the only thing that is not enough for it, it the neon plate:“ We provide delivery“.

Principle of appeal № 3

the Man perceives the woman as a mental call only if it is not confident that it belongs to it for all hundred percent. Says about much also how you spend time with the man. The good girl after a week of acquaintance modestly sits in a chair while the man goes about the own business. He can watch a sports broadcast on TV, clean fishing tackles, adjust a guitar or repair the car. The girl will suffer, but will not tell words. Instead she will try to hide in every way the boredom if only to spend though some time in its society.

the Bitch, on the contrary, immediately will begin to complain. Not without reason she is a bitch. And it is absolutely quite good. But the man will understand that it is impossible to walk over it. But you remember that the mental call has nothing in common with verbal scandals. It is only about your actions and about to what degree you are ready to renounce the interests. Let`s assume, the man says that he loves blondes. You have a swarty skin, brown eyes and black hair. On the following appointment he sees you with the bleached hair and the decoloured eyebrows. What does he think? He understands that you entirely in his hands.

“The way to heart of the man lies through a stomach“, - popular wisdom says. It so, but nobody said that you have to spend the whole day at a plate as the slave that to feed it. Whether you feed him with own hand prepared delicacies or snack from the next cookery, his stomach will be full. So the love is provided to you. Here the simple rule comes into effect: if the food hot, it eats it. All the rest is only in vain the spent efforts.

of the Woman got used to endow themselves and to forget about own interests. In one men`s magazine I did not see yet articles about how to make for the woman a lunch from four dishes. The most bigger what these editions are capable of, so is councils for those who are engaged in bodybuilding. Egg white with addition of wheaten sprouts is necessary for cool guys. I started talking about cooking because it is one of ways which women belittle own advantage. Of course, I do not want to tell that you in general have to forget the road on kitchen. No, you can suit a festive lunch concerning a wedding anniversary or in honor of its birthday. It is pleasant and does not oblige to anything.

In solemn occasions when the man understands, than he deserved encouragement, he perceives your cooking as an award. If you climb every day from skin, he will perceive your efforts as due. As this book for women, I consider myself to have the right to bring to your attention several recipes which as well as possible will be suitable for the first weeks of acquaintance. And, unlike recipes of professional cooks, it is very simple to remember them. You do not even need to write down them.

Snack. Popcorn and - la of cards

Ya I strongly recommend you to pay attention to popcorn as it is very convenient in preparation and does not demand a lot of time. At first place a bag in a microwave when all kernels blow up“, carefully pull out a bag from an oven as it will be very hot. Do not forget to put on a special mitten, an apron or use a tack. Your look not only will make deep impression on the guest, but also will let it know that you perfectly know that you do.

If popcorn burned slightly, attentively examine it. If it burned down only from above, throw out black kernels, and yellow give to the guest, previously having poured them into a bowl. And then put in an oven a new bag for yourself.

Necessary quantity: one and a half bags will be quite enough.

Main course. A delicacy for gourmets

Bring water to boiling and lower in it two sausages. You cook sausages five minutes that they remained firm or semisolid. Offer the guest the refreshing drink. Then send it to a balcony that he could enjoy a delightful look - even if your windows come to the parking for cars. While he does not see you, slice sausages thin and thrust in everyone a toothpick. Show the creative nature, having chosen toothpicks of various flowers. And now give small slices of sausages with two “delicious seasonings“: ketchup and mustard. And never tell the guest that it - only sausages. Always call them “a delicious dish for gourmets“.

A now small council for a dessert: buy ready roll and serve it together with coffee (by all means soluble).

Ideal end of a lunch. Personally I recommend “Rigliz peppermint“, “Rigliz spermint“ or “Traydent“.

you will understand that your lunch was successful when the man insists on next time by all means to invite you in restaurant. Never in life you will hear from it the sacramental phrase any more: “Well that at us today for lunch?“

If through some time it is forgotten by

and still will ask you to prepare something, offer it the crown dishes: popcorn, sausages and ready roll with instant coffee, and also a mint chewing gum for a dessert. And then begin to dress up because in restaurant you will be invited already in hour

the Bitch is not that woman who will stay at home and spend the time for perfecting art of “deduction“ of the man. The only thing that it is necessary for it, is a good company. It will be more than enough before the man manages to deserve something bigger.

at the beginning of the relations pay special attention to the following. If the man during courting does not want anything to make for you, it means, as in the future he will hardly be able to offer you something. Such behavior is unworthy you. You deserve bigger. And you have to let the man know it. You should work overtime? If to the man is that to offer you, but you do not allow him it, he will not have other exit except how to recede. When the good girl belittles herself, her behavior speaks: “What I can offer you is obviously not enough. And I am insufficiently good“. The bitch, on the contrary, sends to the partner other message is perfect: “I am good already in itself. Be content with it or clean up“.

the Foundation of relationship is laid by

from the first day. From the very beginning it it is conscious (yes, yes, consciously!) tries to find out what parameters of these relations and as much he can receive from them. The telephone etiquette also speaks about much. Whether you wait for the man`s call to make own plans? Whether you go crazy if he does not call? Whether you call back? Whether you show that waited for it a call?

Actually most of men does not call women absolutely consciously to look at their reaction. If the woman is anxious, it is easy to operate her. And the man immediately understands what the woman wants and as far as needs him.

From the book “Men Love Bitches“