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Travel with children: to Harry Potter and Pippi. 6 fantastic routes of

After opening of first “Disneyland“ - it occurred in the summer of 1955 - in the world also other sights based on animation, movies, books addressed to children began to appear. Today, choosing a route for travel with children, it is possible to consider their hobbies and to go after the hobbit or pirates of the Caribbean Sea, to visit the lock of the Sleeping Beauty or Carlson`s lodge. And at the same time to get acquainted with real history of the city or country.

Harry Potter


of 6 - 15 years
Of 7 days (from March to September)

Scotland is worthy

visit irrespective of a story about the young magician, but, perhaps, movies about Harry Potter - one of successful occasions to force children to wander on enough - to gloomy locks, to admire gorges and by the way to hear at least part of the real history of the country. Practice shows that the fight lost by the Handsome man Prince Charlie is best of all remembered and artful destruction of clan of McDonald - is possible, the magic of names plays a role here, and it is possible, what carriers of tartane was destroyed in Glenko`s gorge where there took place shooting “Prisoner Azkabana“.


travel is logical to begin

with Edinburgh over which the lock of the same name towers. Still it is necessary to enter in the list of places, obligatory to visit, the palace Skoun where the stone on which the Scottish kings (in the palace were crowned is stored and now there lives the aristocratic family which opened a medieval castle and its gardens for visitors). Following - Kodor mentioned in “Lady Macbeth“ and in general one of the most ancient and well remained locks of Scotland. Well and, of course, lock Alnvik: several scenes from the first movies about Harry Potter were shot exactly here - around him, in particular, Harry flies on the broom, and there is a game in Quidditch.

One more popular object from the movie - a viaduct Glenfinnan between the Fort William and Malaga: on this high arch Harry Bridge reached school of Magic, and now “Hogwarts - the express“ goes here. Skilled travelers advise a way to one party to make by train, and in another - on the car as the viaduct is worth it that to see it in various foreshortenings.

From the pleasures which are not connected with magic life - Landmark park from a kanopa, rock-climbing, waterslides and other attractions. Also it would be strange not to visit the lake Sucker - Ness - it is not obligatory to go to the museum, and here to sweep on the lake by the boat or to have a look at it from a seaplane quite fascinatingly. Well and still, of course, the interactive museum “Dynamic Earth“ in Glasgow where it is possible to see how volcanoes function, in detail to study a relief of a bottom of the World Ocean and even to endure a small, but effective earthquake.


New Zealand

of 8 - 16 years
Of 14 days (any season)

the Tourist boom which happened after an exit to screens of movies of Peter Jackson in the most New Zealand call


“frodo - economy“. Thanks to the most detailed reference books reporting gps - place coordinates where this or that scene of the trilogy was shot, it is possible to make the real pilgrimage over the country. But it is better to plan several points and to lay between them a route which will allow to enjoy idyllic landscapes with lambs, drama beauty of the coast, wines, unprecedented fauna and typically New Zealand adventures like driving on a spidbota on fjords or jumps from a huge bungee.

the Main points of a route can be such. At first Queenstown near which shot the most part of panoramic scenes - from fjords to glaciers it is possible to make tour by the helicopter. Then Wellington, whose vicinities also became landscapes of the invented world: the northern suburb turned into Rivendell, and southern - into Izengard. Further - Matamata in Vaykat`s valley where on the former farm arranged Shir with lodges of hobbits and without any signs of the modern world. And finally national park at the bottom of a volcano of Ruapehu (the volcano became in the movie the fiery mountain where the Ring disappeared).

Pirates of the Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Islands

of 6 - 16 years
Of 10 days (all the year round, except for the end of summer)

the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican republic - all this Caribbean Islands which advertizing leaflets promise paradise on the earth. The island Tortuga (on Russian-language maps of the lake of Tortyu, to the North from Haiti) - with a convenient bay and unapproachable coast - that legendary haven of pirates where the Black Beard and Henry Morgan disappeared from the authorities. Now the reputation of the restless place moved to Haiti where cholera, revolt so the next resort from where on water it is possible to approach Tortuge - Dominican Republic.

However, shootings of movies about the captain Jack Sparrow took place far from Tortugi, generally in east part of the Caribbean Sea - on the island of Dominica, near Barbados. It is possible to choose the suitable island depending on what visa it is the simplest to you to receive - American, English or French for overseas territories. On each resort island there will be everything for fine rest with children - white sand, a blue smooth surface to the horizon, various entertainments for a family like water bicycles, fishing and water aerobics.

Many resorts offer

a course for the beginning divers - according to the PADI standards, children can take a course since 10 years. Here, on Caribbean Islands, it especially is interesting because the sunk ships are available to beginners (to get inside, it is necessary to complete the course Wreck Diving and to pass examination) which lie at a depth up to 35 m. Only at the western coast of their Barbados a little, and four are based in the gulf Carlisle - Bae.

