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Rest with the child in Israel: prices, sea, excursions, safety. Independent travel of

To the depth of winter looked at the prices of flight to the different countries and was surprised to the low price of flight to Israel. It was the first positive news. Began to learn in more detail about safety and received the firm answer: “Everything is quiet“. It is also pleasant that to Russians not a nuzha the visa to visit of the country. And the husband told:“ The choice is good. Find out all details and you can go“. Bought tickets in February with a departure on May 28 and return on June 6. We fly to one and other party “Aeroflot“, time in way 3 hours 30 minutes, direct flight. Cost is over two: the adult and the child of 7 years - 18 500 rub

Why the choice stopped on Israel? I had long ago a dream to carry out independent travel to the country outside Russia. I, unfortunately, do not know English, is even more rough - I do not know any language except Russian, and in Israel there are a lot of Russian-speaking immigrants. Israel - the interesting original country where each piece of the earth is impregnated with ancient history, natural beauty or is skillfully processed by the person.

Tickets are bought

. It is necessary to think where we will live that we will do. The main requirement for housing was: a safe situation, the clean sea, sights and an opportunity to look at them independently on public transport. Chose between Tel - Abibus and Haifa and as a result stopped on Haifa.

Reserved the apartment in Haifa on Carmel`s the mountain on Hazofim St. via the website www. airbnb. ru. I will honestly tell: from the sea it is far, it is possible to reach by bus or by car. At the same time in 10 days of accommodation we paid more, than for air tickets. But appeared in the creative atmosphere of artists of the beginning of the 20th century.

Arrived in the Ben - Gurion airport Tel - Avivah. Verification of documents took only 5 - 10 minutes, there were no requirements to open a suitcase, did not take away to the room for additional examination. People crowd went out of the plane and moved to passport control. A fleeting glimpse I saw how to some arrived people in civil clothes approached, took them aside and talked. There passed several minutes, and we met them in the general crowd for receiving baggage.

the Airport borders by

on the railway station. Literally 2 - 3 minutes on foot - and we on a platform, wait for the train to Haifa. Problems did not arise: two girls standing nearby were Russian-speaking and explained where to leave how many on the way there will be a train. Also easily we arrived home in which we lived. The quiet area on Carmel`s the mountain with the blossoming red and white bushes, a lilac, an aloe, tangerines, beauties pines, young oaks.

We lived in Haifa 10 days. Visited different places, passed on foot many kilometers, felt air of the North of Israel. Haifa - the democratic European city. Orthodox Christians, Jews, Druzes, Muslims, bakha live on one streets, go to identical shops, go by buses. Close religious contact gives the chance to locals quietly to raise children, to work, visit, trust and hope for the worthy future, and to tourists - to enjoy sights, to move bravely on the city. The intellectual city in which the atmosphere of politeness, tolerance and respect for all being inside soars, - both to permanent residents, and to tourists.

At the same time all look narrowly each other, as if mentally building protective fortress, and seeing the slightest danger, people around instantly react: work quickly, eliminating any signs of trouble. Together with the child we went along the high-speed highway on which only buses and cars move. Towards to us pedestrians never came across. A back I felt that we are surprising to people in cars. Long it was not necessary to wait: in a few minutes the car stopped, in it the man with the child sat. Spoke only Hebrew, did not know English.

- you have a weapon? - through the electronic translator asked me.

- Is not present

, we were late for the bus, - there was my answer.

Listened to

, brought to the next stop in order to avoid misunderstanding on the road.

the Main pride of Haifa is a B akhaysky gardens and the mausoleum the Woman , the founder of babaidsky religion.

Bakhaysky gardens are designed by

at the end of the 20th century and are open for visit since 2011. All territory is conditionally broken into 3 zones. The first zone - planing, with symmetry compliance with laws. Here bright flowers in vases, bushes prevail. From bushes hands of the person created beautiful figures. The second zone smoothly departs from strict laws of symmetry, and the third zone - the wild wood, is a lot of randomly planted trees, cactuses. The feeling is fantastic, but I could not answer a question: “When manage to watch purity?“. Every day there take place excursions, but we did not meet any person with scissors or the petrolmower.“ The worker“ kitchen remained in secret.

