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Creative coloring of new generation: develop and please with

the Sun yellow, a grass green, a floret red - in a coloring of our childhood everything was simply, clear and, frankly speaking, dullishly. However in recent years this type of children`s creativity endures the real creative boom. And now it is not predictable pictures with banal plots, and the real platforms for development of creative abilities of the child.

What is drawn by small children? Strange flourishes, blots, “scribbles“. These simple drawings possess surprising charm, energy and force of expression. In them the imagination of the child is most brightly visible. The famous French artist Herve Tule, the creator of surprising books with unusual “children`s“ drawings well understood it. He draws the amusing fantastic monsters familiar to all beginning artists. And on its each page it is deceptive simple books the child has to perform some task. To lead round a subject, to paint it in the necessary color, to shade one of images. So the child learns to create in the framework delivered to him. Not incidentally one of Tyulle`s books is called “Design - studio“.

the Japanese artist Taro Gomi thought up the creative albums - a coloring 20 years ago. Crooked lines of simple drawings can seem to adults clumsy, but children just adore his books. And all the matter is that Taro Gomi creates a comfortable environment to children for whom his simple drawings - natural continuation of the world kalyak and flourishes.

the Important distinctive feature of new generation of a coloring - a syuzhetnost and interactivity. The child is not a passive figure with a pencil in a hand any more. Now he is a brave pioneer, the participant or the story-teller of stories, the creator of own fantastic world.

the Author asks it from each page of a coloring a question or the tempting offer:“ Draw bugs and find snails hiding in foliage what pirozhenka has no couple “, “ turn trees into multi-colored buttons“ etc.

Thus, the coloring not only involves the child in the amusing world of the drawn stories, but directs it and helps to develop the creativity. Often drawings in them are unfinished, stories break on the most interesting place, forcing the imagination of the child to work. For example, “The laboratory of ridiculous zvereportret“ allows to draw the most unusual zoo on light with fantastic animals whom the child “invents“.

of the Colouring of new generation is not only pictures which need to be ornamented, but the whole collections of tasks, games and entertainments capable for a long time to occupy the child of the house or on a trip. For example, creators of the Dream, Create, Develop series added a coloring with proverbs, sayings, tongue twisters.

plots and subjects of books for coloring Changed. Even more often they are devoted not to abstract sketches, but actual stories. For example, books to Rotraut Syuzanna of Berner from the superpopular Town series got a coloring with favourite heroes now. Each child can participate in life of “Town“ - to paint the house with all heroes, to cut out and dress a paper doll, and, above all - to draw himself in this history.

Other general favourites - Angry Birds lodged on pages of a coloring too. Ancient war of birdies against pigs continues with all hilarious gravity, and now new pages of their adventures can be drawn!

the Child grows at

, both cheerful flourishes and the finished drawing adventures already not so carry away it? It means that there comes time of an unusual coloring which will acquaint children with the world of art and fashion.

the Excellent way to learn and fall in love with the best world artists - to try to draw in their style. A unique series of a coloring “I am an artist! Paint a masterpiece“ acquaints children with Botticelli, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Jan Vermeer`s best works. It is possible to try to copy lines and plots of great masters, and the can fill classical images in the flowers and ideas. So at the child interest in world culture and respect for own creativity is cultivated.

All girls very much love a coloring with dolls, princesses and dresses. To think out patterns for dresses, to paint beautiful feechek, to create the whole clothes - incomparable pleasure not only for daughters, but sometimes and for their mothers.

Everything began

with a series of a coloring based on creativity Yves Seong - Laurent. It is unique chance will touch the world of haute couture, to take advice and ideas of the great fashion designer, to pass peculiar “training“ in his creative laboratory.

the World of Fashion Series - excellent digression to the magic and amazing world of fashion. On pages of a coloring the child turns into the real fashion designer who needs to think up patterns, models and prints, to create design of accessories. Nina Chakrabarti not only drew remarkable drawings and tasks, but also in passing told about history of fashion and the main trends of various eras.

A the best domestic fashion designers and designers united for creation of a coloring book which with identical delight will be met by both daughters, and mothers. The real festival of fashion and style, a ready grant on the most creative ideas turned out Russian fashion - the industries.

of the Colouring of new generation are thought up and made with such humour and love to details that in them there is a wish to draw not only to kids, but also adults. Especially as development of creative abilities does not stop now at any age. And even if to you already late to go to art school, nobody will prevent to take a coloring in hand and to remember the childhood, with pleasures drawing in it.

the Labyrinth Press Publishing house released

a series of an unusual coloring “Patterns and ornaments“. In them there are no subject pictures, but there are whole pages completed with unusual ornaments. They can be painted entirely. This option especially suits children during this period when they like to draw and decorate difficult patterns.

can be found

A among interlacings and lines of a figure, sketch and motives. Anyway, this coloring universal - suits thoughtful draftsmen of all age.

Even the most serious and business adults in soul remain children who want to draw and paint. From here all these flourishes and curls in notebooks and planinga during meetings and conferences.“ The publishing house of Meshcheryakov“ prepared several useful editions for those who like to draw between times.

of “Blabloknot for meetings“ will help to entertain fatally missing office worker: on each page cheerful tasks, games and many other things.

“All the best - the yeti“ is “the book with pictures and a scope for creativity for children of after-school age“. This creative coloring was thought up by the artist with unsurpassed sense of humour Tatyana Zadorozhnyaya. Its touching and witty drawings are followed by a set of tasks which will help you to create own masterpiece.

the Modern coloring stopped being destiny of small children for a long time. These are the albums full of creative ideas and cheerful tasks. With their help it is possible not only to escape with boredom, but also to learn a lot of new, to get acquainted with art, and, above all - to train the art abilities.