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French pastries: recipe of shortcake dough, 2 tart and tartlets

New book famous French culinary specialist Michel Ra “Pastries. Sweet and unsweetened“ will help everyone to learn to do different types of the test. Today under the leadership of the master we will prepare traditional French desserts - tarta and tartlets with seasonal raspberry, rhubarb stuffings, apricots. At first we will estimate recipes - that to us to taste and on forces, and then we will master shortcake dough (French call it sugar) by means of detailed the master - a class.


- crimson tart

of 8 portions

  1. Roll with small pieces dough in a circle 2 mm thick and cover them a ring with a diameter of 20 and 2,5 cm high. Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  2. Warm an oven to 190 º To S. Nakolita a basis bottom from the test, lay it baking paper, fill up with beans (it is called bake blindly) and bake 20 minutes. Lower temperature to 180 º With, remove paper with beans and bake 5 more minutes.
  3. Deliver to
  4. on a lattice, remove a ring and completely cool. Lay 24 most beautiful berries of raspberry. Cut the others in half, accurately mix with mint and lay out on a basis from the test.
  5. Prepare
  6. ganash. You will boil cream in a pan with a heavy bottom on average fire. Remove from fire, add chocolate and glucose and mix a nimbus before receiving homogeneous mass. Continuing to mix, on a piece add oil. Pour ganash over raspberry to the brim the test, let`s cool down and put in the refrigerator at least for 2 hours.
  7. Knife
  8. tart very sharp, every time dipping it in hot water and dry wiping. Give cold, with the remained raspberry.

the Rhubarb is perfectly combined by

of Tartlet with a rhubarb and orange with orange, and the custard excellently shades their sourness. It is necessary to fill tartlets before giving, otherwise they razmoknut.

  • of 220 g of the sugar test
  • of 400 g of a gentle young rhubarb
  • of 140 g of small sugar
  • 1 large juicy orange
  • of 40 g of butter
  • of 120 g of a custard
  1. Roll with

    of 6 portions dough to thickness of 3 mm. Cut out from it 6 circles with a diameter of 12 cm and cover them 6 molds for baskets with a diameter of 6 and 3 cm high. Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

  2. Warm an oven to 180 º S. Slegka pin a bottom of small baskets and bake “blindly“ 15 minutes. Remove paper with beans and bake 5 more minutes. Leave for 5 minutes in forms, and then shift to a lattice.
  3. Cut off streaks at a rhubarb, cut large stalks lengthways in half and cut on pieces 2 cm long. Fill them in a pan and pour in so much water that it hardly covered a rhubarb. Pour 100 g of sugar and warm up before dissolution, then bring to boiling and prepare on weak fire of 5 minutes. Let`s stand 10 minutes and carefully merge, having collected liquid. Pour out it in a separate pan and a uvarita before receiving syrup.
  4. Peel orange, having removed a white crust. Cut through between membranes to cut out segments, and cut them in half. Warm oil in a frying pan, add the remained sugar and prepare several minutes, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon, before receiving light caramel. Put a rhubarb in a frying pan and prepare 2 - 3 minutes, add orange, and afterwards - syrup. You cook on weak fire 2 minutes, let`s cool down.
  5. Before the giving spread out a custard on small baskets and lay out from above a rhubarb with orange.
Apricot tart

During a short season of apricots prepare for

this bright tart with fresh fruit. Take tinned in other time.

of 6 portions

  • of 220 g of the sugar test
  • of 350 g of a custard
  • of 8 very ripe apricots to cut in half and to remove stones, or tinned halves of apricots in syrup
  • of 80 g of small sugar
  1. Roll dough in a circle 2 - 3 mm thick and cover them a ring with a diameter of 18 and 2,5 cm high. Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  2. Warm an oven to 190 º S. Nakolite also bake a basis bottom from the test “blindly“ 20 minutes. Remove paper with beans and bake 5 more minutes; let`s cool down. Increase oven temperature to 200 º Page
  3. Lay out cream on a basis from the test, level a spoon. Lay out along edge of 12 halves of apricots a cut down slightly with an overlap, place the most beautiful half in the center. Cut the remained halves in half and put vertically around the central half as flower petals. Bake 20 minutes.
  4. pour 80 ml of water in a small pan Meanwhile, pour sugar and warm up before dissolution. Bring to boiling and prepare 5 minutes, before receiving glaze.
    When tart will be ready, shift it to a lattice and remove a ring. Let`s cool down 1 - 2 minutes, then generously grease with sugar glaze.
  5. If to put “petals“ from apricots vertically, their tips slightly caramelize. It will give to Tartu an attractive type and a soft taste of dark caramel.

Sugar dough

Sugar dough contains a lot of sugar and butter which give it friability. Products from sweet shortcake dough most tasty fresh though in dry tight ware they will lie several days. This dough is perfectly combined with fruit and berries, especially soft; from it the excellent basis for orange cheesecake turns out. I began to teach the grandsons to prepare with sweet shortcake dough.

This sweet dough most often is used for fruit cakes. It is simpler to work with it, and it less fragile after pastries. Dough can be made in advance, to turn in a film and to store several days in the refrigerator or three weeks in the freezer, and then quickly to prepare with it quick pastries.

  • of 250 g of flour
  • of 100 g of butter to cut in cubes
  • of 100 g of icing sugar, to sift
  • a salt pinch
  • 2 eggs of room temperature
  1. Fill flour a hill on a working surface (it is desirable marble) and make in the kolodets center. Put in it oil, icing sugar and salt, mix them finger-tips.
  2. Gradually add flour from edges, pounding fingers before receiving a small crumb.
  3. by
  4. make a well in the center Again and let out in it eggs. Mix them with a flour crumb finger-tips that dough stuck together in whom.

  1. Quickly knead dough the palm basis that it became uniform. Roll it in a sphere, turn in a film and put in the refrigerator on 1 - 2 hour.
    1. When can start pastries, remove a film and roll dough on slightly sprinkled surface flour to thickness of 2 - 3 mm.

    From the book “Pastries Sweet and Unsweetened“