Visit is free

. Every day there are held excursions within 45 minutes in different languages. For Russian-speaking - on Saturdays in 10. 30. An entrance from the street I am Re Hof. The main requirement - the closed shoulders and knees.

the Cave Eli of the prophet is located

in the rocky mountain, is the place of pilgrimage of Jews, Christians, Druzes. To find this place as it became clear after visit, very easily. It is necessary to go along the beach or to pass by bus according to the prospectus And - Ghana. To rise a little up steps and to see the people dressed in national Jewish suits. You came. The place is ascetic, accurate, a little thrown. There is no trade in and about the holy site. Feeling of ease and respect for coming. Inside benches on which people have a rest are located, pray, read, quietly talk.

to my son this place seemed to

uninteresting: quietly, boringly, inscriptions in Hebrew. But the raising on funiculars on the Stele Maris was the following item of travel. In the device of the city and country, on my supervision, the rule works: implicit protection of the past and courageous prospection. Of places with history make thrifty use, with care. In places, free from history, are built absolutely unusual, with elements of vanguard of a design. For an example, near an ancient cave Eli of the prophet the modern “space“ ropeway is located.

We approached

station of the funicular. Three orange round cabins, smoothly moving one after another, with automatically closing doors. The movie “The Guest from the Future“ comes back to memory - by such ship Kolya Gerasimov ran away from pirates. The heavy cabin is attached to the conveyor by a small hook. The funicular we rise by the mountain, it is shaken, on feelings - hardly - hardly keeps. Terribly. But it is only a half of a way: now it is necessary to go down from the high mountain. Below quiet everyday life of the city: buses go, the electric train moves, the sea fights about the coast. Landing, all behind. After such walk you begin to reflect: “As it is remarkable: to live, breathe“.

Cost: 28 shekels (1 shek. ~ 9 rub) .

Grottoes Rosh - And - Nikra are in the north of the country, on border with Lebanon. We took the train from Haifa to Naariya and in 40 minutes were on the place. The city is less than Haifa, there are no long streets rising by the mountain. The first on what the look stops, - the parking of bicycles about railway station, with the lined strips for each mobile means. All bicycles with locks, boxes behind, baskets in front - in other words, the full-fledged car without gasoline use. By bicycles we met the young girl, the man, the elderly grandfather, the sports grandmother. It turns out, it is popular transport.

To grottoes Rosh - And - Nikra needs to go from station by bus 32. Easily reached, bought tickets. On funiculars went down - descent takes only one minute. Entered the tunnel - and there were one in a long dark cave.

“Horror“, - the first thought which came to mind. We saw how the sea becomes angry, “frowns“, calms down and kindly talks. When it is indignant, it is very unusual and terrible. In a cave the sound amplifies, and feel, as in the high sea, unprotected and weak.

On a cave five times walked. Each time sensation of fear decreased. At an exit from the tunnel it is possible to hire the bicycle, the minicar and to look at the nature, mountains, the sea which surround a cave.

Cost: an electric train from Haifa to Naariya - 19,5 shek., № bus; 32 - 7,6 shek., the entrance ticket in grottoes - 45/35 shek. (adult / child).

the Museum Madatek in Haifa - the high-rise building with small windows, initially was in it Institute of technology. In 1953 he moved to the new building, and the former place was taken by the museum. In this museum all exhibits it is necessary to touch, move and reflect over result. It is possible to press the buttons and as a result to hear loud falling of a ball, a disk gnash. In this museum it is impossible to run for one hour and the more so for 30 minutes: the child and the parent will carry out here with great pleasure hour 3 - 4.

That in it interesting? Experiences with alternative energy sources: solar, thermal, mechanical, wind. The person gets on the bicycle and twists pedals. Before bicycle there is a railroad with train and the traffic light. In process of activity of the cyclist fires light up, the train begins the movement, gathers speed. You stop twisting bicycle pedals - and everything “fades“, there is not enough energy. In addition the hall there are other thematic: rotation, sound, hearing, device of the passenger car, desktop puzzles.

On the street is waited many by interesting big experiments. For example, rotation of Earth concerning the Sun. The child is offered to take the place of the Sun - to sit down in a small cabin and to observe how around it Earth rotates. My son very much liked the helicopter which needs to be started by means of pedals. It appeared, very difficult. The first two - three minutes you twist pedals, but the movement does not happen, only in the fourth minute slowly - slowly the helicopter begins to move round its pivot-center.

Cost: 70 / 70 shek. (adult / child).

Every day we went to the sea. Beach sandy, pure. At an entrance to water under legs cockleshells and pebbles lie, but they quickly come to an end, further the gentle small sand very pleasant on feelings. One small minus: it is a lot of waves at this time, to float it did not turn out. We turned this minus into plus: jumped, rolled, lay on waves, it turned out even even better!

Summing up of

the results . The country is unusually hospitable, benevolent and hospitable, but, unfortunately, expensive therefore not to spoil impression, it is necessary to be to it ready. For example, to eat in cafe - 110 shek., the bus - 6,6 shek. (children have no privileges), water of 1,5 l - 10 shek., ham of 1 kg - 79 shek. But it is necessary to go!

Elena Mokhova