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Childbirth: active behavior. Fights on a fitball and relaxation in a bathroom of

Childbirth primordially were natural process. Also the free behavior of the patient in labor when doctors do not forbid future mother to go, stand or accept other convenient poses is natural, to hang on a horizontal bar or to lie in a bathroom at the time of delivery. Every year more and more maternity hospitals suggest the patients to try equipment of free behavior in labor.

the Modern obstetrics originates in France the 17th century. Then women began to be stacked for the first time on a back at the time of delivery. It is interesting that in French the verb “give birth“ (acoucher) actually matters “to lie“, and the English word “obstetric“ designating “obstetric“ comes from Latin “ob“ and “stare“ that means “to stand before“. Only in 70 - x years of the 20th century “technological“ approach to process of a child-bearing was succeeded by the individual approach directed to the maximum psychological and physical comfort for mother and the child. And, in particular, in labor the increasing attention began to be paid to free behavior of the woman.

B than advantage of active behavior at the time of delivery? If the woman in labor goes on chamber or moves within a convenient pose, the level of a blood-groove raises , organism cages, including a uterus, are better provided with oxygen. To the contrary, motionless situation leads to delay of a blood-groove, decrease in delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells of a uterus, accumulation of exchange products in them. As a result, pain accrues. Besides the movement in labor helps to fight against excessive tension during fights, promotes to relaxation muscles. It promotes decrease in level of pain and prevention of exhaustion too.

in labor can be the most various: walking on chamber or a corridor; a pereminaniye from a leg on a leg; the shaking and rotating movements by a basin; inclinations forward; semi-squats; pandiculations and turns of the case.

Future mother at the time of delivery cannot be standing for a long time. For restoration of forces it can use a number of devices which offer the modern maternity hospitals practicing free behavior of patients in labor.

the Bed - the transformer allows the woman in labor to lie down to have a rest, having accepted at the same time any convenient for itself and the kid situation. At this time it is possible to make cardiomonitor observation (KTG), the free behavior in labor does not cancel need of supervision over a condition of mother (control of pulse, arterial pressure) and a fruit. It is important that use of beds - transformers allows to avoid position of the patient on a back at which there is a high risk of a sdavleniye a uterus of large blood vessels therefore the condition of the kid can worsen. Besides deterioration in blood supply of a uterus promotes decrease in efficiency of fights.

If at childbirth the spouse is present, it is possible to use various supporting “partner“ poses which allow the patient to relax more fully in intervals between fights. And presence of the husband on childbirth liberates the patient and also allows to reduce a stress and promotes reduction of painful manifestations.

In many maternity hospitals to labor pain relief with success applies by a fitball - a rubber gymnastic ball. By means of a fitball it is possible to accept various poses: to shake, rotate a basin, to spring, be rolled here and there, sitting on a ball. Vertical position promotes the best disclosure of a neck of a uterus, thereby reduces risk of development of weakness of patrimonial activity and need of application of a rodostimulyation. And impact on reflexogenic zones in combination with the movement reduces morbidity of fights.

Existence in chamber of a bathroom or of a shower cabin will also help future mother. At the time of delivery water relieves pain thanks to the law of buoyancy better known as Archimedes`s law. According to this law, the body shipped in liquid is affected by the pushing-out force proportional to volume of the liquid which is forced out by a body. Speaking more simply, water lifts the woman. Muscles of hips, backs, a stomach and patrimonial ways relax. However keep in mind that water in modern Russian maternity hospitals is used only for simplification of fights: the child is born not in water!

Concluding the contract with maternity hospital, take an interest whether doctors of the establishment chosen by you welcome free behavior of the patient in labor, and whether chambers of maternity hospital for active childbirth are equipped (whether there is a bathtub, a shower cabin, a fitball whether there can be at childbirth a spouse).

Apparently, the active behavior in labor does not demand special physical training. To use it, only knowledge and desire of the woman in labor to be an active participant of childbirth are necessary. In conclusion it would be desirable to give a practical advice. Experiment at the time of delivery, yet you will not find situation which will help you to weaken painful feelings and will strengthen patrimonial activity. Childbirth easy for you!