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How to make friends the child and the sun: to sunbathe and not to burn

to Almost all children happens very difficult to explain why long to be on the sun harmfully. The child cannot remain sitting under an umbrella - it needs active recreation. At the same time sunshine can do much harm to health of the child in only 5 - 10 minutes, children`s skin very gentle and does not possess sufficient protection against sunshine.

At children`s age to skin of the child is much thinner than

, than adults have an epidermis, the top layer of skin, is developed still insufficiently. Children`s skin hardly holds moisture, easily gives in to a peresushivaniye, especially if along with the sun skin is affected by sea water. As a result of drying under the influence of the sun and sea water skin of the child can easily crack. Besides, production of melanin - the pigment protecting from influence of ultraviolet rays - begins only in three years after the child`s birth. But also after three years suntan at children is developed much more slowly, than at adults. The sun causes fast reddening and irritation of children`s skin, also emergence of pigmentary spots from - for uneven productions of melanin is possible. At the same time parents need to consider that all bodies and tissues of the child are in development and for this reason it is very dangerous to subject them to influence of an ultraviolet.

Children`s sun-protection lotion from NIVEA SUN Kids for the most sensitive skin will help kids whose thin and gentle skin especially needs protection. Especially for parents of such children of NIVEA developed sun-protection lotion with the highest SPF - a factor (SPF 50+). Thanks to this lotion parents will be sure that skin of their child is reliably protected. It will provide to kids the maximum protection against negative impact of ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E as a part of a formula of lotion protects cells of children`s skin from solar influence, promoting its fast restoration. Lotion possesses superwaterproof properties therefore the kid can play as ashore, and in water, and parents will not worry from - for what it will burn on the sun.

Color sun-protection spray from NIVEA SUN Kids is specially developed by

to come to the rescue of parents of the most restless children, evenly to apply sun-protection means on the active kid happens very difficult. Thanking myatno - to green color which will disappear in several seconds after absorption of means, it is always possible to understand what sites of skin of the child are not protected yet, and evenly to put means. Rather high factor of SPF 30 will allow the child to be on the sun both in the conditions of the Russian summer, and in the sea resort. Waterproof qualities of spray will allow the kid to lap in water and to play on the coast, and his parents will not worry from - that means can wash off.

Children`s sun-protection lotion “Play and Bathe“ from NIVEA SUN Kids is specially developed by

for kids - amphibians which like to spend all the time, bathing and diving. An effective formula with UVA/UVB - filters of high level will reliably protect sensitive face skin and the child`s bodies. Pantenol who is a part of this means creates an additional protective barrier from sunlight, looks after skin of the kid, helps its fast restoration. Children`s sun-protection lotion “Play and Bathe“ from NIVEA SUN Kids possesses a superwaterproof formula which allows children to spend much time behind diving and bathing.

of the Rule of stay the sun for children

the Ultraviolet influences a human body even in a shadow therefore the child needs to be dressed in easy, comfortable clothes from natural fabrics. It is also not necessary to forget that even dense clouds miss up to 75% of an ultraviolet. For protection of eyes of the child the Panamanian with wide fields is necessary. In the first days of his stay on the sun it is necessary to apply sun-protection means with the highest SPF on all open parts of a body of the child - a factor. The first acquaintance of skin of the child to sunshine has to continue no more than 5 minutes, - the third time it is possible to increase by the second gradually stay time for the sun to 7, and then and till 10 minutes.

Even after full adaptation of the child in 10 - 14 days after the beginning of rest total time of stay of the child under direct sunshine should not exceed two hours a day. It is the best of all to be on the sun in the morning, from 9 to 11 in the morning, and also in the evening, after 19 hours: during this period influence of ultraviolet rays is minimum. All parents have to mean that time, most dangerous to the child, - from 11 to 16 o`clock.

How to be if children spend the most part of time not ashore, and in water? Do not forget: near a reservoir impact of an ultraviolet on skin amplifies from - for reflections of UV - beams from a water surface. In the same way influence of an ultraviolet strengthens the light sand, marble slabs, paths paved by light material. Surely use the special sun-protection means created for kids: the means created for adults are not suitable for protection of thin and gentle children`s skin owing to its features. Children`s sun-protection means pass additional tests for lack of allergenic factors, and also adult sun-protection means have higher level of protection, than.

of rest Pleasant to you together with children and sun-protection means from NIVEA SUN Kids!