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How to get on in collective? Whether the reasons of problem relationship of

Came up you against a situation when your close or distant acquaintance cannot get on in one collective. It comes to new work, there are conflicts, then dismissal, and so around many times. In what there can be reasons of such relationship in collective?

our relationship with collective is under construction according to those installations which arose and were formed long time. The part of installations undertakes from a parental family - as from the first experience of interaction with people around, the others appear later, at school age.

In case of resistant problems in communication with collective it is possible to allocate the following reasons.

of the Opposition “I“ to interests of collective.

Are people who psychologically as if merge with people around, they very accurately understand their interests and if do not try to help others then do not render counteraction to interests of collective or its certain representatives.

In our case all just the opposite. The person having resistant conflict relationship with collective initially opposes himself and people around. There is a clear split of the interests and interests and needs of others, the benefit and the general advantage.

If such person drew drawing of and collective, then he would be drawn in one space of a leaf, and collective - in other place, and between them there would be no connections.

Inability to enter the cooperation relations.

In many cases of the relation of cooperation can yield big results, than the sum of single efforts, and almost any person is capable to enclose efforts in any common cause, having received at the same time and the personal advantage.

For example, any employee makes the contribution to work of the organization, but instead of it receives part of the general product or the income which he could not create one without interaction with other experts.

In our case the person can understand it theoretically, but cannot really correlate the interests and interests of collective, cannot enter the cooperation relations where each participant has to work on the purposes which will not bring momentary benefits to it. There can be the main conflict. Our hero will interfere by all available means with harmonious interaction, causing irritation of people around. Often and it will show irritation, but already in other occasion - that it is necessary to do something for the foreign purposes.

Use of the conflict for the statement of own interests.

In many cases the conflict person uses an antagonism in collective for the statement of the importance or realization of the purposes.

It is just a way of behavior which it uses unconsciously and cannot change it even if it will be set by such purpose. It is possible to ask the person about something, and it is possible to make so that he should make it by means of the conflict and any manipulations. Of course, such person will cause only a negative and it will be the first candidate for dismissal.

To understand why the person does not get on in one collective, it is necessary not only to understand its installations in relationship with people around, but also to consider the reasons of their emergence. In many cases understanding of these reasons will allow to realize a lot of things and to control the negative manifestations.