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How to celebrate the Day of a family: 7 cheerful ideas of

on July 8 - Day of a family, love and fidelity. The holiday for Russians still new and unusual, but its sense is close and clear to any: the family is the most important in life. Use this festive occasion to tell your relatives as they are important and valuable to you.

How to celebrate this holiday? July gives many options, weather keeps dry and solar.

  1. Go to the nature all family, or even the company from several families. It can be park within the city, the wood in the country, someone`s giving. The main thing - fresh air and “return to sources“. It is possible to fry shish kebabs or to get houses prepared still sandwiches; to play outdoor games, to arrange searches of a treasure or comic competitions. And it is obligatory to make a set of cheerful family photos!
  2. you Descend all together to the amusement park or an aquapark - the good mood, a small amount of adrenaline and the company adjusted will be provided to you to have fun people. Buy cotton candy or ice cream, remember taste and smells of the childhood. Tell children about how you liked to come to this park with parents when were small.
  3. to Descend in movie theater on the good movie. Let it will be the cheerful, not trite family comedy with the instructive and kind end! Buy each family member his favourite popcorn, make a family photo before an advertizing poster of the movie - and Day of a family surely will be remembered by all. If in hire there are no suitable movies, it is possible to arrange movie theater of the house: to choose the movie, to buy or make popcorn, to close windows dense curtains and to start comfortable viewing.
  4. Can go to the museum (in big cities they are especially various and interesting) or to an exhibition. Action not necessarily has to have family subject, enough, that all family members will receive at the same time new bright impressions, and then - to exchange them. After visit of the museum or an exhibition you can come into your favourite cafe and eat there your favourite dishes.
  5. you Descend all family on the culinary master - a class: coeducation of both big, and small penises of a family to preparation of interesting dishes is and is cheerful, and it is useful, and is tasty, at last!
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  7. desire something to organize specially, just get family photo albums (or open them on the computer screen) from a case and look together at a photo, dates and the periods, made in important for you: a photo from a wedding, a photo only the been born and/or growing up children, a photo from family rest or from any competitions, concerts, morning performances. Warm and cheerful family evening without any special efforts of you will be provided to you.
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  9. Well and of course, it is possible just to arrange house family celebration: to invite relatives, to prepare a difficult and tasty dish, to turn on the good music, to gather behind a table d`hote, to exchange news, to play board games and to be glad to what family, big and amicable at you!

Here some more ideas which can be used in any of the scenarios described above.

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option of celebration of Day of a family, love and fidelity you chose, give good mood each other, thank members of the family for the fact that they are in your life, and your family will always be amicable and loving!

Elena Timofeeva