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Kuperoz: reddenings and vessels on a face - how to fight?

More than 90% of women face vascular problems: varicosity, vascular asterisks standing, but the most noticeable manifestation is, of course, a vascular setochka on a face - kuperoz skin. How to achieve faultless complexion without spots and reddenings, Darya Kokoshnikova, the dermatovenereologist, the cosmetologist, the expert of the English brand of professional cosmetics of Medik8 will tell.

the Main manifestation of a kuperoz of skin - a red vascular setochka and vascular “asterisks“ on nose wings, cheeks and a chin. Kuperoz is most often shown at people with light and sensitive skin. When blood circulation in vessels amplifies, they extend, but outside on them connecting fabric presses. Over time elasticity of fibers of connecting fabric and vessels decreases: they remain expanded - and become noticeable on a face.

owners of very sensitive skin often have reddenings or inflammations accompanied with burning, feeling of a pricking, an itch. Reddenings can arise on any site of the person. In the beginning manifestations happen temporary, but gradually gain constant character and become more noticeable of - for changes of vessels. It already also is the most real kuperoz. If reddening big on the area, or in several places, the diagnosis “poured kuperoz“ is made.

Kuperoz, that is pathological expansion of vessels, is caused:

  1. Frequent stay on the sun, abuse of a sunbed promote damage of a vascular wall and permanent expansion of small vessels on a face and a body.
  2. Smoking.
  3. Work in the conditions of sharp temperature drops.
  4. of the Bath, hot bathtubs and saunas are led to strengthening of blood circulation in skin, thereby provoking expansion of vessels.
  5. of the Disease it is warm - vascular system (especially chronic diseases of veins).
  6. the Female diseases leading to hormonal violations. Some hormonal contraceptives provoke emergence of a kuperoz.
  7. the Stress worsens a condition of skin too, can cause a kuperozny grid.

It is known that reflects in skin also all that we eat. Provoke kuperoz:

the Sensitive skin inclined to irritations and reddenings needs in careful, but in too time careful leaving: the daily clearing means should not contain spirit additives or the irritating substances.

How to get rid of a kuperoz:“ test of the person“

Today in an arsenal of cosmetologists means which are really capable to cope with a problem of expansion of vessels which possess not only to medical, but also permanent preventive actions exist. We decide to try cream - Red Alert Anti gel - Redness of the English Medik8 brand. Means of Red Alert Anti - Redness possesses properties of antioxidant, promotes strengthening of a capillary wall and walls of small vessels, reduces reddening of skin - not only on a face, but also a body. And in it - the highest dosage of active ingredient - vitamin K.

In general Red Alert - the very first development of the company of the Medik8 brand. Cream appeared in 2004, both serum, and the skin for washing strengthening medical effect was added since then.

At first the enzymatic peeling with the fruit acids (papainase, bromelayn) “burning“ the horny skin layer becomes. Sometimes - according to indications - the soft chemical peeling, depending on expressiveness of a problem is possible.

As black points on a face - comedones - one more frequent problem of skin though which is not connected directly with vessels is better to get rid of them at this stage too.


applies Then special serum - preparations on the basis of K2 vitamin and a terpenon, extract of a horse-chestnut and vitamin C are irreplaceable here. In general, vitamin C is very useful to face skin, and at everyone respecting himself brands it is obligatory to eat means on its basis. Only, according to the expert, it is necessary to apply vitamin C since morning - it will load skin with cheerfulness for all day.



After the serum strengthening vessels applies cream - and at the same time the facial massage becomes. By the way, massage it is possible - and it is necessary - to do, at home, every evening. Also do not trust those who say that you should not stretch once again and in general to touch the person - massage improves blood circulation and tones up muscles.

the Dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist Darya Kokoshnikova in passing explains that they sometimes kuperoz (to be exact, sensitive skin and weak vessels) are descended: “In general a half of problems of skin have hereditary character: we inherit both type of skin, and its reaction to environment“.

Persistently warning against a bath and suntan without sun-protection means, the expert also does not advise “to cover“ uneven complexion:“ Correctly picked up foundation, of course, is better, than suntan - but to you it is not necessary to be fond of cosmetics: all the same it is only temporary disposal, masking of a problem“.

should Treat kuperoz a course - on 7 - 10 procedures of times in 3 - 4 months. It is important that vitamins K and PP came to an organism, it is possible to spend on drink a course of an askorutin - it strengthens vessels. All this will allow to achieve more equal complexion, to clean strong reddenings.

If wants to solve a problem considerably - that is and hardware methods - cauterization of vessels the laser. The laser cleans expanded vessels and “asterisks“, but not forever - if not to look after skin, new reddenings will appear.

After procedure skin long remained fat - the fact that active serums - on the basis of oil jojoba affected. But next day the result was available also on a face: equal, smooth skin, reddenings turned pale a little. Certainly, vessels after once did not get to anywhere, but progress was obviously outlined - so if not to be lazy, maintain normal complexion quite really.