Such diving will allow children to admire

colorful fishes and the masts which are stuck around by cockleshells and cases, and to parents - to recover in memory of the picture from Raphael Sabbatini`s books, most in detail and authentically describing piracy everyday life. (Though the ships at all and not piracy, but the bottom of the Caribbean Sea is naturally covered with gold, and divers regularly find the “piastres“ capable to pay back all trip.) Naturally, after the epic with Johnny Depp in each bay it is moored on the vessel under the Jolly Roger - it is possible to make walk and to admire landscapes.


of 0 - 14 years
Of 3 - 4 days (all the year round)

the Swedish capital is ideally adapted by Pippi Dlinnyychulok and Carlson`s

for travel with children. To them free travel on days off by buses and the subway for children till 12 years, the inexpensive children`s menu and heaters of small bottles at restaurants, and also the finest museums from which not to pull out children have a kind feeling habitual for Europe to severity with smoking. The main family direction - the island Yurgorden: here fantastic museum, zoo, aquarium.

the Museum of fairy tales “Yunibaken“ reconstructs Pippi`s housing (near a farm the horse in apples on whom it is possible to be photographed in a wild orange wig with braids is parked), Carlson`s roof, Mumi - dollars and Winnie`s den - Down. Here it is possible and it is necessary to climb everywhere, all to touch, have fun and misbehave (to kids labels with a name and phone of parents just in case fix). In book it is possible to buy books, games and a coloring, and in cafe at the museum of the menu it is made by Carlson: prepare for improbable combinations of jam with a biscuit, chocolate, fruit jelly and cherries still candied (the truth, is harmless teftelk and pancakes).

not too large-scale, but sensible “Aquarium“ the greatest popularity the tunnel with transparent walls behind which sharks float enjoys

B. On Yurgordena there is a museum “Vaasa“: the galleon of “Vaasa“, similar to a carved casket, sank in the first swimming, 333 years lay at the bottom nearly in the downtown, was lifted and half a century was restored, and now around it constructed the museum. Nearby there is the oldest in Sweden the moon - Gryona Lund park where it is possible to test a free fall from 80 meters.

It is natural, it is necessary to sight-see also the city. In Sweden, as we know, the monarchy, so, the Royal palace has a midday changing of the guard, and in the summer with participation of brass band and a cavalry. Between the Palace and the Opera there is an open cafe Stromparterren overlooking water and wonderful buns with cinnamon. It is possible to look at the city from above from SkyView bubble.

the Spiderman

of New - York

of 6 - 16 years
of 7 days (all the year round, except August)

One of the most interesting cities on the planet became a shooting stage of the movie about one of the characters, most popular with teenagers. Fortunately, “Spiderman“ quite consistently reflects city sights so under this shop it will be possible to show to children both the Central park, and the building of city library. The exact list of places with the indication of the corresponding scene, and also other movies where the address “was lit“, can be found on special resources - thanks to scrupulousness of researchers and the jealous relation of citizens to film reliability, it is possible to find even Joe pizza “s where Peter worked and to be supported.

can descend Then in the Museum of moving pictures and there to learn as well as from what movies and animated films turn out. Comics and delightful books can be bought in the biggest and ancient shop Books of Wonders. And the spiderman flying on safety belts is shown every evening on the Broadway - to buy tickets one show better in advance and in orchestra seats (category orchestra) to see all tricks and special effects.

the Program which is not connected with the Spiderman is the museum Intrepid with the aircraft carrier of the same name, submarines and planes (boys from there not to entice); The museum of natural history with crystals, skeletons of dinosaurs and the largest iron meteorite on the earth to which still Indians of the Western coast worshipped. On Manhattan there is a Children`s museum where it is possible to turn in the fireman, to direct some difficult mechanism or to study the dragon device. It is possible to entice children into Metropolitan Museum of Art the promise of a wonderful view from a roof - and then to award with a visit of children`s shop FAO Schwarz where even the adult will want to be bought literally everything. If you do not plan to be ruined, it is possible to go to Build a Bear and to compose a bear cub on the taste.

the Puss in Boots and the Sleeping Beauty


of 2 - 16 years
Of 3 - 4 days (all the year round)

the Cycle from nine fairy tales belonging to the French poet - to the classicist, is perceived as folklore long ago - not only in Europe, but also worldwide. It, perhaps, speaks well for genius of the storyteller, but to children happens not easy to prove that the Cinderella, the Boy about the Finger, the Blue Beard, the Sleeping Beauty, the Little Red Riding Hood and even the Puss in Boots - not real characters, but the same fantastic heroes as Kolobok, for example. Especially as the most part of images and was successfully usurped long ago by Disney studio.

However, in Paris an opportunity to show them to children in the conditions of the real French lock exists. The lock Bretya is in 35 km from the capital - Charles Perrault drove friendship with castle owners so resourceful successors turned the lock of the 16th century into a fantastic kingdom. Here two tens Pusses in Boots live, the Princess plays with a spindle, the Cinderella loses a shoe, and in park there is a labyrinth and treasures are hidden. If you plan also visit of the Disneyland, it is better to begin nevertheless in Bretey - persuasive animation images can prevent children to perceive historically reliable suits.

One more good history for children - “France in a miniature“. Children adore locks, and there is an opportunity to see all major constructions time moreover and to find 10 differences between locks Shenonso and Shambor, for example. Naturally, even with the most small children it is worth undertaking a visit of Louvre - there full of visitors in baby slings. On an entrance it is necessary to take the card with the shortest route covering the most important objects and to make substantial and not tiresome run on the museum. It is possible to reward children for patience a campaign in the garden Tuileries: here and roundabouts with horses, both cotton candy, and pancakes with chocolate, and even the Ferris wheel.